We received information about this exhibition from the a-ha The Best fan site, and it has been translated by a-ha.com translator Laerte Lustosa:

Videos of the past and future met at Museu da Imagem e do Som, on “Spectacle” exhibition, inside M-V-F (Music Video Festival) program.

Arranged by the couple Meg and John Wells, from Flux Institute in Los Angeles, the interactive exhibition tries to demonstrate the special distinction each of the music videos has given in pop culture.

“Spectacle” is divided into thematic segments and gather around 350 foreign videos, besides 40 Brazilian ones, all selected by journalist and film maker Duda Leite.

The foreign selection goes further than screenplays of the most famous videos of the world – interactivity is the watchword.

The visitor, therefore, can play with some videos and even get in touch with some little treasures, such as original drawings from the classic hit “Take On Me” by a-Ha.

The part which seems to be the most visited is “Agent Provocateur”, with controversial videos. You can watch “Erotica” by Madonna, or the ultra violent “Stress” by Justice.

To chill out – or even sweat a little bit – you may stop at “Body Language”, with the best choreographies, like “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé.

The exhibition also reminds us about the great cooperation of important names from audiovisual, with Michel Gondry and Spike Jones movies.

The future is seen on experiments of bands such as Canadian band Arcade Fire, that prefers interactivity through their visual projects on the Internet, as in “Wilderness Downtown” and “Sprawl II”.

Beside “Spectacle”, M-V-F brings special sessions every week, on which videos will be shown on the auditory.

“Musical videos bring emotional meaning to lots of people,” says John Wells. “It’s an easy appeal way of art,” agrees Meg.

Brazilian fans Hilda Alvarez and Maria Luiza Dias Leitte at the exhibition

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