A message from a-ha:

where to begin…
i suppose ‘thank you, all’ for once sums it up perfectly.

thank you is really the only thing that makes any sense at this point. thank you fans and friends – for giving us your time, your minds, your passion, in some cases a good chunk of your respective lives, and no doubt considerable amounts of your money.

you have made it possible for us to do what we loved in the way we had hoped to do it.

this is the end for us, and we will not know what a future together could have brought.

but we do know what the past has held; it was pretty amazing to be a part of it.
from the start as childhood friends, to the peak of our career, and all the points inbetween,
a-ha has coloured our lives in ways we don’t even seem to comprehend ourselves.

this is as far as the road took us – but hey, we came a fair distance by any standard!

one thing is certain: we did it together. now a-ha will be a memory of a life we once shared.

so thank you all 😉
we will not forget you and we hope that you do not forget us.

snipp snapp snute…
magne f (on behalf of a-ha)

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No…. Thanks to you all for many happy memories. You will never be forgotten. And be assured that you will have our support in all your endeavors!

Thank you for the years and for sharing your lives with us fans. You have left a legacy that won’t be easy to duplicate. The world has lost a talent to history. It was a blessing just to bask in your foot light glow.

Have a beautiful future!

Lovely words Magne.
It’s been a brilliant thing to be an a-ha fan. The places we have gone, the people we have met … but most of all … the three Norwegian lads who played the soundtrack of our lives.
Sadly for us, our plane was cancelled whilst we were checking in at Edinburgh airport. We would loved to have been there to give you the send off you deserved. I hope your future is filled with inspiration moments and lots and lots of happiness.
Hope you enjoyed your ‘Irn Bru’ from Scotland. :o)

Andrea from Glasgow
x x x

I’m afraid we couldn’t travel to the concert or the party due to the weather. Very upset, but you know, thats not important, this is a celebration of something wonderful that has enriched our lives since 1985. Thank you a-ha.
You will be missed.


I would like to thank you for being part of my life for the past 25 years, through my teenage years to adulthood, through the highs and the lows. I have loved your music and concerts and will miss you very much. It feels like part of me has gone. Good luck with whatever lies ahead for you, I hope we will still see you around. xxx

Mags, Morten, Pal,

Thanks for 25 years of wonderful music and memories. I still can’t believe it’s over. I’ll continue to listen for years to come.

The first concert ticket I ever bought was for the A-Ha concert on September 14, 1986 (happy birthday, Morten) at Sunrise Musical Theatre in South Florida. That ticket cost a mere $15!

24 years later I was lucky enough to catch the shows at The Nokia Theatre – LA Live on May 15 & 16, 2010. You were terribly missed on the American music scene for a couple of decades in between, but I kept up with your music and careers through imported tapes & records, CDs, and ultimately…the internet.

Thank goodness we live in a time where technology has kept you within my reach. I look forward to your reunion album and tour in 10 – 15 years (please please please).

All the best,
Brett Davidson

To read these words from You guys makes me proud of being an a-ha fan. I will never forget You. I’ve never had a chance to speak to You or get your autographs, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve always had your music. This music has seen me through more than half of my life, sometimes being the only thing giving me joy in it.And I’ll be ever thankful for that. Good luck in whatever You do now…

I think “thank you” sums it up for your fans, too. Thank you for 25 years, thank you for music we’ll be listening to for the next 25 years, and thank you for saying goodbye in person with a last world tour.

We’ll be watching you and following your careers after a-ha, and wish you all the best in wherever life takes you next. And if ever you decide to revisit the band we’ll be ready and waiting to cheer you on!

Love Roisin.

The only thing that is certain to me is that will be hard to live without you – together. No one can´t take our memories, and each song you gave us. In fact, many memories were made just because of a-ha music.

It is impossible to forget the best world´s band…and the guys who still help my little girl to fight her brain cancer, in Brazil, just playing.

Thank YOU 3, 4 all you gave us.

I was so lucky to see them twice in the last few weeks in the U.K. I even got a smile off Morten at the end of the last one, and that smile will stay with me forever, as will all the wonderful memories. Music has such a way of evoking emotion and when I hear A-ha certain tracks transport me back to when I was a young teen, it makes me feel so happy. I won’t feel sad, I will always remember them with a big fat smile on my face. So from over here in snowy England, sat wishing all night I was with all the lucky ones in Oslo tonight, I will sign off on another very famous Scandinavian band song line, that sums up how I’m feeling, I would just like to say Thankyou For The Music….much love.xxxx

We’ll never forget you, boys. Whatever makes you think we would?!

25 years is a long time, a huge chunk of our lives (I was 10 in 1985 – you work it out!). I am sad that you’ve decided to call it quits but I also understand your reasons. As a creative (I’m a writer), I ‘get’ you and your need to move on, or at least shift sideways a smidgen. No one likes being stifled, after all. Nonetheless, I am still sad and I have shed tears at the knowledge that there will be no more a-ha. Music has always been so important to me and you’ve been a large part of that.

I have to confess that I did drift away, life took me in all sorts of directions – but you were always there, even if it was whispering at me from a dark corner, reminding me not to stray too far. I feel so privileged to have finally seen you (at the Brighton, Sheffield and Wembley shows) and as I said on the Sheffield comments, if ever you come back, either together or as individuals, to Brighton, look me up and I can take you to the best coffee house in Sussex – hells, the best coffee shop in the world, so far as I’m concerned (coffee-fiend alert – apologies if you don’t share my enthusiasm!).

OK, fine, I know I’m rambling, but in the hope that you will actually read this message, let me just say: I have displayed disbelief, I have cried and I have driven people nuts (I talk a lot – lately, you’ve been the favourite topic of discussion). Ultimately, whatever else has happened, I can always rely on music. You have been a large chunk of that and I will never forget it. Oh, and no one will ever make an album that’s anywhere near as sexy as Memorial Beach. Trust me. It’s a killer.

I’ll miss you, boys – love always xxx

Thank you so much a-ha. Admittedly, I only discovered your music about a year ago. But because of you the past year has been musically one of the best of my life. I’m so glad that I made it out to your London Hunting High & Low show and your Newcastle farewell show. Those were two nights that I’ll never forget. So thank you for that. Your music has never aged and it will remain with us. My children will sing your songs.
Thanks for the good times. They were really something. I will never stop singing your records. My a-ha t-shirts are worn with pride.
Thank you for 25 years.
– Chris, 20, North Yorkshire UK.

Thank YOU for being part of our lives.

We, the fans, will never forget you. You are like three little pieces of our heart and we will love you until the end of time.

Please don’t forget that a-ha will never die. The fans will be the Keepers Of The Flame and will make sure you’ll be remembered the following days, months, years, decades.

I knew of you in 2003 thanks to “The Living Daylights” and since then I don’t see myself living without listening to your music.

Don’t worry a-ha: the fans won’t let you go into the Shadowside… again!

Best to the three of you from now on. Looking forward to hearing from you in solo.


¡¡¡VIVA A-HA, 4EVER!!!

Love from Madrid, Spain.

Thank you for being my life’s soundtrack for 25 years. I finally got to see you guys 3 times this year in the US and Germany and it was well worth the wait. 3 of the top memories of this lifetime.
Apperatjik, Magne F project, Savoy and Morten’s solo material are amazing. I’m looking forward to you all moving forward with new things. Thanks to you 3!

I was at the Bournemouth gig on 26th November and a-ha once again proved that they have a real connection with their fans and produced another memorable night of quality music and probably the best light and image show that I have seen at any of their gigs.They have recorded some great songs which will be enjoyed for many years to come. Good Luck Magne, Paul and Morten for the future. Thanks for the memories. Mike Spring (Swindon, UK)

I’ll never forget you and I’ll always love you.
I’ll be waiting for you forever
Kisses from Argentina

So now it is final, what can I say, such bitter sweet moments and memories that will stay with me forever…..when THAT video was aired for the first time on British TV I was hooked and from that moment on the music of a-ha has always been a very big part of my life and it will remain so.

Thank you Mags, Morten and Pal, your music has been with me through the ups and downs, memories that I will cherish right from when I first time I saw you in 1986 to the last in 2010.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you well in which ever way lifes path will now take you and THANK YOU for the last 25 years for your unique and distinctive sound which IS the music of a-ha.

Take care, be healthy and happy xXx

It’s 9.29 here in Malaysia, and I’m listening to all the a-ha albums non-stop, track after track. that’s how i view you and your music – every little song has a certain impact on how my life has taken shape. And I thank you – Morten, Magne and Pal, for everyhing. Love always, Eeja

Just wanted to say to Morten, Magne and Pal, a deep and heartfelt “Thank you!” for all the music that you all had shared with all of your fans and the world. You will be sorely missed but your music will live on forever. Many times I wished I could turn back the clock and still enjoy you guys for a few more years, but alas, it is not meant to be. Your music has filled me during my highs and my lows, it has truly become a pulse or a “lifeline” in my life. I wish the best for all of you and send my belated condolences to Morten and your family on the passing of your mother, we will keep you all in our prayers. Wish you all the best on your upcoming endevors, can’t wait to hear more music from the three of you! May God’s peace be with you and your families always and have a blessed Christmas season. Once again, thank you for being a part of my and all of your fans lives, you will never be forgotten.
P.S. Counting the days for your reunion tour- heck we can hope, can’t we! 🙂

Dear Magne, Paul and Morten,

I and a lot of people would like to be with you in Norway tonight… I know we do with our hearts and souls…
We really thank you for your hard work for all these years, we wish to see this show(dec 04th) on internet and we are waiting ansiously for the DVD, as well, all of you be happy with yourselves for life, for work, for everything that is important for you.
It is very hard to say Goodbye, I personally wish for all of you the best things in your lives…
Listen and see all of you together is magic and I thank you for this.
The passion for you is for the hole life and let’s wait for the future…
See you in Brasil was always terrific! And I was there – always.
About forget you – that is impossible! You are part of our lives and always be with us, with your happiness, good-humor, music, lot’s of memories, ’cause you are the one – you really are:-)
Lovely – Marcia

I don’t know what to say. I’ve liked your music since I was a kid in the late 80’s, but I started really loving your music ten years ago, with Minor Earth Major Sky. Over the years I’ve bought all your albums, all videos, most of your singles, and some rare releases. And I’ve had fun at the following 16 concerts:

Dec 4, 2010 Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
Dec 3, 2010 Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
Dec 2, 2010 Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
Oct 4, 2010 Oslo Konserthus, Oslo, Norway
Aug 21, 2010 Ullevaal stadion, Oslo, Norway
Nov 7, 2009 Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
Nov 6, 2009 Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
May 21, 2008 Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway
May 20, 2008 Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway
Aug 17, 2007 Fredrikstad stadion, Fredrikstad, Norway
Aug 25, 2006 Lerkendal stadion, Trondheim, Norway
Aug 27, 2005 Frognerparken, Oslo, Norway
Jun 4, 2004 Torget, Bergen, Norway
Jun 8, 2002 Ullevaal Stadion, Oslo, Norway
Mar 25, 2001: a-ha, Vallhall Arena, Oslo, Norway
Mar 24, 2001: a-ha, Vallhall Arena, Oslo, Norway


I was not able to go for the last live broadcasting. For 25 years, really thank you. From far-off Japan, it is a fan of a-ha all the time from now on.

