A new book about Paul will be released this fall, written by Norwegian writer and journalist Ørjan Nilsson. The book is called “Tårer fra en stein – samtaler om et arbeid”.

In the summer of 2015, Nilsson met Paul for the first time to discuss a book on his career, his songs, his mindset and work. For the last two years Nilsson and Paul have had conversations in Brooklyn, in Oslo and on tour with a-ha in Germany. These conversations have formed the basis of the book, which will be released in October on Falck Forlag.

In the book Paul talks about his American life, his work, politics, Oslo in the grey 70s, literature, film, art, Bridges, Gunvor Hofmo, Magne and Morten, his shyness, and of course Lauren. The book will contain great never shown before-pictures of Pål from the 70´s. Nilsson has also interviewed Paul’s sister Tonje, Paul’s parents, Lauren, Alan Tarney, Viggo Bondi and Paul’s closest colleagues in New York.

The book has received attention in the press, most notably an interview published in Dagsavisen and VG recently. And there may be some good news for those who want to read the book outside Norway; Nilsson says both German and English publishers have already shown some interest.

Ørjan Nilsson’s debut book, about Kings of Convenience’s successful first album, “Quiet is The New Loud”, came out in 2014. The book was originally published in Norway and was later translated into English. The following year, Nilsson and Kings of Convenience went on a book tour in Europe. You can find him on Twitter.

Photo: Ivar Kvaal

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