a-ha’s groundbreaking video from 1985 has received a lot of attention over the years. It has been acclaimed as not only Norway’s, but one of the world’s greatest music video successes. The ‘Take On Me’ video has recently been a subject for the radio program “Norgesglasset” on NRK radio. They have also published an article on their web site.

“The video for ‘Take On Me’ was the springboard to a-ha’s international success,” Gunnar Strøm says to NRK. He is Associate Professor of film and television studies at Volda University Collage in Norway. “The legendary song ‘Take On Me’ would not have become a major hit without the heavy rotation of the equally legendary music video on MTV. Even
if they were a Norwegian band, the video was far from Norwegian,” he says.

a-ha had made an earlier version of the video in London that did not become a success.
It was only when a-ha was to be released for the international market that Warner decided to let them use a new technique based on the combination of real action film and animation.

This led to the making of the music video that made a lot of girls in the middle of the 80’s wish they could be the girl that was reading a cartoon that came alive, and meet their favorite band.

“It’s a love story with a happy ending, but it also turns the a-ha guys into something mystical, and exploits the combination between animation and real action to tell an exiting story,” Strøm says.

You can read the whole article here.
Click on the link called “Radioinnslaget” to listen to the radio program.
Both the article and radioshow are in Norwegian.

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