August 30 marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Savoy’s eponymous 5th album, ‘Savoy’. Earlier that August, the band performed at Rauma Rock Festival held in Åndalsnes, and at the Øya Festival in Oslo.

Savoy also toured around Norway in September and October, playing 17 gigs from Kristiansand to Tromsø.

The two singles from the ‘Savoy’ album were ‘Whalebone’ and ‘Empty of Feeling’. Videos for ‘Whalebone’ and ‘Isotope’ were released on Savoy’s Savoy’s MySpace page, as well.

What are your memories of the ‘Savoy’ album and tour? Tell us your thoughts in the comments here, or on Facebook on the post linked below!

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This album seemed very out of place in the Savoy catalog. I remember ‘Water Towers’ and ‘Shooting Spree’ making me feel very uneasy. I could tell that Sept. 11th had an impact on the lyrics. This album seemed angry and cynical. Its no surprise that nothing new (not counting the tracks on Songbook) has been released. After this kind of record there would be a need to step back and regroup before attempting to bring anything new. With that said, ‘Savoy’ was well produced, cohesive, Paul was a master story teller on that record but it was just too damned sad to really enjoy in the same way that I’ve enjoyed the rest of their work.

Probably my favourite Savoy album (or at least a tie with Mountains of Time), and a mini-masterpiece. Watertowers and Isotope are two of the best tracks Paul has ever written, and other songs such as Melanie Lied To Me, Empty of Feeling and The Breakers are terrific. The album deserved a much wider audience, Savoy’s sound is much more folksy and American-influenced than that of a-ha, it’s a shame a proper distribution avenue can’t be found for the band in the US, it would probably have done very well. Very much looking forward to see how a 10 year break between albums has affected the Savoy sound, and also what Paul does on his own under the name Waaktaar.

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