Hei, vil gjerne si 1000 takk for en fantastisk konsert i kveld. Det er ikke lenger spørsmål om hvor du var når Oddvar Brå brakk staven… det som gjelder nå, er hvor var du når a-ha trakk ut pluggen…. Jeg bøyer meg i støvet for gutta fra Manglerud + Hr. Harket som har en superoptikjempefenomenalistisk stemme. Hilsen Morgan Kane, Manglerudgutt born in 56

There are no words to describe the fellings of this goodbye…

You’re always welcome in my life, and I need to thank all of you.

I’m Brazilian and I’m six month pregnant. I left my husband, my city in these summer days with temperature around 37 Celsius degrees, just to see you in Oslo with medium temperatures in -10C. This mean I care a lot with you… as you said: you are part of our lifes, and I know we (fans) are part of yours too. So thank you for these 25 amazing years!

I’ve been in Oslo since November 27th to see the concert of day December 2nd with ticket I bought more than a year ago, but I’d saw you at all 4 concerts!! I’m so glad for this!!

I had already saw you in March (São Paulo and in Santiago – Chile), and I had a little talk with you, I took pictures with Magne and Morten, but I didn´t do that with Paul, it’s a pitty, because I really love you Paul, and I always wish you and your family the best!

So my dear friends, I’m not going to describe my fellings right now, I just wish you may find another ways to be immensely happy and feel complete. Light and peace!

I love you ever!


Dear Magne, Paul and Morten,

Today is a sad day, but also a time to be grateful. Thank you for your music, which has brightened up our lives for 25 years and will continue to do so because music is never-ending.

But also, thank you for bringing people together. In these 25 years I’ve seen so many friendships being forged around the world by people of so many different backgrounds. All for the love of your music. I, for one, have met the most amazing and generous people, who have selflessly let me into their lives and who I have welcomed into my life as well.

When you go on stage tonight for your last show as a group, look at the faces in the crowd. The world has come together in Oslo to bid you farewell. You have brought them together and I think that’s something you should be the most proud of.

I wish the three of you happiness and success for this new chapter in your lives. All of us will be there to share it with you.

Thank you for everything,

Patricia from Argentina.

Hi, we´re from Fortaleza,Brazil. Where you´ve been only twice.It means here you´re still idols, like in the eightys. In 1991 we almost didn´t believe that A-ha could come.It´s was amazing thing. Surreal. And the Last one show was a big event in my town, and the last one in Brazil.Now,you´ll be back no more . Its a sad thing. you don´t know what A-ha represents to our generation, and our youth. We´re sorrowful with the end of the band, because you certainly brings happiness much more for us. Its a felling of your fans. Good bye Morten, great vocalist, Paal and your fantastic lyrics and Magne the magnific accordant man.
P.S ; sorry for my poor english.

Hey Guys

you played a big part in our lives and the music will always live on….

Thank you for the gigs and enjoy what life brings you…….

So hard to believe. But still, I am so happy it ended on a positive. Most bands just disappear, get involved in drugs, start hating each other, etc… a-ha did it with class and should feel nothing but proud for their achievements as artists and people.
In the words of a famous lyricist: There’s Never a Forever Thing! On that hope, I say thank you a-ha and hope you come back again someday.

I was able to for the last live broadcasting.For 25 years,really thank you.For far-off Japan,it is a fan of a-ha aoo time now on.

Ending on a High Note! Thanks guys for the wonderful songs and the musical legacy you leave behind. You’ve been the soundtrack of many lives and so don’t worry, you won’t be forgotten. Cheers and happy retirement!

I must thank YOU Morten, Magne and Paul for the past 25 years. Your music has been and will always be the soundtrack of my life. Thanks to you, I’ve met the most wonderful people, with whom I can share (personally and on line) this passion that is a-ha. You’ll always be remembered. You’ll always be in my heart. I wish you all the best in everything you pursue in the future and I just hope to see you again one day, here in Argentina or, if I’m lucky, somewhere else. THANK YOU again!!
Love from Buenos Aires, Argentina


you will never be forgotten you were in my life for 27 years i had my own show to do tonight just like you and you will never know how i felt when i had to keep a crowd happy but inside i was dying, ,im totaly devastated and i know i speak for millions of people all over the world when i say… how are we gonna get through this how are we all gonna go on with life when a-ha has been in our lives for so long you have been apart of my life for 27 years and if i had to describe how i feel right now all i can say is it feels like ive lost my wife or my best friend. the 4th dec 2010 will be a day of mourning for millions of people world wide and we will somehow come together somehow somewhere every year to remember a-ha for the longivity of this planet,we will keep a-ha alive the a-ha community will be stronger we will remember the greatest musicians this world has ever witnessed we will unite we will remember we will remember our heroes we will remember you, pease.. perfect peace.

I can’t beleive it’s over

This is not the end, this is just the closure of an era – the legend begins now, and will last a lifetime. Thank you for being the major musical influence in my life along with The Beatles with whom you share that legendary status. Your words and music lift me when I am down, give me tears when I need to cry and give me the answers to many of lifes questions.

Good night and good luck.

Thank you for this words, Magne, thank you for your music, guys.
You are absolutely right: “Thank you is really the only thing that makes any sense at this point”. Waving you goodbye…

We will always love and respect you a-ha. I shall be back to proclaim more in depth comments about you later. Thank you, thank you, thank you…….A-ha…..True hero’s….Salute.

Thank you Magne, Morten and Paul for a-ha; your dedication and music!
I wish you good luck in everything you want to achieve!
Your music is beyong time and space.
Even if it is the end of a-ha the music stays in our memories and we will NEVER EVER forget you!

I think there is nothing to say that hasn’t been said so far…
A-ha has also coloured our lives. And fortunately for us, your fans, a-ha will not be a memory as you’ll remain alive in each and every one of your songs.
Wish you all the best and THANK YOU!!

Thanks Guys…for a part of my life 25 years ago…on a coach listening to hunting high and low on an (eek!) Walkman…to last Thurs in Cardiff.

And Mags, “that’s more ******* like it” (after about the 15th refrain) during the living daylights will last as an abiding memory!

Hope and know that Oslo tonight would have topped that one, but have fun and enjoy your ‘time off’…but even though you may have already done it, never say never!!!


You live in our hearts, I’ll never forget you and I will never forget that wonderful concert here in Fortaleza.Eu listen to your songs since I was ten years old, today I am twenty eight years and I take you with me always. The songs are part of people’s lives, and their musicians too.I hope you keep in touch with us for a long time. Kisses for everyone a lot of love from Sarah

Ah, I cannot believe it’s really over. Best wishes and thanks so very much. I wish you all the very best!

Yes thank you does say it all, but it should be us thanking you & all the talented people you have worked with throughout your career.
Promise us one thing please. Don’t lose touch with each other, even if it’s just a note to one another at Christmas. Best wishes for the future.

a-ha will always be my favourite band. The songs never age and are always new. Deep gratitude that the 3 of you shared your gifts.

I will take the sound track of a-ha with me as I continue on this amazing road called life!


Thankyou!!! We will not forget you.

Thank you, a-ha, and…. Goodbye!..

I cannot believe how hard I’m crying right now. The love I feel for these guys and their music is beyond comprehension. Words cannot describe how much Morten, Mags, Paul and their music has always meant to me. My heart breaks at the thought of never hearing a new a-ha song or never seeing them in concert again. I waited almost 25 years to finally see my favorite band and they were worth the wait. They made my dreams come true, finally.
Thank you, a-ha. You changed my world. There is no one like you. I will love you forever. If you ever change your minds (I pray you do!), I’ll be waiting. Love forever, Vanessa

Thanks for everything 🙂

It begun in our hearts and it will always be there!

We thank you three, Magne, Pal and Morten, for the last 25 years, where you changed our life 4ever. It doesnt matter in which situation I have been, your music was always the way to relax, to be emotional, romantic or just have fun.
And this will never end.
I, we, enjoyed your concert in Oslo and it was the best thing I have ever done “Now, we must wave Goodby”…

It is not the end – it is the beginning of another era, with all of you in our hearts and souls.

All the best to you and your family for future

CU soon
Alexander Klass

Good Luck, Guys! Thanks for the memories, for 25 years! Goodbye! See you in the future.

Believe you me, you would never ever be forgotten!

and a big THANK YOU for all the memories, good times, fantastic music… just everything…

long live a-ha!!


Bye, A-ha!
We’ll miss you so much…

Thank you too for 25 years of music – the Royal Albert Hall show was amazing and I was so glad I came even though I had lost my father only 3 days before. Wembley had such a fantastic atmoshpere- I made it even though I had to be at hospital early the next day for a procedure. Maybe it’s a good job for my health and emotional wellbeing that you won’t be doing any more concerts!! Have been listening to my favourite songs all weekend – we will all miss you xxx

Thank you A-ha for 25 wonderful years!

The thanks for all should be on us…

Thanks for all of your wonderful music, it will be treasured forever!

Love & Light to you!
Skal! 😉

Mange takk Magne, Pål og Morten… Tusen takk!

You’re very welcome, and thank YOU! Thanks for absolutely everything. I will certainly not forget you, ever, and I’m so extremely grateful for everything you have given us. There has never been a more appropriate name of a tour, because you are certainly ending on a high note. I’m in awe of you! So, from the bottom of my heart, tusen takk!

Malin, Tumba (Sweden)

You are most welcome. Only ever saw you in Cardiff a few weeks back. But it jolted a lot of memories and was well worth it. Best wishes to you all 🙂


You are most welcome. Only ever saw you in Cardiff a few weeks back. But it jolted a lot of memories and was well worth it. Best wishes to you all 🙂

Ditta BSRRW.org

a-ha: You are the Sound of the Heart of the World
even if no new Melody will appear no more, the rythm of the Heart is Clear and full of Pure Love
“enough is as good as a feast”
Now comes the Time of Your biggest works in other Dimensions – if I may humbly suggest – cooperation to resque Life and Environment, to Put in Power a Security System for all Life

In True Oneness, Ditta.nu

Thank you, guys! You have changed more lives than you could ever imagine. Your music helped us through the hard times, and celebrated the good times. You are the soundtrack of our lives, and we are forever grateful for it.

Forever yours,
Nils Thomas

You are very welcome. No amount of spirit, mind, time, energy, money, love and passion was never any affort to give. I’m not the only fan in a long shot to have it all flow to you from the bottom of my heart since the beginning years.
I hope we still will be reading some news here, about you as A-ha (since stop touring and making albums probably won’t mean the work is done) and all your solo-projects. So I can continue to give you all I have to give with pleasure.
Takk skal du ha!
X Ma-Ray


Don’t worry, we will never get over you!

Thanks for a fantastic 25 years of great music.
Paul, you are a genius!


I still can’t believe this is really the end. At the age of 35, I can’t stop crying, crazy I know. The saddest day ever for all the a-ha fans over the world. Please come back one day. All I have now is a lump in my throat and tears in my bed…

What can all of us say THANK YOU for the past 25yrs,and if you ever feel like getting back together we will all be waiting…and hopeing!!! good luck to all of you,aha will live on in my family as all my kids love your music. your fan for always kate xxxxxxxxx

Just got home from Oslo, i have had a fantastic time at the concert, and fan Party! 🙂

Thank you for the last 25 years of music.



