We are excited to share the news that the next a-ha fan weekend is confirmed for 30 April 2016!

There have been two previous international fan weekends held in Oslo, with attendance between 500-700 people each time. Guest speakers at previous conventions were:

September 2012

Erik Ljunggren & Dan Sundhordvik – backing musicians for a-ha, Morten & Magne
James Maillardet – production manager for a-ha and Morten
Harald Wiik – business manager for a-ha and Morten

October 2014

Terry Slater – a-ha’s first manager
Harald Wiik – a-ha’s current manager
Stian Andersen – official band photographer, and his colleague Erik Treimann, who together directed, filmed and edited a music video for Morten in 2014
Tini Flaat – Norwegian singer and Magne’s protégé from The Voice in 2012
…and Magne Fururholmen

April 2016

We are developing the program now and we would like to have your input on who you would like to be the guest speakers at the next convention.

Is there a previous speaker who you’d like to see again? Or is there someone involved in the band’s 30 year history that you have always wanted to hear more from about their experience working with a-ha?

Please share your ideas in the comments below, or you can e-mail us your ideas and requests.

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Mr Barron or Mr Tierney would be good candidates as both given a lot of input into A-ha’s musical career. Be excellent to hear their views on the current album and how their music has evolved over the years.

I think in 2016 Alan Tarney would be the best guest possible. From his work with the band during the Eighties until his input on the last album, he has probably much to say about how they have evolved, and what a-ha mean in our current musical landscape.

It’s a good news in my bad day today. I will be there.

Steve Barron would be a good choice as,from the evening we had with himself and magne it should be quite entertaining! x

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