Paul has recently been working with Norwegian singer Linnea Dale. a-ha fans may remember Linnea from the 2009 ‘Foot of the Mountain’ tour, when she performed with Donkeyboy, who opened for a-ha in the UK and Norway.

In 2009, Dale collaborated with the Drammen band Donkeyboy on their debut album Caught in a Life, providing guest vocals on the songs “Ambitions”, “Sometimes”, and “Awake”. “Ambitions” debuted on the Norwegian singles chart at number seven on April 6, 2009, and reached the number one spot on June 29, after 13 weeks on the charts. (Wikipedia)

Linnea released an album called ‘Lemoyne Street’ in April 2012, and is now working on her second album, expected later this year.

Paul told us a little about his work with Linnea:

“Linnea and I wrote and recorded some songs together this last fall.
A truly enjoyable and new experience for me.
I’m really glad to hear that the album is coming out now.
When it does; do check out a song called ‘With eyes closed”…
I like it a lot!”

We will share more information about the project as we receive it! In the meantime, here is the video for Linnea’s 2013 single ‘A room in a city’:

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