You will not find a set list or pictures of the stage and studio set up from last night’s MTV Unplugged recording here.

You also will not find a detailed report about the music – arrangements, production, performance notes, etc. – here.

There is a high level of secrecy around the recordings, due to the fact that they will lead to the release of an MTV Unplugged album and DVD/Blu-Ray later this year. Because of this, there is a lot I can’t tell you about what is happening in Giske this week; so instead, I’ll try my best to give you a sense of what the experience has been like for those of us here.

Soon enough – in the October time frame, I believe – you will get to see and hear the performances. Until then, I hope you’ll enjoy these glimpses into the events.


The production and crew team have been here on Giske island for a couple of weeks, supporting the band rehearsals and preparing Øygardshallen (Giske Harbour Hall) for the recording sessions.

At first, the band rehearsed in Ocean Sound Recordings studio – a beautiful building right on the shore of the island, with a natural wood exterior and large windows overlooking the water. After some days, rehearsals were moved up the hill to the larger Øygardshallen, which essentially became the center of the a-ha universe as preparations moved forward.

On Wednesday, I had the chance to go out to Giske and see how everything was progressing, and to take some pictures to share with you all. Again, because of the secrecy around the recordings, there are a number of pictures I cannot post yet – but you will see them in due course, as well as pictures from Just Loomis, who has been photographing extensively this week.


MTV Germany has been on site as well, and is sharing some pictures and footage on their Instagram account. Here is a video clip recorded with a drone yesterday:

Follow MTV Germany for more updates from Giske today, as well.


Guests started arriving at Molo Brew in Alesund around 4pm, and there received a wristband for each show they are attending, and chose a seating group number at random; guests were divided into 10 groups, and groups were allowed into the recording studio in order. The random group selection process ensured that everyone had an equal chance at a good seat – however, as you’ll see later on, there were no bad seats at such an intimate event!

After choosing their group number, fans boarded buses which took them over to Giske island, four miles away. Traversing through a couple of underwater tunnels, over a bridge and down a one-lane road flanked with grazing cows on either side, guests arrived at Øygardshallen with excitement levels rising every minute.

After a quick overview of the site and information about the order of events for the evening delivered by Kjetil from Tikkio, the guests were free to walk over to Ocean Sound Recordings, tour the studio, take photos inside and out on the beach, enjoy a barbecue meal and relax before the recording started.

Before entering the recording studio, guests checked their coats and mobile phones, as well as any other cameras or photographic/electronic equipment. Groups entered in order and everyone chose their seats surrounding the stage.


Following the recording session, guests could collect coats and other checked items, have a drink at the bar, and discuss all they’d seen and heard. Buses arrived shortly, and in a relaxed fashion – no one seemed eager to leave – everyone eventually boarded buses which would take them back to Molo Brew and the after party.

Molo Brew is a new brew pub which hasn’t officially opened yet; they hosted a private event last weekend and are our hosts for after parties on Thursday and Friday, before opening to the public on Saturday. The staff was really great, the beer was excellent, and the DJ played only a-ha songs. Walking around to speak with guests, I discovered that nearly every conversation seemed to start with, “What an amazing set!” or “What did you think of the two new songs they played?”

We danced until 2am, and the day was at an end. For many guests, the experience will be repeated again tonight, and from what I’ve seen online, the anticipation is just as high today as it was yesterday – only now, people know which moments to watch out for, which songs particularly moved them, which seats to try to obtain in the random seating selection process.

For those who are going tonight that were not there last night: you are in for an amazing experience. And for all those near and far who could not be with us here in Giske, you have something extremely special to look forward to when the album and DVD are released.

More updates to come tomorrow, and of course over on Instagram.

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Eliana Ramalho

From what little you can show us, it was incredible and couldn’t be different.
This organization and care that you have with the fans it´s just amazing!

Fantastisk! I love the description of the bus journey 😊 The pics are fabulous. As always, thank you sharing xx

Thanks Catherine for sharing a bit of this unique experience and let us know what’s going on there! I wish so much I could be part of it… Isabelle

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