Morten Harket, Magne Furuholmen and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy will be awarded the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav, during a special ceremony in Oslo on Tuesday, November 6. The Order of St. Olav is awarded for distinguished services for Norway and mankind. The members of a-ha are receiving this Royal Order for their outstanding musical contribution.

The ceremony will be attended by their families and representatives from the record business, and it is by invitation only. It will take place at Gamle Logen, Grev Wedels plass 2, from 12:00 – 2:00 pm.

Although the ceremony is by invitation, there are a few seats available, and we are fortunate to be able to give these away to our members. The guest list is still being finalized, so we don’t know the exact number of seats available yet. However if you are interested in attending and you can *definitely* make it to Oslo, please send us an e-mail to as soon as possible.

Depending on the response, will likely hold a random drawing to determine who will get the limited seats, and notify those chosen right away. Please do NOT book any travel arrangements until we send out notifications to those who have been chosen. Also, as some people have asked, please note that we are only giving away seats at the ceremony, we cannot offer travel or accommodation.


Thank you to everyone who sent in a request for a seat at Tuesday’s ceremony. We have sent out notifications via e-mail to those who were selected, so please check your inboxes and confirm your attendance as soon as possible.

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If you would like to post a message of congratulations to Morten, Magne and Paul on this outstanding achievement, please leave a comment below!

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Congratulations Magne, Morten, and Paul. What an incredible achievement! I know that you’ve all worked very hard for this. I wish I could attend the ceremony, but I will definitely be thinking of the three of you that day. (Actually, I think about the three of you every day, but that’s a different matter!)

Hugs, kisses, and much love from Reno, Nevada, USA.

Karen Inda

Congratulations! Very happy for all three! Well deserved! This pin is beautiful!

What an amazing opportunity- thank you to a-ha and management for offering this to the fans! This is a most generous extension to us all!

TUSEN TAKK- best, Liane from Texas!

Dear Mortenm, Magne and Pal

Congratulations, you three are the best guys that is making music. as a-ha and as solo artist. Good job and I well thinking of you at the ceremony next week!!!! A big hug from me 🙂

Teun from the netherlands

A-ha have been a real lifeline to me, so pleased that Norway is giving them the recognition that they deserve. I hope one day that Oslo will have an a-ha museum! I know so many whose lives have been positively touched by their music and who would love to be in Oslo onthis special occasion. Congratualtions to Paul, Morten and Magne.


Congratulations boys I am sorry that I can’t come to the cemory on the day but I will be thinking of you.
Love from
row7 united kingdom

This is a beautiful award for 3 wonderful people who truly deserve it. Congratulations Morten, Paul and Magne and tusen takk for everything. May your music live on forever.

Ja-hane – Leicester, England

Congratulations to Morten, Magne and Pål. A well-deserved honor after a lifetime of hard work and contributions to Norwegian society and the music world at large. It would be a tremendous honor to witness this moment. -Eve (Long time US fan living in Oslo).


Congrats for receiving this order, it’s a huge confirmation of ur great achievements in t music industry and being norwegians!!
So heja A-ha & Norge!! Wohooo!!!!

Congratulations guys, I think that you’s are the best group ever, love all your songs.

Wishing you all the very best, Diane from Scotland

Jättegrattis till er Paul Magne och Morten för detta pris. Vi era fans är jättestolta och glada för er skull.Tack för er underbara musik som finns med oss hela tiden.

Vi älskar er A-ha !
Kramar från Sverige.

Congratulations guys, on your much deserved award of the Order of St. Olav. Enjoy it, because you’ve certainly earned it. Thank you for a great show at the Tower Theater in 1986, and the wonderful farewell show in Times Square. Thank you for your hard work, perseverence, dedication, patience, and tolerance as artists, and for every note of music you made together and continue to make.

Very many thanks to for offering us this opportunity!

