As the events of the first ever “Take On Me” Day were winding down last night, by a strange and very cool coincidence, Volkswagen premiered this new commercial featuring “Take On Me”:

Not only was the Volkswagen ad viewed on YouTube over 50,000 times since last night, but the original video by a-ha has been viewed nearly 40,000 times since then as well!

The Volkswagen ad and “Take On Me” have been mentioned in advertising, technology and entertainment blogs throughout the day. Here are some Tweets with links to articles about it:

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This is SO COOL! First Pitbull, now VW! What a legacy our three guys created; long live a-ha!

Wowzers!! Fantastic!!!
Happy, happy memories of my Golf GTi and A-Ha pumping to the max on my car stereo! The Legend that is A-ha lives on!

Great! There are some genial things that mark the history. This video clip is one of them. Good to be this clip, good to be this song, good to be Volkswagen, great to be a-ha.

Excellent! Please tour again, the fans miss you.

What an absolutley brilliant advert ! it’s great to see this iconic video being used it’s jjust a shame it has to be on tv in America and not being used in the UK as the british dont appreciate good music! x A-ha forever xx

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