No Gentlemen, Thank YOU! You have enriched our lives in magical ways for 25 years and will always continue to do so. Magne, Paul and Morten, I wish you all much happiness in your future lives. Thank You xx

Thanks for all…. BAND OF MY LIFE !!!!
hope hear from you solo projects!!! 🙂


Dear Morten, Magne & Paul, you leave us – your avid fans, on what truly is, as you promised “A High Note”! It is the noblist way to depart, your legacy will live on, the memories will endure – your music will prove timeless. For me personally, it was such an honour to have seen a-ha on this final tour – in London 27/11/10.
Thanks for giving me faith is the power of music and especially Morten – thank you for those childhood moments of rapture and innocence love! xxx forever.

thank you guys.
and we will never lose hope to see you three together again!

Thank you a-ha for 25 years, for all of your songs, I love them all, without exception, thank you for your attention to us. It is very important to us. Thank you for tourblog.
And..I LOVE YOU and I will love you forever.
I know that every one of you ,guys, will delight us with their creativity!
Best wishes to you!
Magne! Thank you for these lines, I wept :((
Everything was more than great!!!
Goodbye a-ha!

Thank you for supplying the soundtrack to my formative years, from teenager through to middle age, you have always been there.

It seems that for every human emotion, I can associate one of your songs. So I thank you for the joy in the good times and the support you gave when the chips were down.

I wish you all every success and good health for the future and look forward to listening to your new projects.

Most important, be happy and stay friends.

Thank YOU everything Morten, Pal and Mags! You are brilliant! I will miss you!
Unfortunately I couldn’t go to Oslo, because the flight was cancelled, and the other flight was delayed too much to go to the concert:(:(:(. But I saw you in Budapest and in Hamburg! :):):) These concerts were fantastic, I’ll always remember them! And I will wait for the DVD!
I wish you happiness, fun, peace and love and all the best in your life! And meet the desires of your hearts!
GOD BLESS YOU in your new beginning, and all of your life, always, and your families! God lead your ways, and trust in God!
You are exceptional talents, Morten, Mags and Pal, Morten’s voice is very very special! I love it very much! I will wait for your new albums!
You will be in my heart! A-ha was and will always be my NO 1 favourite band, I will never ever forget You, I love You!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
A lot of love from Eszter

Dear folks,
What a magnificent letter to have written at this moment! If my otherwise passionate (originally) Eastern European heart was not moved by the notion of an imminent end, as I’ve thought of the farewell tour as a celebration, not a funereal, it certainly is now. NO, thank you – thank you for the music and the memories of our growing up (or not) – together. And, don’t worry, we couldn’t forget you even if we wanted to ;)!
All good wishes for the future,

I got into a-ha because of their music. I remember the first time I heard “The Sun Always Shines on TV” in 1985, and that was it, I listened to their debut album and there was something magical about their music, the arrangements, the vocals, and other things that can not be understood. I have followed their output ever since, I was always pleasantly intrigued, surprised, and amazed by their genius and musical delivery, nothing compared to them. For me, their music and legacy is a part of my life too… I will always carry them and their memories in my heart and spirit… Thank you Paul, Morten, and Magne for bringing so much meaning to our lives… You shall not be forgotten…

Well, you’ve seen the banner in Nottingham and Sheffield, I can’t say it any more….. that says it all, so takk for the message, put your feet up, have a cup of tea, (I recommend nettle and peppermint) and I look forward to the next phase of your respective careers – really looking forward to seeing what you guys do next 🙂 Bring on the BUTTERFLIES 😀 Just hoping you’ll come back to the UK again (and tell the UK airports to get their act together…!) Obviously Apparatjik will be around, I’m sure Pal will unleash his genious upon us in some form or another, and as for Morten, he could probably bottle some wee and still have folk following him… !!! 😀 A-ha will always exist in that comic book world 🙂 We’ll still be here no matter what!! Oh good Lord!!! ;-D

Sitting and listening to my favorite East Of The Sun West Of The Moon. What a drive, what a passion, refinement and strength at one peace of real art!!! We’ve been so blessed to have you with us and within us for 25 years. ‘Thank you’ is the most right word, Mags, certainly, but LOVE is also meaningful. That what I feel over the sadness and almost physical pain сaused by realisation that this is the end. Don’t forget us, you are missed and always welcome in Russia. Waving you goodbye, crying (again and again :), looking forward to see and hear more of you Mags, Paul, Morten!! Take care, love you!!!!!

no, thank you, for all those years of beautifull and nice music!! I wish you all the best in the future! The music of A-ha will live forever… ;-D


Gosh. I love a-ha so much and It’s so sad information that It’ll come end. 🙁 But A-Ha music and lyrics..all you from A-Ha will be in my heart and mind forever 😉 You’re great! I wish you Good luck with whatever you want to do. It’s just quite sad. Even If I’m a fan since 2 years… I became really ”big” fan of A-Ha. I wish you good luck. Just sad that I won’t be able to buy yours cd (I mean for e.g. a Morten Harket’s cd albums…). Here’s not in Poland x.x
*hugs* Anyways. Good luck.
Your big fan FOR-EVER: Daria from Poland ^_^
“Stay on these roads….”

Magne, Morten and Paul thank you so much for make my life more happy. I’m a huge fan of the band. Thank you Magne for the message. I will never forget you! Regards, Natália. São Paulo- Brasil 😉

Thank you Magne, Morten and Paul, we will never forget you and we’ll keep listening xxx

I also want to say thank you for all you gave to us fans. You lived your lifes to entertain us.
For the future I wish you health, energy to start new fantastic projects and love whereever you´ll go.
Your music is a part of my life 🙂 since 1985.
stay well!
Wave goodbye from Germany

Thank you guys for everything!
A-ha changed the life of many people – and quite many of them are, like me, now living in Norway.
Strange to think about how many things never had happened if I never had seen the “Take on me” video in our livingroom back in Germany. How many people I never would have met and how many places I never would have visited.
Can music change lifes? – Yes it can…
Guess we all would like to shake hands and say “Thank you for everything” in person…
This is really a sad day for Norway – but I guess I speak for everyone when I say “We wish you the best for the future – and we gonna miss you”.
I really enjoyed the last concert tonight. Again! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!

I can clearly remember buying the first record “Take On Me”, aged 10. Who could have known we would be taken on such a journey! And now its over… 🙁 I loved you at Brighton! It was so emotional, exciting and sad at the same time. I hope to hear what you’ve all been up to soon, maybe even the odd a-ha reunion…? I wish you lots of love and happiness. Miss you! xx

A-ha))))))))))))))) you, undoubtedly in my heart forever, thank you, that you are. you are, and will be always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love a-ha)))))) And I wait you always! While a hope living – your music living!

What can I add that others didn’t already? Thanks for all the times, thanks for introducing me to the world of music. Thank you, thank you. All the best for your future ventures which I’ll watch and perhaps listen to with interest and in the hope it’s as magical as when you were the Three Musketeers. 🙂

“All I need is the time to show you how I feel…”
“Please now, talk to me, tell me things I could find helpful,for how can I stop now, is there nothing I can do. I’ve lost my way, I’ve been losing you…”
“You know, I don’t want to cry again… I don’t want to say goodbye…”
“Stay, don’t just walk away, and leave me another day, a day just like today…”
…… Your music will be forever in my ears, in my soul and in my heart. I don’t want to lose the hope to see you again…
Angela (Pisa, Italy)

Yesterday was a sad day to me because I’ve lost something that’s in my heart, something I love. But at the same time I’m happy because Magne, Paul and Morten, three people that I definitely love, are ending one wonderful a portion of their lives in a perfect and memorable way. You will be always in my heart. You made me feel so excited when I heard your songs (I Call Your Name, Waiting For Her,The Living Daylights,and the all other songs). So all that I can do now is wait for the solo albums and wish deeper in my heart that a-ha come back some day…;)
Best wishes Morten, Magne and Paul
Loving you forever.

Thank you a-ha for just being there. The music has formed a complete back drop to my life. Through the bad times like at the tender age of 11 when my parents divorced to the good times when I got married and had two beautiful boys of my own (I was actually 6 weeks pregnant with my eldest son when I saw a-ha at wembley in 2002). I could always loose myself in your songs when things got too much. I also met one of my best friens via a-ha and it was so fitting that we came to the farewell concert in Bournemouth together our friendship also spanning about 25 years!

But I know your music will live on – my boys have already be “corrupted by Scandinavian pop” (so my husband says!) and more music fans will discover your music as time goes on and a next generation will carry it forward.

Thank you and good luck.


Me again – just one more thing (she says…): thank you. Thank you for making me realise, in the end, just HOW MUCH I love your music. How much affection I have for you as a band and as individuals. How much you have always meant to me, even if sometimes, I let myself forget. And what it’s like to formally say goodbye to a band that’s had such an impact on so many lives, including mine. You will go down in the annals of musical history as one of the greatest bands of all time and, for once, I agree with all the hype (I’m very particular about the music I listen to, much more about bands I spend significant amounts of money on!).

Singing along to the songs (every word) at the three gigs I was privileged to attend… it was something magical. And even if we at Brighton couldn’t quite get the rhythm right when Morten was playing the drums at the end of The Bandstand, our hearts, if not our hands, were in the right place! At that same gig, I met a friend, she came from Spain and we’ve kept in touch. That’s always a bonus and I thank you for that, too.

The thought of there being no more a-ha fills me with an indescribable sadness and I know there are people who will think I’m just a bit weird for that (I’m 36, but that doesn’t mean I ever grew up…!) – but I really couldn’t care less. You’ll always be my boys and you’ll be forever deep inside a special place in my heart, warm, safe and secure.

Love you, boys – take care of yourselves (Morten, I’m thinking of you at this sad time, and please also pass on my thoughts to Jimmy). I am so proud to say I love – hells, I ADORE a-ha. Morten, you were my first major crush and that remains – there’s a reason for it, after all 😉 When I need a lift, I’ll play the whole of Memorial Beach. When I need to cry, I’ll watch videos from this final tour and drown in memory. When I need you, you’ll be there.

Love xxx

I woke up this morning with a hole in my heart where you all once were.

i will never forget you, the memories will get me though the hard times a head

Goodbye to A-HA forever, but not to you so somewhere out there is a ray of sunshine we hope

all the best helen

There are no words…..except Thank you….missing you already xxx

No, we won’t forget you: great memories and music will live forever, and I’ll always be proud I’ve been your fan.
Grazie a-ha: per sempre nel mio cuore!

a-have to say

Morten, Magne, Paul


I cannot hide that I wish I cared less for all of you concerned !
Was hunting high and low for you and your music, which coloured my lifeline.
Was like a thin blue line running through the white canvas of my everworrying mind.
Thought it was my birthright to take on you – and now you will never speak again !

Now nothing is keeping you here, which makes me feel like a lamb, going to the slaughter.
I will now lay down in darkness and think of how sweet it was and that I’ll never get over you.
Whenever your voices spoke – it were always our minds that met.

But how can I sleep with your voice in my head and the knowledge that I’ve been loosing you?

