On Sunday, May 19, Morten will perform ‘Feel This Moment’ with Pitbull and Christina Aguilera at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. The show airs on ABC at 8:00pm EST (time zone converter).

Don’t miss any of the excitement from the Billboard Music Awards!

Programming starts at 6:30pm EST with the Cambio Blue Carpet Show, when all the stars arrive at MGM Grand Arena. Billboard also has a poll for people to vote for the performance they are most excited for here.

Keep up with the action via the Billboard BBMA page, the BBMA Backstage Stream and of course on Facebook and Twitter.

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🙂 <3 MORTEN <3 😉


Morten’s brief presence and vocals were the best contributions to the whole show!!! Thank you a-ha.com for sending me the email that he would be the “special guest.” I was so excited and emailed and texted all my family and friends. They became excited too. We feel that this announcement should have been in all the commercials, headline news in bright lights but that I don’t understand people’s priorities. We all loved the audience’s excitement. You could see everyone was into having Morten there. I loved how the three were happy to share the song and stage and their big hug at the end of the song.

The public should demand more true quality artists like him. The music world has been sacrificing a high price for cheap and rude manufactured “artists.” They all could learn what being successful artists is all about from Morten, Paul and Magne as a band and solo artists. We know Morten has not always been an angel, but there are lessons there as well to younger artists on being a sex symbol. But he and the band had so much more depth and artistry that most of the world appreciated, and true American fans “got it” from the beginning and enjoyed the ride.

America was so deprived of A-Ha and I feel strongly like that again tonight. They have so many great songs that America will never know of. I love him saying in the post-interview that they chose not to sacrifice their lives with their families at home to make it big in America. We finally hear the best explanation there can be. So many family and friends have asked and now I can tell them his answer and to see the interview.

Thank you Morten for participating and topping the night. We love you.

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