…i’ll do my crying in the rain.

the world of music has lost one of its signature voices.
phil everly has passed away.

from the musical legacy of the everly brothers we knew growing up in norway, to the personal encounters with phil and don around the world many years later…

from the beautiful guitars they generously gave us for xmas one year in the late 80s, to ‘crying in the rain’ – the song we recorded as a tribute to them, but which became a hit for us too, thus reminding us with every show we subsequently played…

whilst musical generations apart, the everly brothers and a-ha somehow became serendipitously intertwined.

early on our relationship to the everly brothers was perhaps chiefly that they had been a main source of inspiration for one of our own main sources of inspiration; the beatles.

later on, a much more personal and interesting bond was forged through the relationship the everlys had with terry slater. terry was previously a bassplayer for the everly brothers back in the 60’s, a very close, longstanding friend of phil’s…and then went on to become a-ha’s first manager.

through their close friendship, we were given some early glimpses into a world to come: our first ever visit to the backstage dressing-rooms at the royal albert hall (the everly reunion concert in 1983), our first ride in a limousine after a concert through a crowd of devoted fans outside, and so on…

many a night on a tour bus somewhere, we would sit and listen to terry tell stories about life on the road with the everlys, and i still remember a word of wisdom evidently originating from phil and don’s father, which went something like this: ‘you can break two sticks, one after the other – but hold them together and they cannot be broken.’

now a big branch has fallen, but together or apart each of the everly brothers contributed to a musical oevre which continues to inspire, fascinate and comfort new generations of music lovers around the world.

we were lucky enough in our lives to know phil everly a little bit, and we hope some of his wry sense of humour and generous nature has rubbed off on us all.
his sweet voice will be sorely missed.

our thoughts go to patti, jason, chris, and the rest of the everly family-tree.
r.i.p. phil.

lots of love
from a-ha

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Dominique Millet

Wish family and friends a lot of strength in their great loss

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