To Paul, Magne and Morten: many, many congratulations on this great honour, which is so richly deserved. Wishing you all a wonderful celebration on Tuesday! Thanks for everything you’ve given us over the years – now it’s time for formal recognition. Tusen takk! Nicola xxx

Huge congratulations to Morten, Magne and Paul. This is a very well deserved reward, have a fantastic night, wish we could all be with you guys when you receive this.
Loads of love and hugs from Jan, Cumbria, UK xxx

Congratulations Magne, Morten and Paul! By extension, I feel a great sense of pride in all of your achievements (including those additional to the music and the art).

Enjoy YOUR day *\o/*

Dear Morten, Magne and Pål,
Congratulations, my dear friends!
Of course, ‘we’ (all the A-HA fans) feel that you’ve entirely earned this great honor!
Thank you again so much for your music and I miss you…..
xxx from the Netherlands

Congratulations Morten,Mags and Paul…We are all so proud of you…have a wonderful day !
Love and best wishes Jan from England xxx

Fantastic news, absolutly well deseved award, so proud of my idols!!! we miss you!, hugs from Argentina!I wish I could be there to express my proud for you all. Silvia Barboza

I am pleased to convey sincere congratulations to Morten, Magne and Paul for tus great event and may enjoy many more. I’m so far away from you, but not in my heart.

To Magne, Morten & Pål: if this insignia represents “a reward for distinguished services rendered to the country and mankind” let me say that your “services” were more than distinguished…you’ve filled our lives with sounds of joy and beauty…and we will keep those meaningful sounds forever….in pursuit of a better life.

Congratulations guys! We couldn’t be more proud of you. I hope you can enjoy every minute of the ceremony. Thank you for the gift of your music, and for being such terrific guys. To be there would be a chance of a lifetime, but I will only get back to London from Sydney on Sunday and the chances of being able to get a couple more days off would be extremely slim. Talk about missing the chance of a lifetime! If only…

Well deserved recognition: feeling very proud of you Paul, Magne and Morten!

Congratulations guys and thank you again for everything: what you did together will live forever in our hearts…
Carmen (Italy)

I would like to congratulate Morten, Mags and Pal for receiving such an award for having remarkably constributed with your music and art to the country and humanity…You do not deserve less than this, guys! I dare say that we are also winners, because we are fortunate to have been able to enjoy your music during all these years and years to come, as A-ha and as solo artists.
I believe later on we will get images or a video of this great ceremony to feel that we are “just a bit closer” to you!
Love you all and best wishes for Tuesday!
I hope you remember me!
Karina from Buenos Aires, Argentina…

To Pål, Magne and Morten. Well done on being awarded the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav. This achievement signifies the impact your creativity has had on all of your fans through your music since you all took on the task of fulfilling your dreams. Together and solo you are all three of you unique and please be proud of what you have done for all your listeners and yourselves. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGNE for Nov. 1st. 🙂 Love always, Susan Lyons, Limerick, Ireland.

My intuition has always been excellent singe 1984, when I was 14. Now believe me: this is only the beginning…

Congrats on this well deserved award.
I’m proud of you 3!

Congratulations for you all! This going to be a great moment!

A well deserved honour for the first band I was really crazy about, who’music touches me, and which I still love and listen to often. South African congratulations!

Congratulations Guys!
I’m so proud of you!!!!!

Congratulation guys! This recognition is well deserved.
I’m very happy for you and proud of that.
I will never stop to thank you, you and your music will remain forever in my heart.
Thanks for everything Morten, Magne and Pal!
Eva from Italy.

I’m very happy for a-ha 😀

Congratulations to you three special guys in my life… all have changed my life as you have so many others . You all deserve this so very much….it would have been amazing to come to the ceremony but in my heart I will be there with you ….Thank you Morten for being the most wonderful person you are with a voice of an angel,thank you pal for being the ‘lyricist/poet genius’ you are and thank you Mags for your music , lyrics and out of this world personality .I totally love you all so glad your country has acknowledged your talent at last . xxx

Magne, Paul, Morten. . . . Congratulations on a well-deserved honour. You have inspired generations of young musicians in Norway and around the world. I can’t think of a better legacy. Best wishes from a loyal Canadian fan.

Congratulations! What a wonderful honor. Best wishes!


Dear Morten, Paul, and Magne: Congratulations on your amazing achievements. Thank you for creating your music and for your contributions to the world.

