Our friends over at Rhino Records sent these pictures over to us to share with you. As a reminder, the deluxe editions of Hunting High and Low and Scoundrel Days will be released on July 6 and can be pre-ordered now at Rhino.com!

The cover for Hunting High and Low is spot-varnished just like the original album, and the cover for Scoundrel Days has raised cloud/inkblots just like the original album.

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It looks amazing!!
It is like turning back in time.
I loved it!!
Thanks and best regards for all the A-ha wonderful and lovely bunch!

So there won’t be any videos included in the set — that’s a shame. Otherwise it looks like a nice set finally all of the demos and remixes together in one place.

Plain and simply an a-ha fan’s DREAM COME TRUE. Amazing art work, awesome songs, oustanding. Thank you RHINO for a job well done.

wow! looks cool! already ordered and I’m waiting………can’t be fast enough.
In one year I wished I could wait for something new…….:-(

Many many thanks for all the fantastic news, however, I just wanted to say that I have checked with 3 online retailers and both Deluxe Editions will be released on 5th July and not on 6th July. Anyway, I will definitely be buying both! 🙂

I thought they would be simply jewel cases with 2 discs and leaving the artword the same from the originals.

But this is ****ing great! I’ll seriously rebuy Hunting High and Low and Scoundrel Days. The albums deserves it.


At first glance the artwork looks good. I very much approve of adding original lamination/embossing. Play.com have told me that my 2 cd’s are shipped – seems a little early – I won’t complain though. Can’t wait to read the booklets. I think a blast of the newly remastered Scoundrel Days title track will be the first thing to do when my package arrived. a-ha’s last year could well be the best for releases.

The trouble is that all this good stuff makes me greedy. Wish they would release a studio quality recording of their ‘Question of lust’ cover. Maybe other remasters could follow too – be brilliant to get ‘Stay on these roads’ through to ‘Memorial Beach’ remastered.

Very impressive! I can’t wait to receive mine from Rhino.

Unfortunately in Brasil I cannot buy this albums….only imported.:(

Amazon have both albums available see link below:-


I’m having trouble finding any albums where I live.

all those pictures and posters of times and fashion!!! they remind me of my life and times from childhood to present day and i’m so honoured to be an a-ha fan but they are a fantastic band regardless of nostalgia,and i will miss them

Mine arrived in the post this morning!!! Having fun whilst listening to them whilst doing my housework. What wonderful music, great to hear alternative versions of much loved songs too. Seeing them 3 times this year but will miss them so much when the tour finishes 🙁 I will never stop listening to their music I have grown up to……

Just got scoundrel days deluxe – great to have the originals newly remastered, don’t need to hear the crackle of the speakers in my car anymore! This is highly recommended. A couple of remixes on disk 1 were on a japanese mini album “scoundrel club”, very hard to locate now. The real jewel however is cd 2, pleasingly these demos tend to vary from the originals with some lyric changes and different synth effects, excellent – well done a-ha.

The cd’s come in standard double jewel boxes. From what I can tell, what makes the rhino website purchase exclusive is that they are digipacks with spot varnish and embossing as per original LP’s. I am guessing this because Rhino never replied to me. I hope it helps others if they are choosing where to purchase.

I purchased Hunting High & Low deluxe yesterday & I’ve reserved Scoundrel Days deluxe as the shop have ordered more as they sold out by 9.10am yesterday as they didn’t order many! I don’t mind waiting though, Waiting For a-ha 🙂 Unlucky that Rhino didn’t reply to you Nicholas. I was thinking of ordering from Rhino, although they’re not available for release until 13th July and they’re in dollars so I decided I’d rather purchase in sterling especially as the exchange rate changes frequently (if that makes sense). I expected to see HHAL deluxe with the other New Releases in the shop and I was disappointed to see that the cd was with the previous a-ha cd’s, I thought the deluxe cd’s should’ve had a better display than the shop gave them? Just a thought.

Maybe my previous comment should’ve ended just a Train of Thought? Maybe Maybe 🙂

Is everyone aware that there are 4 extra bonus tracks available for each album on the MP3 version at Amazon.co.uk.

Sun always shines (extended)
Hunting high and low (slow demo)
Take on me (1984 12 inch)
Take on me (instrumental)

I’ve been losing you (dub version)
Soft rains of April (piano demo)
Swing of things (demo 1)
I’ve been losing you (Early demo)

I purchace both at Amazon.co.uk. They are great! The extra 4 songs in disc 1 and the disc 2 are indeed worthy the purchase! Not to mention the quality of the sound of course. I was a little bit desapointed that they are not digipack as in the pictures above though… but not much since jewel cases keep the CDs in better shape, specially this I keep listening a lot!
Now, I am waiting for the Remastered versions of SOTR and CITR!

WOW both albums have really been so well done, sound quality brilliant, artwork brilliant and the information provided in the essay by Kieron Tyler was nothing short of invaluable. The extra photos were a nice touch a great improvement on the previous releases on cd of these albums.
The extra material was really improved upon even from the bonus disc that came with the Swing of things book.
At least now I won’t have to wear out my copies of first releases of TOM 7″ & 12″ singles.
Thankyou and congratulations on a job well done to all those involved in this project.
Now looking forward to the same treatment being done to SOTR, EOTSWOTM and MB.(pretty please with sugar on top)

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