Learned that there’s never a forever thing and I will stay on these roads !
And I won’t be leaving your side
I’ll wait
I will


Thank you from the music and the memories from the bottom of my heart. I also thank you for your last concert here in Chile, when we needed you more than ever, when everything was bad A-ha brought us love, happiness and a ray of light 🙂 Thank you Morten, Mags and Pal.

A-ha will live forever!!


Mags, Morten and Pal, your music is on my mind, on my heart, on my memories, always be there. Thank you for 25 years of great music. I will love a-ha forever.


Dearest Morten, Pal and Mags thankyou for years of beautiful music and morten you beautiful voice i have been a fan since day one. goodluck to whatever the future holds for you hopefully a solo album from morten and solo projects from pal and mags. maybe someday a reunion. my heart is so very sad right now to have to say goodbye. I hope this website continues to update us on any projects you may do.
love you with all my heart forever

Dear Magne, Morten and Pal,

Thank you so much for the great music over the past 25 years, that is evoking so many wonderful memories! You really are a part of my life, as I grew up with your songs from the beginning.
The exhibition at Nasjonalbiblioteket in Oslo is really worth visiting, thank you for sharing all those information and helping to remember my own past.

All the best for you and again a huge THANK YOU!
Sinje from Kiel

25 years…… I was in Cuba when I saw Take on me, I saw a nice guy asking a girl to come into his world. She doubt but finally she did it. I didn’t doubt only she was closer and took his hand faster. This was the beginning of my A-ha fascination and 25 years later is in the same way. I tried many times to say thank you for all your work to put music to my stories to my feelings when I look at the world. I love the songs from Päl, the work of Magne and specially the voice of Morten. I just read something that describes you. Your voice has wings!!! Your sweet-sad face combination makes us dream about you!!! I meet you at the book store in Oslo (the only girl from Cuba and my little daughter gave you an orchid she knew you love it) I gave you a very nice kiss from my heart, after I said “I have been waiting 25 years to do this” people made noise at the back at the back and you said W O W “I hope the waiting is worth it” I was nervous enough so I wasn´t able to answer you. I tell you right now. You are the same guy, the one that 25 years ago (and after) made us dream with Take on me, Did anyone approach you, Lifelines, Summer moved on, Celice and all the others. The one who sings and the world is a minimum place because your voice is the only space. You are the one. “Thank you” said to me. I say now “Thank you Morten , Paul and Mags”. I hope we can see you again sometimes. But if it´s not possible we hope to see a solo Morten’s performance. Meet me at the other side.

Tania, 41 Alicante Spain, (born in Cuba)

I’ve known about a-ha for a few years and I’ve always loved some of your songs, but it wasn’t until I got the chance to see you in concert this year in Brussels that I truly fell in love with your music! It was the BEST concert I’ve ever been to!!:D I feel sad and can’t believe that this is the end, I wish I could have seen you again, I wish I could have gone to your last concert in Oslo…But I am very grateful and happy that I did get to see you perform, even if just once! Better late than never… I’ll always cherish the memories! I love your music so much, it’s brightened up my life.
Your music will live forever and you’ll never be forgotten! But you will be missed.

I wish you all the best and hope you are happy! Looking forward to any projects each of you will have in the future.

So thank you, Magne, for the message and thank you, a-ha, for the amazing music!!! You’ll always hold a special place in my heart! Love you! <3

Eugenia, 21, Romania

Just about made it to Oslo on Thursday before Dublin airport closed down – had an amazing time – concert Friday night was unforgetable and the fan party too !! Thanks for all the memories xx

Morten, Mags and Pål Thanks for all !
his songs have brought me great joy and helped me in some hard moments, I miss you
much success and I hope that maybe one day the butterflies come back to join again! 🙂

tusen takk!
Jeg elsker deg a-ha ♥

brazillian fan

Thank you for all that happy time, for wonderful memories, new friends, for everything good that happened in my life and that wouldn’t

Thank you for all that happy time, for wonderful memories, new friends, for everything good that happened in my life and that wouldn’t ever happen without you. You were, you still are and always be a part of my life, you’ll always stay in my memories and you will be terribly missed ;( Feeling so empty without you today, but it always brings smile into my lips when hearing your songs, it brightens the darkest days, it changes anger into joy when listening to

Thankyou for your kind message! Its you we need to thank, I have been a BIG fan since 1985, Ive only got to see you live twice, this year and in 1992 in sheffield both times, but beleive me If it would have been possible I would have followed you everywhere! Your music will stay with me forever, and I will pass it on to my children who now know all the words to all the songs too :)…Thankyou for the past 25 years and I wish you all the luck in the world with what ever you do….until we meet again…love always kaye x x x

Roxana Vartabedian

Yesterday, at the same time that began the last show in Oslo, the Argentine fans met to celebrate a party … And it really was a celebration that we live with joy! There were no sad faces nor tears …. This was the celebration of 25 years of wonderful music that delighted our ears and our souls. Those who attended the shows you gave in your first coming to Argentina in 1991 told our stories, and we also shared the beautiful moments lived in March waiting for you at the hotel and in the show at Luna Park at the beggining of the Farewell Tour (it was magnificent and unforgettable). And we also sang !! The karaoke was very fun …. It was a lovely evening …
I only want to say THANK YOU for play the soundtracks of my live !!!! The concerts you did in Argentina in 1991 and last March were terrific !!! And thank you for your warmth and friendliness with fans !!!
A-HA´s music will last forever…. Your music was and will be part of my life, with its beautiful lyrics, magnificent melodies, and the most beatiful voice in Planet Earth……
A-HA will live forever in our ears, in our hearts and in our souls !!!! Morten, Pal and Mags I wish you the best in all aspects of your life, thank you for the beautiful songs again !!!! Kisses from Argentina !!!! Roxy.

Thank you Morten, Magne and Paul for the last 25 years. You will be forever in my heart and ears…i will never ever forget you, your music is mine always to be played LOUD and proud…Tusen Takk its been the best journey ever and i for one will ‘Stay on these Roads’ until hopefully you return again whether it be in solo form or ‘Maybe Maybe’ as a trio again…..I live in hope!!! A-ha FOREVER <3

Dear Morten, Magne and Paul!
Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!
You have been the great part of my life and you will always be!
There are no such words to explain what I feel now…I think everybody who loves you and your music feels the same at this moment…
I wish you all the best in your life!
With great love from Russia, Tanya Bobrova.

Thank you very much for all these years. For me it was only 11 years, not 25, since the moment I heard Summer Moved On when I was 13. I was discovering your music and your personalities gradually through all these years, and the more I did the more it became important to me. Your music helped me to get over many difficult and negative things in my life, it supports me, I can’t live without it and I will never do. So I wish you to be happy in this new life, wish you to launch something new and wish you just to be… And I will always be with you.
Forever grateful fan.

Thank you for the wonderful music guys! Take care guys and have A-Ha-ppy Christmas, New Year and life!!!!!

So..this is it:(..heartfull thanks from Latvia!!We won’t forget You,how could we!! You are and allways will be important part of our lifes..You will be part of our Lifelines.
Thank You Magne,Thank You Morten,Thank You Pol..Good luck to all things You are going to do in future..and Merry Christmas!!:) 🙂 🙂

🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :(…

Thank you too i cried for you this afternoon but later on i started listen to your music actually i to 25 best of and went nuts when take on me came on as i usually do i listened to that compilation because i wanted to listen to you a-ha.

thank you a-ha for 25 years and i will not dump you just because you three go your separate ways and i will still be loyal to you a-ha depite this

a-ha i love you always

Guys, we thank you also. For over 25 years you have given us great joy and pleasure by producing such wonderful music and allowing us the greatest gift of sharing it with us via your tours. Tusen takk to Morten, Magne, Pal and your wonderful families. Your music both as a-ha and as individual artists will remain impregnated in the histories of the greatest musicians. We love you all and wish you the very best of everything. Gone as three but still there as individuals. A heartfelt thank you, Julia x

Thank you for everything guys.. you were the soundtrac to our lives… I wish you the best in whatever comes next…
your fan “at large” from the foot of the mountain

I can not show at how upset not only me, but all fans are. You were so wonderful in our modern world, a piece of romantic, kind, peaceful. Your songs made me dream, dream about something good will happen to us. All my short life you were like the light in the end of tunnel – something magnificent, excellent…
I can not imagine me without you, because you and your music became a part of my life. I will never forget you, guys!

P.S. Stay On These Roads!

Tusen takk – for a beautiful last concert on Saturday. It was amazing – you and the fans! A-ha will always have a special place in my heart – in the last 25 years and will have it in the future. I was 10 when I find the music of A-ha and stayed a fan…and this will never end.
Your music makes the world a little bit better – and if it´s just the world of us, your fans.
Magne, Paul und Morten – all best wishes for your future! I hope to hear from you again – solo or maybe you three together again! 😉
With best love from Vienna!

I could spek or write for hours about my story with a-ha ; about my first concerts in the 80s ans how I made my dad go crazy, about the posters I talked to (yes I did !), about the tapes I used in my walkman, about the leather laces I wore like Morten, about how I forgot you for awhile and how I woke up of amnesia in 2006, about the friends I met on a-ha fans sites, about this passion that caught me once again, about how I (re)discovered your entire career, about the strongest feelings I had in my whole life when I saw you on stage last and this year.
I even experienced parts ofmyself I wouldn’t have without the a-ha impulse.
Through a-ha I also expressedmy creative side, making a Mags doll, t-shirts with strass, chocolate portraits of you. I travelled across Europe to see you on stage.
Now you call it a day I want to show you my deepest and most sincere gratefulness for what a-ha brought in my life.
So thank you SO much for what you made possible to happen in my life…in OUR lives of all of us fans…
I hope to see you again and if you ever want to come back together (please, leave me this ultimate dream) I’ll still be there… we ALL will still be there for you, you can be sure of it !!!
With loooooooots of love.

your music has been a magic soundtrack of my last 25 years… today I’m very sad, but you can be sure that you’ll always stay in my heart, forever and ever… you’re great!!!
Franco – 38 – Sassari (ITALY)

Dear Morten, Paul & Magne,

I would like to thank YOU for being apart of our lives for 25 years. You have been an inspiration to many people on all levels. The music is VERY addicting, you can not stop listening. The music is very positive, meaningful and fun. It has brought many people together from around the world.

From you I have learned so many things at the latter part of my life. I used to pretend to be all three of you in my bedroom singing, playing my portable keyboard and strumming my guitar away. I would sing my heart out and blast your music so loud in my bedroom. I listened to all your lyrics and received positive messages through them. I have always been a dreamer and your music has taught me to Live an Adventure Tale. Whenever I had minor disappointments in my life, I would always put your music on and I get back up and keep pushing forward. The songs that stand out the most: Living a Boys Adventure Tale, A Little Bit and Lifelines and Foot of the Mountain. Songs Like Cry Wolf, You Are the One, Move To Memphis, Major Earth Minor Sky were songs that you used your imagination and pretended to be a singer. Great music to have fun with.

As Frank Sinatra would say in the song “It Was A Very Good Year: …and now I’ve or We’ve come to the Autumn of the Year…. I have to say
A-ha IT WAS A GREAT 25 years. You will be deeply missed by all. I understand and respect that you need to go your separate ways. I will always support whatever you decide to do in life and hope the best for you.

