Three new concert dates have been added to Morten’s 2012 tour, this time in the UK!


Date: May 11
Venue: Bridgewater Hall


Date: May 13
Venue: indigO2


Date: May 14
Venue: Symphony Hall

There will be a pre-sale for all three shows on the a-ha Facebook page and on Gigs and Tours starting on Wednesday, October 26 at 9:30am.

The public sale starts on Friday, October 28 at 9:30am via Gigs and Tours.

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Please come to California or anywhere in the US!

Roxana Vartabedian

Hello Morten !!!! Please come to Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA !!! We are waiting for you, it will be a pleasure to hear your new album live !!! Kisses !!! Roxy.

Finally, I have been longing to hear and see Morten in person. I am Canadian and we have been living in Zurich area since 2004. The last tour in 2010 I was in Toronto, but by the time I came back to Zurich, it was too late to get tickets for the concert in Norway. I definitely will not miss out on this one. Thanks Morten!!! you still love us, your fans… looking forward to see you in Volkshaus (Zurich) May 2,2012.


Please try to come back to the U.S., especially California. You do have many fans here who can’t possibly make it to Europe and this fact is driving us nuts!

Hi, Morten. We will always be waiting for you in the North Capital of Russia. Your fans from St. Petersburg.

Any chance of having a date in tiny Malta?

It would really be great if ya came to the states… Like here in Orlando, Fl.

I meant a concert date…as reading it as it is it sounds really strange LOL

excited!!!!!! you must have read my message i posted yesterday! xxx

Stunned and delighted that there’s a Manchester date – us northerners often lose out to London. Great stuff, I’ll be there….hurrah!!!

Please come to Australia…I can’t afford to come to the UK again so soon after last time!

Please come to Japan too!!!
We miss you… :'(

Please come to KOREA!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
I miss you ~~~ ^^

Please come to Argentina!!!!

Hello Morten! Very good news! Please come in Romania! What can I do to see you in Romania?
I just can’t wait to here your new album!
Best regards, your fans from Romania!

I’ll be at work, unable to access Facebook to buy a ticket… Is there a non-FB link available for pre-sale tickets?

Why only on facebook can we book tickets tomorrow, I can’t use facebook at work and trying to do it on my phone is a joke. A very disgruntled fan.

Hey cmon Morten get yourself to Glasgow, Scotland 🙂

Morten, We are waiting for you in the Netherlands……….Coffee and dutch stroopwafels are ready. Lars Marius Larsen(LAMAR) get them also from me. And he loves them….. Sleeping-place. No problem overhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
X Esther Geerts, Bavel.

What about Germany? Are there any Gigs here? I keep my fingers crossed for Hamburg…

Great News Morten,
Brazillian fans are waiting for you here

I miss you so much ♥

Congrats on the new project 🙂 We know the world is willing to hear you …so do we in Buenos Aires

Great news Morten!
What do you think about a crossing through Belgium and its “Grand Place” ?

Thanks to consider!
Lots of pleasure and success with your new album!

I’m really disappinted. I thought the pre-sale was exclusive for fans of using a-ha facebook but not so! It said originally it started at 0900 GMT, by this morning it had changed to 0930 AM (local). Then I fouund anyone could access sales through a-ha facebook AND gigs and tours if they knew about it – no sign in required. The only seats offered are in the balcony from row G onwards and its been the same seats for 2 hours! I find it hard to believe rows A-F went in 25 mins! For all loyal fans out there I don’t feel we are given any special access other than an e-mail in advance.
A great shame.

looking forward to visit KOREA !!!!
I miss you so much (^^)
Dear Morten!! Please come to Us ~~


I’ve got my tickets for Manchester and will be travelling from South Wales. I have to agree with Garfette very disappointed with the sales system on facebook I was on there for 9.30am offered row c stalls which I accepted with delight to then find on my confirmation email i’d been moved to row B in the CCR block and this was within 4 minutes of the tickets being on sale. Not happy at all, tried ring gigs and tours to no aveil but atleast I’ll be in the room for all that atmosphere can’t wait 🙂

Please come to Cardiff again

So happy to know about the new album and tour. Argentina is waiting for you!

My daughter tried for me this morning dead on 9.30, she said the link from facebook didn’t work so had to go through gigs n tours almost immediately, managed to get row H in the stalls. I would of thought though would of got a bit nearer at that time of morning, but still never mind, hopefully will still have a good view of that gorgeous hunk of a man. Looking forward to seeing you Morten. Just one request, can you do a bit of talking between songs and make a fifty something lady happy, the sound of your talking voice just makes me go weak at the knees. Roll on 14 May. xxxxx

Dear Morten,

Please come to Japan.

I hope you will give Japan energy in your song.


