“Tearful Girl” is the new single from Waaktaar & Zoe, and it’s out today! Listen on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, TIDAL and YouTube: http://smarturl.it/TearfulGirl.

The music video premiered yesterday on Musikknyheter.no, and you can watch it here:

The video was made by Jason Brandenburg. He directed other videos for Paul in the past, like Savoy’s ‘Isotope’.

Lyrics to ‘Tearful Girl’, thanks to Paul’s Instagram:

Tearful Girl

pull the drapes
‘fore the light seeps in
to the darkness within

dreamt i ran
thru a sunlit field
felt the warmth on my skin

tearful girl
someone’s talking to me
tearful girl
but the face i can’t see

here we are
hamsters in a wheel
it’s all in the file

see the chessboard
waiting for a game
pawns lined up to die

tearful girl
her voice coming thru
tearful girl
earth, where is the new?

The wait for the full album from Waaktaar & Zoe ‘World of Trouble’ will soon be over – it’s out on February 24! Listen to snippets from each song over on iTunes:

There is a long interview with Paul in Dagens Næringsliv. The article is in Norwegian, and includes many new photos. (For help with translation, try Google Translate.)

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