Thanks for making us apart of your family. You are a legendary ICON and don’t worry you will never be forgotten for I will share my experiences with future generations to come.
You will always be my UNIVERSAL BROTHERS to the end. You are a treasure. Love you forever.


Thank you for 25 years! I was not able to go for the last live broadcasting. But, in far-off Japan, I supported you with all in the world. It is a fan of a-ha straight from now on. Thank you for a wonderful message. The good-bye does not say.

I thought about you on Saturday night dong your last concert and wishing I was there. Thank you for the music you have given us over the years, it really is a sad day now that a-ha is no longer. I hope you don’t lose touch with each other as friends and good luck in whatever you decide to do with the rest of your lives. I hope though that if you do decide to carry on making music as individuals that the UK does exist and we would like your music promoted here as well (as I feel this wasn’t really done before or did I miss it). I look forward to the DVD of the final show when it comes out and what about the website, will this continue in a different format? Good luck, stay healthy and have a lovely christmas and a happy new year. Lots and lots of love Lesley xxxx

Your music forever in my heart.
Thanks for these fine 25 years.
From Russia with LOVE.

Thank you a-ha for the music you have given us from the last 25 years…music that will be with us forever. I had the good fortune of attending 3 of your concerts in England this November. I also still have good memories of attending my first a-ha concert here in Vancouver in 1986. Good luck Morten, Magne, and Paul in what the future brings. Sheila in Canada.

Dear Morten, Magne and Pal,
Today with sadness I thank you for the 25 years of enchanting music. It seems as if I have been under a spell of your music, a spell which can never be broken.

Is it ever possible to forget you? Forgetting you would mean forgetting a part of my life, which is never possible. A-ha has been an integral part of my teens. I still remember the day I first listened to “Take On Me”, as I write this note to you after 25 long years. Your music has been a source of great inspiration.

A-ha will always live on! Best of luck in your future endeavors. Looking forward to your solo projects.

Goodbye a-ha! I’ll miss you.. am already missing you(
Thank you very much.

Cher Mags, Morten, Paul,

MERCI Mags (mon préféré), pour ce message magnifique !!
Je n’arrive pas à réaliser que c’est la fin de A-ha, je suis très triste…
Votre musique fait partie de ma vie depuis que j’ai 13 ans et je n’arrêterai jamais de vous écouter et de penser à vous, je ne vous oublierai jamais…
Vos concerts étaient du pur bonheur, MERCI, MERCI, MERCI !!!
J’espère que je vous reverrai très bientôt, ensemble ou en solo mais j’espère de tout coeur vous revoir…
Je vous aime… Vous allez terriblement me manquer !!
Je vous embrasse TRES TRES TRES fort :-))))

I can not say you goodbye, it’s too difficult !


Elise from France (Alsace)

There is no way I can forget those wonder years of my teens of which a-ha were such an integral part! Not a day goes by when I don’t have your music played in my head, not if in my ears. Even now listening to your songs takes me back in time; it’s like reliving my teens through your music. As years went by, with you I also grew up and began to appreciate the more mature music that you’ve produced. Thank you for all the magical songs that give new hope; songs to die for, songs that are timeless! It’s been a magnificent journey of 25 years with you! You will be greatly missed!

I hope the years ahead will bring you much success. The wish will always grow stronger to see you together, again!!


It’s so sad that you have broken up, but for me a-ha will always be in my heart. Your music make my life special and I want to thank you for these wonderful moments.
Love, Kerstin

Those are beautiful words. Thank you so much for your music,you passion, your creativity. The fans will make sure it will live on forever and will follow your Solo carreers. Look forward to the DVD of the final concert (PLEASE PUT THE HUNTING HIGH AND LOW VIDEO on it as an extra, it’s genious)
I was lucky to go to the extra concert at 30th November and get your signature at the book signing. It may be just a job for you but you smiling and saying my name Tinne out load with that beautiful Norwegian accent made me melt away and I will never forget that split second.
Morten, you’re voice makes me happy everytime even just when you speak. Pal and Magne thank you for continuing writing beautiful music.
Magne if I had the money I’d immediately buy one of your artworks, I love them.
I just bought your album with Apparatjik and I loved it aswell. Now we must wave goodbye but also say hello to a new beginning.
Greetings from Belgium

I’m not a man of many words and all has been said already on ths page by people more eloqent than I, but I just wanted to thank you for the last 25 years, you music has been a constant in my life and will always remain so. Good luck in you future endevours.

In Summer 1988 my Norwegian friend Ragna and I decided on the spur of the moment to try to interview a-ha for our school magazine in our home town Stuttgart on your German tour. We were lucky enough to hear you give an interview on the local radio that afternoon, hopped in a borrowed car (brand new driver’s licence)and drove out to the radio station. And low and behold, just as we arrived you were leaving the building and ended up chatting with us for a good half hour. Of course we were not really prepared for the interview because we had not seriously believed it was going to happen. And maybe that was a good thing because Pal and Morten (Magne was not there) chatted with us about lots of different things, Pal’s liking of Franz Kafka, Morten’s interest in theology, a-ha’s difficulty with the press at the time, etc. It was a relaxed and lovely chat. We recorded the conversation with my dad’s old dictaphone. And so we were able to print one of the most unusual a-ha interviews of the time in our crappy little school magazine!
This October my friend Ragna and I were able to see you in concert again in Munich. A highlight of the year. And by the way, I’ve been addicted to the Foot of the Mountain CD ever since it came out. Thanks and all the best, Franziska

Morten, Magne & Paul
All I can say is Thank you , Thank you, Thank you.As I cannot put into words what a-ha and your music as brought to my life during the past 25 years. I have followed you since i was 13 yrs. And I had the great pleasure of being there Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th for the concerts in Olso. Which were out of this world and a great finale to a wonderful career.

I wish you every success for the future and any future venture the 3 of you may undertake. And i will follow with interest.

A very sad goodbye. But you will be in my heart and mind always 🙂

Will love you always. Take care Lisa xxx

Thank you for 25 years.
You were my life.
There was always your music near me.
I am very lonely now.
I look forward to the day when you play an active part again.

Thank you, dear Paul, Mags and Morten! Thank you so much for everyting you’ve done!!! Many-many thanks to you, dear romantic Paul, you, dear cheerful Mags, you, dear good-natured Morten!…. No one can write songs, play and sing like you! My life would have been gray and boring without your incredibly beautiful music! I love you three so much, I wish you to stay forever so creative! I don’t want to say goodbye, I will miss your band:(

Goodbye, goodbye, a-ha! Of course, we will never forget you!!! Goodbye! All I want you to know – I LOVE YOU!!!


Thank you for giving me so much pleasure through your music, your humour and wonderful live performances.

I wish I had managed to meet you all in person. I would have loved to have had a photo taken next to you, but it was never meant to be.

On the occassions when I went to the trouble and expense of being where you were, I was always left disappointed, but I won’t let that get in the way of the fantastic memories you have left me with.

I am not sure what is going to fill the void you have left now you have disbanded, but I am happy that you were there to fill it for the past 25 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xxx

Thank you for these wonderful 25 years of my life ….
with you from my wonderful 15 years … in every
one of his concerts, although the distance, either
photos or videos uploaded there. enjoy the
March concert in my country … with all the overhead obstacles
that put nature but were there for you
and thank you for coming to Chile reconsidered and
also kiss goodbye to us all are
forever in my heart .-

Kjære Mags

Jeg gikk til Nasjonalbiblioteket.
Så jeg fant en stor konvolutt .

Jeg fikk mye drømmer fra deg i Norge.

25 år, var vi fornøyd med a-ha fan…

Tusn,tusen takk!!  
fra Reiko (Japansk dame)

Dear All,

We had a wonderfull 3 days in Oslo ending with the final concert. I think the audience was not powerfull as I expected but it was a great pleasure and feeling to be there for ending on a high note.
Loves from Istanbul…

Been with you and your beautiful music since 1986 when it all began over here in the UK. I’m so happy that I got to grow up with it and the music will never leave me. I’ve been lucky enough to meet you and go to a fair few concerts – although unfortunately not this last one. I will cherish the memories of every one I went to. And Magne do not fear – you guys will never, ever be forgotten. I take your music with me wherever I go, always. God bless, thank you and love always xxxx

Morten, Magne and Pal, You will never be forgotton and your music will continue to be the sound track of my life. It has helped me through lifes up and downs over the last 25 years and it will continue to do so. I thought about you all on Saturday and wish I could have been there one last time to see you, even though I had an amazing time at Wembley. I will miss the excitment of waiting for your new music or to see you in concert again but the memories of all these things will stay with me forever.
Thankyou for the lovely message which is great to read and thankyou again for been one of the greatest bands I have ever known.
Where ever you go ,what ever you do my love and best wishes will always be with you.
Good luck for the future and thanks for the happiness you have given to so many people.
You music will always have a special place in my heart.
Merry Christmas to you all and wishing you a very happy new year.
Lots of love Kerry xxx

A huge Thank You to you… You have been a part of my life for the last 25 years and I will never forget you. Your music is like a friend always there when needed. 🙂 Not to worry, you are unforgettable therefor will always be part of my life. I traveled to Oslo from Canada and attended three of the final shows. Wonderful memories for my very first trip.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and lots of health and happiness for 2011!!
Love and Hugs,

A bigger thank you goes to you guys for colouring our lives with the best colours one can find and that words cannot describe. Your music was, is and will always be the soundtrack or our lives. a-ha is over but Magne, Morten and Paul are just beginning. We loved you as a band and we won’t stop loving you as musicians. I do wish you to reach every goal you want to reach and all the best one can have. And… a-ha will be forever in our hearts.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Cant describe my feelings, but one thing is shure, 20 years from my life I have been so happy that You are in the world for making such wonderful music. Every new CD was like Christmas and luckyly they are always close in case of sunshine need in to the day! As expected my wife turned also big fan of Yours and we had luck to be presented at 5 Your wonderful perfomances. I have also driven tousands kilometers on the road together with You singing in the car 😉 and journey goes on… never say never and I Still believe very much that sometimes after 10 years we see will again at Wembley! Last concert in Oslo was above ALL!!! Kalle & Liina from Estonia

Dear Morten, Mags and Paul

Thank you for 25 amazing years! You guys have brought love, hope, fun and inspiration in my life, just from the start!
Thank you for your outstanding Last Hurrah on December the 3rd!!
I wish you all the love and happiness in the world for the future. And just like a butterfly this will be a great beginning of something new.
I will be following the 3 of you in your own special way. I am pretty sure that all the new things each of you will be doing, will be a great success too!
Once again:

Tusen takk!!
I will love you and your beautifull music forever!
Tosca, a dutch fan

Dearest Morten, Magne and Paul,

Thank you all for 25 amazing years x I have loved your music since I was 10 years old and I will always continue to do so x I feel so sad now that you have officially retired but I totally understand – you have all given us 25 precious years of your lives and it is now your time, as individuals to explore other avenues and areas of interest.
I was able to see you at the Royal Albert Hall in October and the concert was fantastic! I have been singing all the songs from Hunting High and Low and Scoundrel Days for years, so to have both albums performed in their entirety was awesome!! Thank you for all your music..I have 2 little ones aged nearly 2 & 4 and they sing along to your songs too..this never fails to touch my heart 🙂 xxx I have loved you all for so many years..you’re like brothers to me 😉 and I am truly going to miss a-ha x I wish you all, Morten, Magne and Paul so much happiness and love in all you do, now and in the future. You have given us so much with your music – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! xxx Now, have a good rest as this has been a tiring year for you 😉 and just know, you will never be forgotten xxx so much love and all of Gods blessings to each of you, love and hugs ellie xxxxxxx

Dear Morten, Paul and Magne,

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for these 25 years of wonderful music, lyrics and voice, and also for this very special Saturday Night in Oslo. Since then, I can’t help feeling stronger the melancholy of your music…I miss you already. Please don’t hesitate if someday….:-)
Above all, I’d like to thank you for the respect and kindness you showed to your fans (even if I didn’t have the chance to approach you). You retire with class, with discretion, with delicacy.