Morten, I’m so happy that you’ll be returning to the UK as I live in the Channel Islands so the UK is the closest! 🙂
I love your solo music and with a-ha, you have an amazing voice and you have such a big heart with all the selfless humanitarian work that you do, you are a hero! 🙂 XX

Please consider coming back to New York City…or anywhere in America!!! Your fans love you here…give us another chance!


“Delighted” that we’ll be able to see Morten perform again here in the UK next year.

From reading here and facebook it seems as though there were quite a few problems for people booking – I noticed differences in transaction fees(£5.25 for standing tickets but £2.25 for seated at the same venue (London)), and also didn’t get overly great seats even though I booked as close to 9.30am as possible. Tickets available some hours later were only 2 rows behind.

If those who oversee have contacts with gigs and tours or SEE it could be worth feeding back to them?

Fortunately all the venues are quite small so we’ll all have quite a good view.


It would be great if you can make it to Dhaka, Bangladesh, or any other location in Asia!!!!

Morten! You know, we wait you in Moscow 😉

Brazil, please! We are waiting for you.

Dear Morten,
Do you remember the amazing A-ha concert in Madrid? I’d be very happy if you came here again.
I miss you so much, please come back.

Dear Morten, please come back to Budapest, Hungary! Any news about the german concerts/tickets?
I hope you will play in Oslo, as well… 🙂
All the best for you!
With love,

Hi Morten,
don´t forget to visit Germany during your tour.
I was so glad to see a-ha in Mannheim one year ago.
Your voice is incredible. My special wish is to meet the owner of this voice 🙂
See you in Germany 2012 (Hope so).
Love, Danielle

I saw you in birmingham UK I was on the 2nd row it was an amazing night it’s something I will remember forever as a-ha has been my favourite band since I first heard Take on me in 1985 as a youngster 🙂

Many people I spoke to that night were longtime fans.
A-ha’s songs have got me through some hard times as well as some good times.

Morten you are a true professional I read about your bereavement yet you carried on.

I hope to come to see you but at the very least I shall be buying your album.

Good luck with your solo career and thank you for some wonderful memories x

it’s nice to know that you will sing some a-ha songs; I personally love Living a boy´s adventure tale and this is a suggestion for you
in case you come to São Paulo during your tour. Please, don´t forget São Paulo, a city that loves you ; we love you so much !

hello Morten

Please come to Slovakia to Bratislava…please

So excited, just returned from holiday in Holland, went straight onto GigsandTours and booked two standing tickets for the O2 – no hassle, thought I wouldn’t stand a chance. Saw A-ha last year at Bournmouth, fantastic and RAH disappointing due to sound quality up in the Gods! Sooooooo looking forward to seeing Morten perform.


@@@@@@@@ Hi there Morten @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
@@@@@@@@ I am looking forward to hear You again,I’m very curious how the new album is going to sound!Especially with your collaboration with the pet shop boys and David wiik,I heard Ocians of love,it is very beautifull!!I have read all these beggings to come to a lot of countries!well thats what I’m going to ask you too.Will you come to HOLLAND or BELGIUM??I would be very,VERY HAPPY!!
Regards RIA @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Fantastic news Morten! You make so many people happy with the new album and tour. Your wonderful voice gives us strength in difficult times. I hope you’ll come to Belgium too, but of course, the whole world is longing to see and hear you, so it will be very difficult to please everyone. Either way, thank you very much for this great news and I’m sure it will be a fantastic album! All the best and success with it!

Morten, please come to New Jersey!

Morten, please come to Korea!

Morten, well the dream has come true for me as I get to see you live, here in Manchester 2012. I have got fairly good seats but it would have been nice to have got them directly under you, but obviously I was not quick enough. I can’t wait to hear your wonderful voice. YOU give so much to the world in so many ways, you are my inspiration xx love nezzy

oh wow! I heard there will be some other musicians contributing to your work, your album? Pet Shop Boys? Please keep us updated on your other ventures we want to know who else you are working with and where!Such a talented and gifted performer!Morten, please come to the States too!We all miss you here too! By the way, Annie Lennox is asking her fans on facebook who a good duet partner would be, I suggested you!Marvelous!

I can’t wait! I’ve managed to get good tickets for Birmingham and standing ticket for London. Roll on May!!!!

I miss you so much !!
Morten ^^
visit to KOREA!! please ~~ (^^)

Morten, we’re waiting for you in Brazil.

Any chance of Nottingham ? It would make a great wedding anniversary present for the wife and a good excuse for spending time without the kids. Come on Morten, don’t just stick to the big three, come in to the heartlands of the UK. My first concert was A-Ha’s final tour, so make my next one your solo tour. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Could you come back to Los Angeles? Like in 2010?

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