by Judith Henrich, Petra Meier and Judith Fasler

The last 2 days in Rio almost felt like a little touring holiday. Everyone is soaking up the sun (temperatures around 33 degrees!) and views from the roof top pool of the hotel overlooking Copacabana beach and Sugar Loaf certainly make you feel being in paradise. And combining work with pleasure, Magne & Paul take the cable car to Sugar Loaf for a bit of a foggy photo shoot for the upcoming photo book.

We bump into familiar fan faces – loads of them. You don’t really know them though you feel like you’ve known them forever. It’s an instant connection and we’ve made friends for life over the past couple of days. Whenever anyone of the band leaves the hotel it feels like organised chaos – fans appear from everywhere, having their photos taken with Morten, Magne & Paul.

Thunder, lightning & rain fill the electric air in Rio in the evening. A sign of what show to expect – it would be electrifying. Expectations are high for any concert in Rio but a-ha master every second of it. The audience is one of the best ones we have seen so far – energetic, passionate & vocal. The crowd erupts to the beat of ‘The Blood That Moves The Body’. The newly added version of ‘You Are The One’ with Magne and Paul on acoustic guitar receives one of the biggest cheers of the night and Morten doesn’t even have to remember the words to the song, the fans know the lyrics inside out. Undoubtedly the highlight of the evening is ‘Take On Me’ – the audience resembles an ocean of digital cameras and phones, all trying to capture a piece of this historic moment. Memories of ‘Rock in Rio 1991’ come alive and it’s been a tremendous privilege to attend the last ever a-ha show in Rio.

It’s after midnight, our taxi driver keeps us in the mood putting on the ‘a-ha on tour in Brazil’ CD, singing along with us to old time a-ha classics.
There’s never a forever thing but this concert will be an everlasting memory.

Photos by Petra Meier.

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I was there again! You are the one(s)!

Perfect show!! I will remeber it for the rest of my life. Thanks A-ha! You are the best band in the world.

i’m very happy! My dream became real!

fantastic, amazing, vibrant, unforgettable day!

Oh no, why acoustic guitar?? The songs lose their preciousness and energy( the setlist becomes better with every concert, but not acoustic please( at least “MEMS” should be in its usual way…

marie bradshaw

Loved ‘You Are The One’ – hope you sing it in the UK?!


I never thanked J, P & J for their wonderful reports. Well, I do now! ^____^ I hope that these articles will be on the next tourbook or… the next biography of the band… 😉

The best show of my life! You are the one(s)!
This night is magic, wonderfull! I love!!!

Alessandra Querido

One of the best nights I ever had! You are amazing! Thank you so much for filling my days with your songs!

This was the best a-ha concert in Rio! Thank you! It was great to see you guys having so much fun on stage. I enjoyed so much the setlist! It was an amazing and memorable night!

Yes, an amazing night, great show !!
A-ha still the best band ever !
I was there in Rock in Rio 2010 !! great momment…
Congratulations !

There’s no words to explain the emotion means to see A-ha playing the best musics!! It was amazing the show!! A-ha forever Brasil!! Thank you for making us so happy with this amazing moment!! I’ll never forget!! Was perfect!!

It was one of the best nights ever. Looking into your eyes cannot be put down in words. I’m gonna miss you, guys, and this cannot be undone. However, you music remains, the memories, the photos. Farewell!

Andressa Moreira

Was wondefull!!!
It was like a dream!
A moment that i´ll take for the rest of my life!
The best thing for all was make us (fans) so happy for playing all songs.
I have to thank you all for make that show the best one of my life!

Lifelines! Russia needs this song, that’s an official request. Lifelines is the album that many of us started to listen A-ha from and this particular song is very important. Please include it in the setlist when you will go to Russia!

Perfect!!!!!A-ha The Best always!!!!
I love a-ha!!!!!!
A moment that i´ll take for the rest of my life.The best show of my life.

I am pretty new at, but congratulations for the amazing work you guys are doing on behalf of our beloved and best band ever!!
I am from Rio, Brazil, and was at the concert last Saturyday. I am speechless, no words to say. But I did write an article about it on my blog – O MUSEION – and I would love to share it with other fans on It is in Portuguese, and I realize you have the site’s version in our language, but I also would love other fans to read. So, if it is the case, I can write a version in English and send to you.

If it is possible, I would appreciate very much if you could show the article to Morten, Mags and Paul because within it, there is a message for them. Here goes the link to the article, the title is “A-ha FOREVER!!!”