Take care and may your “second life” be as fulfilling.

With lots of love………
Catherine and her family, who travelled from France and discovered Norway and its wonderful people, on an Icy December Week-end 😉

PS: I’d also like to thank the creator of internet…and Chrisf300uk for sharing such wonderful vids on YT.

Thank you for everything! You have given us so much!

I wish you all the best for the future.

“… a life we once shared.” Still can’t believe it’s over. Your music meant so much to me during these years, and that’s what will last. I hope to hear from all the three of you new musical stuff in any way. I wish you all the best and deeply thank you for being this special part of my life.

I can’t believe it’s over, I am very, very sad…I can’t stop listening to your music, you have been unique since the very beginning 25 years ago.
I am from Argentina I saw you in my country in March and then I traveled to Kristiansand to see you again, when the show was over I could not believe it was true I knew I was not going to see you again…
I hope some day you change your mind and join again, we will be waiting for you..
A-ha will be always in my heart and in my mind, always!!

Well what can I say that hasn’t been said before…
A-ha has been the longest lasting relationship in my life and can I say the happiest lol,can’t believe how time has flown by since I 1st saw you live in Edinburgh in ’86.
I couldn’t have followed a better band with the most amazing fans,i’ve met so many amazing people,had so many laughs,been to places I never imagined i would see so thank you for that…thats what it was about for a lot of us getting to meet up again at gigs.
A tiny piece of my heart died as my flight got cancelled from Scotland to the last gig….but look forward to any future solo adventures (Yes i’m talking to you Mr Waaktaar – Savoy 😉 )

All my love & best wishes always xxx

what to say to a close friend who doesn’t know you? Just thank you? or good bye?

It seems to be a part in my life which I have seen gone away. After so many years, sounds and my personal feelings to each songs, it seems to come to an end.

But, I mad the best I could do!! 🙂 It was a great expierence for me to travell the first time to Oslo last Friday, enjoying my first fan-party (to see so many people from around the world; have some good conversations) and then, the one and only last concert. WOW!!

My CD-collection is complet, I’m waiting for the last dvd and I think, I’m prepared for the rest of my life to listen to your sound 🙂 and I will enjoy that. Yes, I will do that.

Take care guys and yes, thank you so much for all!
Marco from Switzerland

The last ten years have been amazing for me thanks to you guys. My first concert in Vallhall, the concert in Ullevall stadium, in Frogner Parken, in Madrid, in Stuttgart Schlosspark, in Friedrichshafen, in Stuttgart again, several times in Frankfurt, Cologne and probably some others I have forgotten to mention – and of course the three last concerts in Oslo. Every single evening was an adventure, meeting people from all over the world, who like your music as much as I do.
It was an honour for me to be a part of the translations squad and I hope there will be more to tell in the coming years about the musical career of three true musicians through and through.
I was lucky to win a meet and greet and got to know you in Friedrichhafen and Stuttgart as very friendly, down-to-earth people. Thanks for getting it started again in 2000.

Obrigado por todas as músicas!

just a few words to say thank you for a quarter of my life with you, 25 years are easy to say but you were,are and will be an important part of my life, you have stayed in the best and the sad moments of my life, you have been like a diary with your songs. It’s a pitty I can’t see you LIVE, but you always will be in my heart and in my ipod, Ja,ja. I send a huge kiss and a big hug and I don’t like to say good bye, but just see you tomorrow because you are every day at home at job and the way home, thank you to be here, in my time, and in our lives. Sniffff.

Thank you very much to all that make possible we knew you,heard you, see you and loved you forever.



Hello my 3 loves,

I still can’t imagine my life without the thrill of awaiting another new album of yours, guys – without you my life seems so empty… There are no words in the whole world or in any language to describe what you have meant to me over all those 25 years. Thanks to your music I am what I am now. You are a part of my life, like my heart is a part of my body – I cannot survive without your music as well as without my heart;-)

I was lucky to see you for the last time on December, 2nd in Oslo (though I nearly missed that chance due to my flight cancellation)and I am grateful to have participated in that unforgettable event. Thanks for all the emotions it triggered – tears of sadness and smiles of joy.

I will love you forever and wish you all happiness and luck in the future.

Forever (not) yours,

Gosia from Poland.

P.S. Magne, I hope you like the scarf I gave you after the concert – let it keep you warm and cosy 🙂

Thank you for making the happiest ending to the most beautiful fairytale… 🙂 🙂 🙂

(Couldn’t help tears from falling though 🙂 )


Magne, Morten and Paul… Your musics were my best life’s soundtrack and I promise I’ll never forget you! And when I realised that was your last concert – I wish I were there… It’s a pleasant know your musics – ’cause I’m only 15… And I adore so much your musics… And now I try imagine the future – what will happen with you and us – your fans? I don’t know – but I want… One day, I can have the privilege of know you personally… I’ll love you forever
Giane (from Brazil) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

No matter where you stoped, in what moments of life you got tired , what matters and it is always necessary is to restart
Restart is to give a new chance to yourself … it is believe in yourself again
Did you suffer a lot? Was learning. Did you cry a lot? It was soul cleasing. Did you believe everything was lost? It was the start of your improvement
Now it’s time to reboot … to take pleasure in simple things again. Look at how challenging ahead, how much new stuff waiting.
Fear of feeling alone? Bullshit … there are so many people that you walked away with your “period of isolation” just waiting a smile to get close. Thank you for you 3 guys having rocked our beautiful dreams for 25 years.
All of us are the size of what we feel, see and do, not the size that others perceive us.
Be happy


I have travelled all over the world to see a-ha since I first heard Take On Me in 1985. You have been a huge influence on my life and I will miss not hearing any new music from you guys! Thank you Pal, Magne and Morten! You will always be my band!!! Enjoy your retirement!

..och så var detta sagan slut.
Since I was 11 years old, your music has been a constant presence in my life and will be for many years to come. It was the reason why I became so curious about scandinavia. Now I live in Sweden after meeting my wife in Oslo. We have three beautiful kids and at last I’m living the boys adventure tail that I always longed for.
Thank you for being the inspiration behind those dreams!
Och tack för lördagskväll…det kändes stort att få vara med.

Thank you xxxx what a special year it has been to end the last 25 years of your music which has been such an influence and had a major impact on my life xxx Your music has been with me through out happy and sad times and with me every day like my best friend xx Its very hard for me to say good bye but i wish you so much luck and happines to you all in your future projects xxx I’m very proud and happy that i bought my 8 year old son to see you in England for ‘ending on a high note’When you sang Butterfly Butterfly we both stood there hugging with tears rolling down our faces it the most special poignent moment ive shared and to share it in the company of you was amazing xxxx Thank you i love you all xxxxxxxxx

Dear A-ha, I just got home (Brazil) from Oslo, and I must say I felt empty, something is missing…
Your songs are here, you are in my thoughts, but it’s not the same. I do feel sad and happy at the same time. It was wonderful to be a part of that last day…
In fact, I think you vanished on the stage! Our images were appearing on the big screen, and we almost didn’t see you leaving…
I couldn’t say goodbye or take my so desired picture, but I thank you so much for being the soundtrack of my life!
And as I told you in Bauru, “I hope to see you guys in Oslo”, and I did it!
It was huge for me…you made me feel that anything is possible, once you want and dream and make it happen!
I wish you the best.
And who knows where our lifelines will take us?I’ll still be waiting for my special picture!
“We shall meet, I know”!!!!!
Love you, guys! You’ll always be “A-ha”!

marzia boccaletti

Dear Magne, Morten, Pal
thank you for being part of my life in this 25 years
I’ve loved your music since 1985 and I’ll listen forever.
Unfortunately I haven’t ever being at live show and this time I’ve lost a great chance but I hope your reunuion album or tour and I’ll be there
I’ll never forget you
I wish you all the best for your lifes, family, and take care

marzia from modena (italy)

Me and my husband were waiting all the year for this concert. We bought tickets the day after Your concert in Łódź (Poland)at November 2009. Your thursday’s concert(the 2nd of December)was for us an unforgettable experience. You were present at our live since we were 15. All great memories are conected with You. We are not ready to say goodbye. Thank You for Your magic music. My hart is full of pain and I’ll do my crying….. Thank You, thank You, thank You. I wish to say “see You soon”.
Sylwia i Maciek from Poland

All I can say back is THANK YOU! thank you for writing the soundtrack to my life. I am glad I was able to see you guys at least once in my life (LA this yr). Keep in touch…(i.e. keep your presence online updated:)
later guys! it’s been real. You made a positive difference in this world with you music…at least in my life you have. I know you all will continue on doing great things.

Hej guys,
Our lives will never be the same without a-ha. But the only thing that really does count is that WE HAD A DAMN GOOD TIME WITH YOU! TUSEN TAKK! Take care – and see you soon somehow somewhere…
Hugs and kisses

the soft rains of april are over… now

Hi Magne, Morten and Paal!
Thanks so much for a wonderful time with you on Saturday night. Its was SO nice and emotional seeing you three in such good form. As you said during the concert, you have been part of our lives, and we have been part of yours… I hope you realise how you have inspired other people’s lives and that your music has cheered us up or helped us through our everyday lives. Thanks to you, I think I have lived my girl’s adventure tale… Tusen takk Viking boys 🙂
A bientôt
Dere er fantastiske!!!
Magali fra Frankrike

Thank you for the music (as another great group once sang) you played a big part in the soundtrack to my life, from the “Take on Me” video when I was 7 and me and my school friend dancing around the garage to “Touchy”, to when you played in Coventry and “Analogue” to “Butterfly” and your amazing show in Birmingham on 19th November….you won’t be replaced or forgotten, you will still live in our lives but not actively. Goodbye, Good Luck and wherever the road takes you from here, may you smile and travel with a song and memory of us as we will of you!!
Have a Happy Christmas and a lucky, healthy future!! Annie, Coventry xxx

Thank you a-ha. Your music has been and will continue to be part of me. I thank you for your commitment to your fans and to your music. I wish you all the best. May the Good Lord bless you all in your future endeavors. Nivlaek, DeForest, Wisconsin.

re: thank you all – a message from a-ha

“this is the end for us, and we will not know what a future together could have brought.”

that sounds for me like regret, and i think that indeed there is no understandeable reason for this end, except that you three do not get along very well with each other any more which may seem to be the case. having seen magne at some concerts, i can’t really believe that he wanted this to end.

well, the weaker part of this end is that you gave no reason for your decision.

but to be fair, 25 years is a very long time, and most pop stars having to do with comparable fame have either turned completely crazy, or have been involved in scandals, ending sometimes also up in drug addiction.

which shows that being stars like you is nothing but easy, just because of the fact that fans sometimes exagerate, making you believe that you are some kind of supernatural heroes although you are just human.

you and especially magne whose contact to the audience, whose modesty is outstanding, you have done rather well during these 25 years, making great music and being capable of teamwork; fortunately, because the songs anyone of you made on his own were not really great stuff…

so although i would have wished that you had continued until no-one wants to hear you anymore :-), thank you for really a lot of wonderful songs and best wishes for the future…

Tusen tack för en fantastisk konsert i lördags. Jag har älskar er musik sedan 1985 då jag som 15-åring fick ert första album i födelsdagspresent av mina föräldrar. Nu 25 år senare har jag två döttrar som lyssnar på er musik tillsammans med mig. Ni har gjort magisk musik under dessa åren som jag alltid kommer att lyssna till. Jag önskar er all lycka i framtiden! Kramar från Helena i Göteborg

Dear Magne, dear Morten, dear Pal,

Thank you so very much for your lovely farewell message, what a nice surprise:-)

My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed your final UK concert at Wembley. While we were there, we re-enacted our childhood competition to see who can sing Cry Wolf the loudest! We grew up with your music and we have grown into our thirties together. Your concert has put big smiles on our faces and they havn’t gone yet!