Hugs from Sheila – Vancouver, Canada

gladys angelica quiroga


Congratulations to a-ha for this recognition of their international impact & their brilliant representation of Norway. Well deserved. Thanks to for this opportunity; Here’s hoping to be there…

Dear Magne, Morten and Pal,

Congratulations !
You really deserved this orden.

Tusen Takk to His Majesty the King of Norway for this great decision !

I knew I will always love you and your music since the first day I heard about you, back in 1985.

You have colored my life in such a way.

You colors are unique, as coming for your heart.
Your music is heartfelt music.

You are the first, the last, my everything.

Congratulations Morten,Mags & Pal wish I could be there. You guys deserve this award. Your music is amazing. Thanks for everything:)
Love you guys 🙂
Hugs from Margaret from Long Island NY 🙂

Congratulations from São Paulo, Brazil!
A-HA deserve all the honors!
And congratulations to Norway for recognizing the importance of the group: they are important not only in the music industry also lead many people to visit the country and to interest in local culture.

Congratulations Dear Morten, Paul And Magne!!!
Kisses from Chile!

These are great news!!! Congratulations from Germany to Morten, Pal and Mags. 🙂

Best wishes from Poland

Huge congratulations Magne Morten and Paul,an honour indeed and truely deserved!Your music means so much to many and your respect and appreciation of your fans is always apparent. Treasured memories of such great times… may they continue always …
warm well wishes and love from Karen in Scotland

Congratulations Morten,Magne & Paul.I cannot think of three nicer guys who have remained unspoilt by their fame and are such genuinely nice people.This award is thoroughly deserved for the huge amount of enjoyment and pleasure you and your music have given to so many people all over the world for so many years.a-ha are unigue and there will never be another band like you.Will be thinking of you on Tuesday and listening to your music as always.

Deserved honor. The way in which you leave takes you to the places you were born to be. Thanks for following your stars… Congratulations…

Congratulation Mags,Morten,Pal and all the people envolved with the band.

Brazil really loves you !
You are always welcome here…we are waiting your new projects.

Claudia Patricia Costa Facco

Congrats!!! You deserve it. I´m very happy for you. I hope I can see you live some day. That’s my dream. Love you so much 🙂

Gratulerer ,dette fortjener dere!!
Hilsen fra Larvik 🙂

This was a ‘random drawing’ to give away the seats??????

Til a-ha!

I wish I could have written in Norwegian, – cause my Norwenglish is nearly impossible to understand; I would be grateful, Anyway; I’m trying in Enlish in respect for all your fans all over the world-to Thank You – for Your Music, the Art and Performances – that Only a-ha could have done during 30 years. No band can or would be able to copy what You had done, created and shared with us for such a long time. Thank You So Much!

You Highly Deserve this Cross of St. Olavs Order, a-ha!

(NB I don’t want to be a control-freak or rude, well, I certainly am: – As far as I have found out: The Cross a-ha will receive looks a little bit different than the Cross on the top of this page, if you look at picture 7 of 9 on and then again under the heading ‘St. Olavs Orden’ you can find the exact picture of the Cross of St. Olavs Order (for men in their class: Knights of 1. Class).

To be honest; an a-ha fan-friend of mine from Japan, that asked me to do a further research; she is the one that should had been in the Ceremony, for finding out how the Order’s specific look was. I just wanted to do some reliable research for her, – and If I could meet on behalf on her,- since I live in Oslo, that would be a huge Honor. I’m not sure she is able to catch the plain!)

Congratulations to Morten, Magne and Paul!
This award is the ‘crown’ on your hard work.
Well deserved! Enjoy November 6th.
Greetings from rainy Belgium, Nadine D.

Dear Morten Magne Paul
Congratulations from Japan!!!

Congratulations. Finally after 25 years you receive this order of St Olav. Well deserved.

Congratulations and warm wishes to you all. It is a well-deserved appreciation for your hard work and continuity in the show business. Some fairy tales come true. On your day of honour, I will be in an advanced training course, but I will be with you in my mind. I bow to you by dropping a curtsy. 😉 Tusen takk, you Norwegian warm-hearted guys.