Regarding my post above, here goes the link for a translation (made in a rush! lol) for the article/letter that I wrote.

To Catherine and the staff, please help me publish it here as a testimonial for the other fans to read and also get it to Morten, Paul and Mags!

It was the first time I went in Aha’s show…and will be the last time too…I’m so sad…It’s the best show I ever saw!So beautiful..thank u guys for being here!This night will be always “The Night”!Loveu!

Gizele França

A night never to forget!

Is how I set the night of 13/03/2010 in my life.

I was pissed because it was all wrong for me not to go to the show. My father had authorized me to buy a ticket on the card, but was afraid of failing and entering as I was leaving after the show in middle of the night.
But the day I woke up, decided to try and off I went!
I left home 10 in the morning towards Barra da Tijuca. In an act insane or not, because I was so tight, I decided to buy a ticket at FNAC. Once there, the attendant informed me that the system was down and that no point in going to Citibank, as was he. Anyway, I waited an hour and a half to the system back. When he returned, surprise! My card did not pass. Then the clerk advised me to go to a cyber cafe and Internet shopping. Off I went like a desperate and spent 4.00 e. .. nothing!! Internet sales were closed.
Then, well, hit the despair! Do not believe I came so far for nothing! Minutes later, put my head in place and I sent to Citibank (which should have done from the outset). Arriving there I found a long line (not purchased at the Guns). I was but half or less hours in the queue and then …. I finally managed to buy the much sounded the ticket. With the treasure in the hands I eat because I was starving!
After eating, I went to the queue. Even that was not huge as I imagined for that time. I was a bit of chat with a guy in line, until I met the famous brand of the Community “a-ha”. We also met Rachel and Anna, with whom I spent the whole time. Ah, could not forget Carol, who was super excited.
Let me stop rolling !!!!!
We started the show when it seemed that my heart would jump up out of excitement. When they appeared then, our … speechless! Emotion higher, because most keep to the side of Pal, which I love, admire, defend tooth and nail!
Every song sung, played, but I was busy! Do not know if I took picture, sang, danced and screamed! I thought to myself “caracas, they made the setlist for me!” They played all my favorites, with the exception of Early Morning.
Summer Move On, what was that?! Our general raved like … left to assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssk Morten! As the husband of Annie said: “What neck for 50 years.” Oh what a wonderful thing to listen Hunting High and Low live juntinho singing with them!
You are the one, no one expected it! Show de bola! View Morten’s smile, it was wonderful!
The Living Daylights, ai … Pal to touch, look at us and smiles! I melted! It was as if he looked at me!! Too bad this time, the battery of my camera harnessed.
Anyway, I do not ever want it to end, but ran out and got a sense of satisfaction, of accomplishment but also sadness for the first and last time I saw them.
I could not take pictures with them and not autograph, but only have gone to the show, see them playing live, you give of yourself to us! Now I am super happy, held!

A-ha Thank you for being part of my life!

Thank you father! I love you! Thank you for doing my dream !!!!!

Oh I forgot to say…
I wanna thanks specially Morten…for all the attention he gave to us; fans…in Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro).He’s not just an incredible artist, but a LOVELY person.Simply amazing…
Thanks for Paul and Magne 2…for the photos and autographs…and by the attention.
I know that it must be very boring for all of you staying stuck in a crowd, unknown people…so…
That’s my thanks for the BIG pacience and for everything u are!!
And I really hope u come back again…
I’ll never lose my hopes…!(And sorry for my english, it’s bad, but I try…)

One of the best days in my life…Thanks for the music and the light that A-HA shines on us…

And there’s one thing left to aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaask….

Pleeeeeease, make a DVD of this Farewell Tour! It would be the perfect gift to all of the fans… after the concert itself, of course!

Morten, take care of your throat and of the most beautiful voice ever!
Magne, you are the one! One of a kind…
Pal, it was so nice to see your smile! 🙂

A-ha is my dream of childhood, and for 20 years I´ve been waiting for you, Morten, Pal and Mags,and hope, from the deep of my heart, to see you again, in Brazil or anywhere. I have to thank you for giving me a special moment like that show on Rio de Janeiro, 13/03/2010. If it´s a choice to break apart with the band…i truly hope that all of you to be happy. And don´t forget… brazilian people will always loves you, now and for eternity. You´re are always welcome here, even if not in a band.

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