We are very touched by your caring and generous attitude towards your fans and we are grateful that you gave us so many chances to see you for the last time. We wish you success in your new adventures, good health and God Jul! We look forward to hearing your post-A-ha music projects and to seeing Magne F’s art.

We wish we could wake up in a 1986 time warp with The Sun Always Shines on TV and we wish that we could stay. But today we woke up to a post-A-ha world.

Mange, mange takk fra hjertet for de siste 25 årene. Våre liv er beriket for å være fans av A-ha!

Sorry for our Norwegian! with love from Sarah and Deb xx

Morten, Magne & Paul, Where to begin…? Hunting High and Low was brought for me on cassette (yes, remember those??!!) in 1985 and I fell in love for the first time!! I admit, I drifted away from your music for a time, but the fire was re-ignited with Foot of The Mountain. I made up for lost time – just (!!) by going to Birmingham last year and Cardiff this year. I left both times a happy 36 year old with a lump in my throat!! I owe alot to my husband for enjoying listening to your music and coming with me to the concerts. All the very best in your new ventures, with love, always, Susan xxx

Morten, Mags & Paul,

Thank you for giving us 25 years of your lives, I can honestly say you have had such an influence in mine. As you probably guessed, we will all miss you terribly….more than I think you could have ever ever imagined, it’s still so hard to accept that you are no more as a band 🙁

I hope that each of you lived the boys ultimate adventure tale…….

and if you ever felt the urge to reform, you know that you will still have a huge fan base ….waiting in anticipation!

I wish you well in your individual projects
xx Coral xx

Hello, may be my comment will be strange for you.I listen your songs and it seems that you really care about future.Sorry for my bed English.Your album “Foot of the mountain” shows your deeper feelings & afraids about the time what we live, about the nature… Your cares are very in time, I want you to think about future and about One who gives us our planet and lives. Don`t be angree, please ,I`m writing because I`m shore you are seriously thinking about where goes our world. Please look in the Bible and you`ll see what amasing future our Father promissed to all who care & think about What will be after us. Please, look the website whatchtower.org & jw.org We all are people and we want to know about it…Thank you for your grate music. m.g.

You’re welcome, and thank YOU too! You’re welcome especially since it cost nearly $700 CAD to fly to Toronto and see you this spring. I’ve purchased every album, some of them twice because the cassettes wore out (!), and am so pleased every time I put on the North American tour shirt. It’s all been so worth it. Thanks also for taking the time for the featured interview with Jian Ghomeshi on his CBC program “Q” when you were in Toronto. You were classy, and had little to gain, especially since the interview aired after the show. My personal highlights for your career included the song-writing, the cover version of Crying in the Rain!!, Morten’s voice and harmonies, the production work(especially the acoustic and piano work on East of the Sun and Memorial Beach, and the mix of those albums!) and the perfection of The Sun Always Shines on TV!!
I wish you peace and joy and many more moments of artistic bliss! We won’t forget! When you’re music plays, room is made for beauty in my life.
Martin in Winnipeg, Canada

thanks for all the times when my life crossed paths with your music…

I won’t accept this … I can’t agree with this. But what I can do???? Nothing! I’m speechless…
I was in Oslo, saw your 2 gigs – 2nd of Dec and 4th of Dec. When I saw your smiles I realized that you actually wanted it for so long time – to take a last bow, to wave, turn and walk out of the stage.
You are my heroes and nothing will change that.
I won’t forget you… I will be always you fan even though that there is no more A-ha …I didn’t cry and I won’t… You gave me joy, love and all positive vibes which were the best for me. Your music will still give me a fantastic support… I don’t say goodbye and I don’t say thank you because I still got your music… and it will not end …
I love your music, and nothing is going to change in this matter…
See you guys 🙂

wave goodbye………

Thank you Mags, Morten and Pal for the wonderful music, the dreams, the shows…I love you and will love you forever. You are the best.
Kisses from Brazil…

Dear Magne, Morten, Paul: thank YOU ALL for your music and your commitment. I was able to attend just three concerts, so my major regret is that I won’t be able to sing out loud your songs anymore. I will miss the pure, sheer magic that the three of you together can emanate from a stage. But your music will be with me forever.

WWooh,I also do not know where to start (‘:(!

Yes, it’s really hard for us to say goodbye. A band that it will make an extreme shortage for those who loved her. Love is not a simple feeling, not a weak feeling . We can love something or someone We can love something or someone we never even touched the. and We fans love you so much for an inexplicable. that’s why we want to thank the great dedication, time and love that A-ha left in the hearts of every fan.
Every tear that falls from our eyes is a different feeling that A-ha
let us now that are leaving, every lyric, every note,every autograph, concert, interview or even a simple disc bought in
simple bookstore, has completely changed our lives.
All those fans who wrote comments onths million will love you for the rest of their lives, just like me)’:
Congratulations, ’25 ‘year is a wonderful gift to us,
We’ll keep you inside our hearts
forever! We’ll never forget you (‘:

Hello! Takk, thanks, obrigado! 25 years for dream…but dreams returns and living forever!

I desire for yours: living daylight forever !!!

Cris Borin
Bauru – SP – Brasil

Thank YOU, Magne, Morten and Paul.
Thank you for your melodies, your lyrics, your voices, your passion, and your feelings, all reflected in your music. All gifted with so much love to your fans.
Thank you for having made the soundtrack of our lives for 25 years.
Thanks for being part of our life.

Good luck to everyone in your new projects, whatever they may be.

Se deg snart,
Jeg elsker dere for alltid.
Kisses fra Spania,



Gracias a VOSOTROS, Magne, Morten y Paul.
Gracias por vuestras melodías, vuestras letras, vuestras voces, vuestra pasión, y vuestros sentimientos, todo plasmado en vuestra música. Todo regalado con tanto amor a vuestros fans.
Gracias por haber fabricado la banda sonora de nuestras vidas desde hace 25 años.
Gracias por formar parte de nuestras vida.

Buena suerte a cada uno en vuestros nuevos proyectos, sean los que fueren.

Hasta la vista,
os quiero chicos, por siempre.
Besos desde España,


Cheers lads, thanks for the music – how sweet it was. I guess you get to keep your 2006 promise to Liverpool of not leaving us 18 years again. But hey, so many countries, cities and fans – three times in 25 years means we were very lucky to have you stop by and play for us at all. Your return was always doubtful, but never hopeless…until now. Oh well, chins up, I wish you all the best of luck for the future.


And a message from one of our most loyal British fans:

where to end….

I suppose thank you for being such a part of my life, for so long without me even realising it….

I went on a journey, through your music, across the globe.

I found love. I lost love. You were always there.

Out of the blue comes green. There’s never a forever thing. Living a boy’s adventure tale. These were the songs of my youth.

Cosy Prisons. Nothing is keeping you here. Foot of the Mountain. These were the songs of my elder years.

Butterfly. Butterly. Flying into the wind….. Over thinking every little thing….. Acknowledge the bells you can’t un-ring……

Thank you a-ha for the music. Thank you above all for the journey…. with my loved ones, with my friends….

Stay on these roads. We shall meet. I know…. I know.

Puffeluff x

Tom B, England (on behalf of a-ha fans worldwide)

Thank you for your warm and kind message. :’)
I came back yesterday from Oslo. I miss you so much. It will take a loooong time to sort out my feelings…
But I must say thank you for the great 25 years.
Thank you for sharing so many memories of a-ha.
I never forget you and your music!!!


Tusen takk!!!
Thank you!!!

Rie 🙂

Dear Morten, Magne and Pal

Don’t know where to begin..not sure if you will ever read this …
THANK YOU so much for the past 25 years…
Will never ever forget you..how could we??

Will much love xxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you, guys for everything you mean to me! I started listening to you at the age of 5 in 1995, I am 20 now and for 15 years you have been my support in times of trouble, my inspiration in times of happiness. I will never forget you! You will remain in my heart for the rest of my life! Your beautiful songs were one of the reasons why I started learning English. Thank you again for everything you did to the lives of millions of people. And, please, be back some day. We will awfully miss you!

Morten, Paul and Mags,

Thank you very much for fantastic 25yeas.
In addition thank for coming to Japan just for a day live in 2009 and the 2days music festival in 2010.
These were the last shows of a-ha for me…

I’ve got great time with your music so far.
Even though a-ha was finished, your songs will keep making me happy.
I’ll never forget you3 because that’s what you’ve done for me! 🙂

Please take care and God bless you all.

My great cordial “THANKS” is to you, guys!!! Your creativity is amazing and it will never be forgotten! I promise my children will listen to your music. Your songs are really incredible and will be kept for centuries and even longer!

I will miss you!
Lots of love from Russia)))

I remember the first time I heard the sound of some new band from Norway that would quickly become such a valued part of my life. It was 1985 and I was almost 22 and I have been an loyal fan ever since. Your music is uniquely beautiful with elements of complication throughout and I love it!
Your harmonies are magic and your words powerful. For 25 years, an A-ha CD (or cassette or album as we called them in the old days) has never been far from my stereo. Your music has meant so much to me and I could never sufficiently express my thanks for the gift that you have been in my life. A-ha is special and you should all remember that and be proud of it. I saw all four concerts in Oslo and they were AWESOME!! Best of luck and God bless!
With sincere thanks,
David in Salt Lake City

Thanks for the great time, music and memories. We flew from Auckland, New Zealand to send 3 days in the UK to see the Nottingham concert.

Great, Great, Awesome!!

Luv from the other side of the world, missing you already.


Thanyou for many years of your music, through my teenage years up to Wembley last week! I took my son (age 13!) to see you guys for the first time last year at Birmingham and again last week, my husband joined us also!
As one door closes another opens, so good luck to the three of you in wherever life takes you next. xxx

Thank you Magne, Morten and Paul for your music and all the concerts.

