Savoy’s third and biggest selling album, ‘Mountains of Time’ has been remastered on CD, vinyl and digital formats, and is now available via Apollon Records.

This article by Barry Page at The Electricity Club is a must-read about the album’s development and critical reception. Check out the article, then give the album a listen and tell us what you think over on Facebook!

Order ‘Mountains of Time’ here.

From the archives

Paul on songwriting:

‘Hi Paul, which of your Savoy albums have you most enjoyed recording and why?’ (Munroe Lewis)

Paul: ‘It has to be “Mountains of Time”.
The songs kept coming. Recording it was easy. Lauren was pregnant. We were giddy and excited.’

Paul on his career highlights: ‘What have been the top three career highlights for you in the past five years?’

Paul: ‘1999/2000 was amazing; Savoy released “Mountains of Time” to such a positive reception and 6 months later a-ha was welcomed back from their seven year nap by everyone (or so it seemed at least).’

Paul on song editing and song duration: ‘If you’re so inspired, do you sometimes regret that a typical pop song lasts for four minutes?’

Paul: ‘Well, it used to be three minutes (laughs)

No, I don’t regret it. With [Savoy’s latest album] ‘Mountains of Time’, I really got into editing stuff. Most of the songs on that one were like 4.5 to 5.5 minutes at first. Then I chopped off at least a minute on each of them, and they just felt better. So I think there’s definitely a limit. Certain songs need more time, but then you make a point of that. Normally, the more condensed, the better.’

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