On 1 and 3 October a-ha will play concerts for Hydro’s employees and local people in Pará, Brazil. In exchange for concert tickets, members of the public have handed in several thousand schoolbags that will be passed on to children in Brazil.

In cooperation with Hydro, a-ha will perform 1 October at the Cabana Club in Barcarena, and on 3 October at the Arena Verde Stadium in Paragominas in Para, Brazil. The concerts are part of the Renew campaign launched by Hydro in late August.

The concerts, which started out exclusively for Hydro employees, were opened up to more a-ha fans in Brazil because of the enormous interest shown when word of the concerts got out.

The external a-ha fans buy schoolbags filled with school supplies in exchange for concert tickets. When they hand in the schoolbags, they receive a ticket to the a-ha concert. The bags will be passed on to children who need them in Brazil.

When the exchange of schoolbags and concert tickets started Friday last week there were long line-ups in Belém, Barcarena and Paragominas.


More than 8000 schoolbags collected

In the capital Belém, people started to line up on Thursday, the day before the box office opened. One of those eager to get tickets was Carla Patrícia Rodrigues, who already had her place in line at 18:00 on Thursday and secured tickets for herself and her boyfriend. Even after a long night and little sleep she was very happy to be seeing a-ha live.

“A-ha is a part of my life. When I was a teenager I listened to them a lot. I am very happy to get the tickets, but also because Hydro has given me the chance to give a schoolbag and school supplies to children who need them,” said an enthusiastic Rodrigues.

By October 1, more than 8000 schoolbags were collected in Belém, Barcarena and Paragominas.

A shared celebration of history and renewal

The main message in Hydro’s Renew campaign, which was launched internally and externally in late August, is how renewal, improvement and innovation can lay the foundation for a new 100 years.

In Brazil, the Renew campaign is happening in the context of the celebration of Albras’ 30th anniversary and Hydro Alunorte’s 20th anniversary.

By taking the world famous band a-ha to Pará, Hydro wants to give its employees a piece of historic cultural heritage and encourage a cultural exchange between Brazil and Norway.


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Rundt 6000 skolesekker med innhold samlet vi inn fra ivrige a-ha-fans i Brasil i helga. Skolesekkene, som byttes i…

Posted by Norsk Hydro on Monday, September 28, 2015

Update 13 October

A-ha rocket for bedre skolegang i Barcarena og Paragominas. Resultatet ble at mer enn 6.000 skolesekker med innhold nå kan deles ut til lokale barn for å fremme skolegangen i disse byene.

Posted by Norsk Hydro on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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