Jane Fitzsimmons

Congratulations Morten, Pal and Mags.
It’s great to hear you are being formally recognised by your country with the order of St Olav. Richly deserved. Enjoy your special day!
Best wishes from one of your Australian fans.

ascen rodriguez romero

Enjoy this great time you will have receiving this award. I think this award have to do with your great contribution to the music but at the same time with your great heart and kindness.

Love and many kisses from Jerez, Spain.

From a fan of your music to A-ha.

Gratulerer dear Magne, Pål and Morten! You are to become knights for creating music that has brought much happiness to those in lands both near and far. What an honor!
Tusen takk for alt!
Inta A, Melbourne, Australia.

Congratulations to Magne F ,Morten and Paul Waaktaar Savoy!
they deserve it!
thanks for giving us the opportunity to attend the ceremony.
I’m sorry but i can’t come…
Love from France 🙂


My warmest applause and congratulations to Paul, Magne and Morten!!! We’re all deeply proud to be a-ha fans and can only feel honoured too by this recognition. Very well deserved. 😉

Big kiss from Portugal.

Oh my goodness, how very overwhelming to hear that you’re all time favourite band has finally received an award of recognition from nonetheless than that of the King of their own homeland..Norway. This very announcement filled me with such pride and a feeling of honour that I cannot begin to tell you. Much congratulations Morten, Mags and Pal, this award is muchly deserved for the gift of music you have given the fans worldwide and continue to give even now to the new era of fans. So wished to have been able to have seen this from the UK via live stream, but in our own unique way, we continue to celebrate the music, the lyrics and the sound of A~ha. Many heartfelt congratulations for these magnificent and unforgettable years xxx<3

With love, thanks and appreciation always
Angie, Cheshire, UK :0) xxx<3

I am so pleased and proud of Morten, Magne and Paul for winning this prestigious award. It is truly deserved as they put Norway on the map musically and also they have brought happiness, hope and joy to people worldwide with their perfect music. It is also for all of us who have followed this band with faith, gratitude, love and belief all of these years. They have given the greatest service of all to Norway and humanity. Words can’t express how much this band have meant to me over the last 27 years. Thank you.

This is such a great news. You deserve that for sure. Warmest congratulations from Poland.

Congratulations Morten,Magne and Pal. It is truly deserved. Would love to have seen you recieve your awards. Thank you for music and brining joy and happiness into my life. Love Helen Co Durham xxxxx

I congratulate Morten,Magne and Paul! I wish a lot of awards, you make magic music! Good luck! Thanks from Russia!

Congratulations Morten, Mags and Pal on this wonderful achievement, for all the happiness you have given to fans over the years. You truly deserve this honour, I wish I could be there. Enjoy the event you really do deserve it. Your family, friends and fans are proud of you. xx

I wish that this orden became not “the last hurrah”, but HEllO on a high note!! Love you guys!!! =)

congratulations. Well deserved. Omg I wish I could go

Morten, Magne and Paul,

Congratulations! I’m thrilled for you! You certainly deserve the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav. At 71, I heard “Take On Me” for the very first time last week, and became an a-ha fan immediately. I look forward to more great music from a-ha.

Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.

Congratulations Morten, Paul and Magne!
Nobody deserves this honor as much as you:-)
I’m very happy for you.

Love from Poland:-*

Congratulations to the famous Nordic boys from
This is a well deserved honor for years of dedication and effort of the great worldwide music.
We thank you for the great and happy moments you have been providing us along all these years…
Know that these wonderful melodies will echo eternally in this unknown universe…
Success always!
A especial hug from a fan, of the many thousands of fans, here in Brazil.

Dear three knights!

We are really proud of you…Congratulataions!!!



Sorry this posting is late but I’ve been recovering from a heart attack and have just updated my e-mails.
Well, what can I say, my Norwegian boys (as I jokingly refer to them) have finally received an honour from their homeland that they greatly deserve. My heartfelt congratulations to them for the wonderful music and memories they have provided for thousands of fans globally.
Thank-you guys… C U IN ? ?

Congratulations A-ha on your most deserved recognition from Sydney Australia

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