Update March 29

‘Feel this Moment’ is up to #8 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and #1 in the Billboard Electronic/Dance chart. Last Saturday, Pitbull and Christina Aguilera opened the Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards with ‘Feel this Moment’.

Magne says about the song, ‘I find it quite amusing that the ‘Take on me’ riff is touring the world in 2013 without us, although I am of course very attached to the original and hardly objective.’

Almost 30 years after its initial release, the keyboard riff from ‘Take on Me’ enters the Billboard US Top 20 at #13 – with a bullet! The song is also at #3 in the iTunes chart.

As the more observant among you have no doubt already noticed, the song titled ‘Feel this Moment’ by Pitbull / aka Mr. Worldwide and featuring Christina Aguilera is based pretty much entirely on Magne’s iconinc riff for ‘Take on Me’.

This song is now riding high in the US charts, and creating massive excitement in stadiums around the world. As such this introduces ‘Take on Me’ and hopefully a-ha to a whole new generation of music fans worldwide.

Here is the video for the song, which premiered yesterday:

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Brilliant! Now listen to the original kids, you’ll be blown away! A-ha forever! X X X

I still prefer the original 🙂

What would music world do without A-Ha?

R.I.P. “Take on Me.”

Seriously, who authorised Pitbull to destroy a classic?

I heard this on the “Dancing With the Stars” ad. While it’s great that it brings a-ha back to the charts, it still pales in comparison with the real thing. Long live a-ha!

No one is better than a-ha, but it’s great to see them being remembered. A-ha forever!

I don’t like Pitbull’s or Christina’s music but thís stays in your head (again) because of Magne’s great riff.
Yeah, this is called “A-HA POWER”!!
You’re right…. A-HA 4ever 🙂

Olena Kaidalova

So, I feel amusing too. Because it is ain’t good music to put legendary riff in

Feel the energy!!! I was really surprised when hearing this at first, and although I still prefere the original I do think this song and the keyboard riff gives the song amazing energy! And to think that perhaps now tons of people will discover a-ha! 🙂 Brilliant!!!

Seems as if a-ha would no longer own the rights to Take On Me. Everybody can do what he wants with that classic. Sad as it is.
Mr. Pitbull, Mrs. Aguilera, why aren’t you able to create something own? 🙁

The originals are always the best, though!;D


a-ha forever 😀

I dońt like RAP. Please dont touch A-ha !!!

A-ha for ever <3

jeje se les acabó la imaginación 🙂 y sí, tenían que ir a lo seguro… y qué mejor que a-ha!!! 😀


26 years after ‘Take on me’, A-ha still rules! I hope all youngsters discover the original track now and experience what it felt like to be young in the eighties. Great to hear the song from Aguilera/Pitbull, but let’s be honest: a legendary song like ‘Take on me’ never can be better covered or remixed than the original. A-ha forever the best, we are still waiting for a reunion tour guys! Please….

What an awful song, if you can call it that.Rappers can’t make music so have to take someone else’s work to give it a tune.Take on me is a timeless classic that should not be messed with.However it seems that the original and a-ha may have come to the attention of today’s teenagers as my 15 year old daughter said her classmates were singing “Take on me” yesterday.Reminded me of the buzz and excitement it created in 1985 with my own classmates when I was also 15.A-ha are the best!

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