For a very long period in my life, a-ha has been the light in my darkness, my constant source of comfort. There would always be the next single, the next album, the next concert. Now a-ha leave me, thankfully at a point in time where there is so much more light in my life. So I’m grateful. Grateful for all the magic moments, grateful for all the comfort I found in times I needed it most, grateful for all the music you’ve given us to stay with us forevermore. So the only thing left for me to do is to wish you well. May you be happy, have no regrets and may there be light in your darkness, too.

With sincere thanks
Manu from Switzerland

Morten, Magne, Pal, Thank YOU so much for everything – the music and the inspiration.

I was 10 in 1985 when A-ha exploded on to the scene and you have been there providing the soundtrack to my life ever since.

Having seen you many times, it was great to be able to be with you in Oslo to share the last dance on sat(4/12). (The live sound over the past 2 years has been awesome!) Also great to finally get to beautiful Norway!

Wishing you all the best of luck, health and happiness for the future. Merry xmas, God Jul.

Never forgotten! Until the next time – be it solo or reunited (never say never again!;-))

Tusen takk.
With love, Si.

Comment est-ce qu’on pourrait vous oublier, vous qui nous faites vibrer depuis toutes ces années ?
Merci beaucoup Morten, Pal et Magne.
Bonne continuation à vous trois.

Dear Morten,Magne and Paul.
Thank you very much for a-ha music what you are playing for 25 years now and this beautiful experiences with your music,a-ha was and still is important part my life.
You are with me sience I was 16 years old and your music,touchiness and amazing videos clip always will be with me.I have listened to a-ha from 22 years and I am a very proud fan for your band from Norwey.I saw You in Glasgow and in Wembley Arena ,there was fantastic show!Unfortunately I could’t travelled to Oslo from Edinburgh airport because was closed,I tried to catch the plane from London but I got on Stanstedt to late! I was with You with my mind and soul. Greetings from Poland and I wanna say again Thanks for Your Greate music and maybe see you soon somewhere 🙂

a-ha I will always keep in my heart a magic place for you!!!I’ll never forget you!!You make my life better!! TY for all these precious feelings that you gave to me to all of us all of these years!!!!With all my love and respect!!!

Dear Morten, Magne and Paul,
Thank you for 25 wonderful years. I am so grateful that I managed to see you in concert and will always have memories that will last my lifetime. I had tickets to Oslo but unfortunately could not go 🙁 but I am looking forward to see the DVD soon. You will never be forgotten and I will do all I can to ensure that your music will always ring in peoples ears for many more years. I am sorry I never got the opportunity to personally meet you but I feel as I already know you all, after all you have been a part of my life for 25 years!
Sending love from Scotland.
P.S…Maybe someday you will have a “Starting on a high note” comeback tour..at least one can hope! 🙂 xxxx

Oh guys,
i cry every moments… i can’t live without your concerts…
please back… i hope you’ll back a day….
i love you so much… thank you for Oslo concerts… very magic moments…
tusen takk a-ha!!
You’re in my HEART EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


Hei Pal, Morten and Magne,
I would like to thank you for everything you gave to me! You have been a part of my life for 25 years now and you will always be!There will never be a day without your music in my ear and in my heart! You will always be part of my life .
Take care guys,
we love you 4 ever <3

Thank _you_, gentlemen

for the longing
for the hope
for the chance to say goodbye


21 November 2010 – Trent FM Arena Nottingham – During the last 25 years this night was my fourth (and final) chance to see the Boys live and what a truly fantastic and memorable night, thank you.

Dearest a-ha in 1985 you asked to “take on me” and so I did; You began “living a boys adventure tale” and allowed me to “dream myself alive” seeing “the blue sky” and realising that “the sun always shines on tv”; At 13 years old in 1985 I was “hunting high and low” for a sense of belonging, to be in “the swing of things” particularly during the “scoundrel days” of my young life, “maybe, maybe” it was “the weight of the wind” that was holding me down; a-ha you are “the blood that moves the body” and it scares “the living daylights” out of me that “there’s never a forever thing” and therefore a-ha as a collective must be no more; Morten “you are the one” for me and I will always be “crying in the rain” especially when “I call your name”; “dark is the night for all” now that a-ha is no more, oh but “how sweet it was” smooth and luxurious as “velvet”; You have given me and the World so much of your lives, your emotions and I’m not sure about ‘Mary Ellen’ as for me “a-ha makes the moment count”; I’ll be “barely hanging on” now that a-ha are gone; Your music gave the World “lifelines” and helped us realise that “there’s a reason for it”; “time and again” your music took me away to a special place, it gave my life “solace”; In 2009 “halfway through the tour” you all decided to “make it soon”, I guess you wanted to be free of your “cosy prisons”; 25 years “riding the crest” and no longer at the “foot of the mountain” but ENDING ON A HIGH!

Morten, Mags and Paul, thank you for being you, thank you for a-ha; thank you for fantastic and memorable music and tours; THANK YOU; LOVE Steph xxx

– and Morten, my deepest sympathy for the loss of your Mother during the Farewell Tour, seems cruelly apt, saying Farewell…. God Bless x

Dear Magne,Paul and Morton
Thank you so much for wonderful music and concert and more…
Good ruck and see you again someday somewhere.
I never forget you! a-ha forever!!!
Alisa From Tokyo

Thank you a-ha for the last 25 years with all your beautiful, fantastic songs and all the gigs. I wish you Morten, Magne and Paul and your families for your future only the best! Tusen tusen takk for your music! I don’t can really express my thanks and unfortunately I have once again tears in my eyes.

I thank you, too. Your music has been the soundtrack of my life. I’ve been with you since I was 12 years old. Now I am 37, have lived and traveled all over the world and am just as passionate about a-ha as ever. I love you all dearly. Having met Morten in 2003 and Mags last week, I feel that my life is fairly complete. 🙂 Rest assured, however, that I will never forget you, and I will be following your careers and lives for at least another 25 years! Please take good care of yourselves. See you later.

I am going to miss you all and the music so much, something about your music that always puts a smile on my face and makes me feel alive, i will miss all this but at least i have the cd’s. Wish you all the best of luck for the future and cant wait to see what comes next ! Thankyou xx

What can I say but thank you for the last 25 years, its has been great.
As Pal said at the final gig a-ha may be turning off the life support but the three will continue making music. I am sad to see the end of such a wonderful thing but am looking forward to what each of them can produce. Heres to the next 25…

This is my tribute to a band that has been part of my life for so long. I really love to listen to your songs, their lyrics and music are great. I really feel sad that I was never able to see you live at a show. Well, I just want you to know that to me Aha is beyond comparison. Too bad you decided to split up as a band. I wish you the best on your new endeavours and pray God will show you the next steps you should take. Remember God loves you and wants the best for you. God bless, Aha!!!

Your music has touched so many people in so many ways so a huge thank you to the three of you for a magical 25 years! I will miss seeing you perform live most of all and am only sorry that weather conditions meant that my friends and I couldn’t make it to see you in Oslo last week but we are looking forward to the dvd. Wishing all 3 of you the very best for the future and for whatever you decide to do. A-ha will live on forever in our hearts and minds xxx

The Adventure Tale may have ended but the memories of it will always be there,for me,for you,for everyone.
Thank you.

In fact, thank you for such precious moments. It is hard to express how a-ha is part of me, and I really wish you an excellent way ahead. I know God will bless you in all things you will do, and I am really looking forward them. Count with me, always.

Gracias a ustedes, gracias por acompañarme desde mi adolescencia hasta hoy, y seguramente hasta mi último día. Su música me marcó profundamente, y en su medida me ayudo a ser quien soy.
Lamento profundamente que hoy los tres tomen caminos diferentes, pero, así es la vida, y ustedes son los arquitectos de las vuestras. Les deseo lo mejor para esta nueva etapa que emprenderán, de corazón que si!
Gracias Magne Paul y Morten, gracias por dejarme disfrutar y soñar con su música, gracias por acompañarme tantos años… gracias por haber vuelto a la Argentina en este 2010, gracias por ofrecernos ese gran show, gracias por dejarme estar tan cerca pese a la lejanía de mi anonimato.
Siempre estarán en mi corazón y tocando sus canciones en mi mente!
Hasta siempre!!!!

Raúl Ghioldi

Thank you, thank you for joining me in my teenage years to today, and probably until my last day. His music influenced me profoundly, and in its measure helped make me who I am.
Lament deeply that now take three different ways, but that’s life; you are yours architects. I wish the best for this new phase to be undertaken, at heart it is!
Thanks Paul Magne and Morten, thanks for letting me enjoy and dream about your music, thank you for joining so many years … Thanks for returning to Argentina in 2010, thanks for giving us this great show, thanks for letting me be so close despite the distance of my anonymity.
Will always be in my heart and playing their songs on my mind!


No Magne, thank you. You, Paul and Morten have given so many of us the soundtrack to our lives, and for that we are forever in your debt. To be in Oslo for the end was one of the best times ever. Thank you all for everything, this may be the end but the soundtrack will continue…

’til next time…

Thanks for being the soundtrack of my life. You’re in my heart forever. So long guys!

Alex C.


Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for all good memories! God bless you!

Tusen Takk Morten, Mags and Pal. Just returned very tired from Oslo with my eldest daughter. At Christmas day she will be 22 years old. She always heard me playing your CD’s all the time. It was my first flight ever. We’ve seen your concert the 3rd and the 4th. We were so glad to be there, except we had a very bad view the 4th
(Begr. Sikt). We only watched your backs. I was very glad she wanted to accompany me to Oslo and we had a great time. It’s a shame we didn’t met you in person because I would like to have taken a picture from you all with us together and a autograph of course. We can’t wait for the DVD to come out. We will be playing your CD’s for ever and probably your individual one’s too :-)Again thanks for all of your music and your existence. Very sad it’s over but as you said, you’ll always be making music and songs. We love you guys. Dominique & Gina

Thanyou Morten, Magne and Paul for the great music you have given me over the last 25 years.
Your music will stand the test of time and I look forward to telling my children about the great band from Norway and their great music.
I had the honour and privledge of seeing you perform in Glasgow and I must admit it was one of the greatest moments in my life and will live with me forever.
I intend to get every a-ha album released so that I can listen to all the great tracks from a great band.
May I wish you all the best for the future, God bless and thanks for the last 25 years, it has been great.
From a loyal Irish a-ha fan,Ronan Conlon.

no words to say but thank you…thanks for the dreams,for the tears,for the smiles,for the pain and the joy.Thanks for having been part of our lives.i am what i am even because of your songs and i can be proud of the person i am so….thank you

Dear Morten, Mags and Paul,

I’ve just read the comment from Mags on your official site as well as I have heard your words in some of the concerts in the Ending On A High Note tour.
Never knowing if any of you or of the people next to you will ever read one of those thousands of comments on your website or elsewhere in the Internet or maybe in letters or other ways fans found to send you some words. Nevertheless I want to thank you for the fantastic music, for more than 25 years in which you accompanied my life by way of your music. I thank you for encourage me to come to Oslo in Dec. 2010. It’s more than an impressive town and Norway is more beautiful than I ever could think of. Thanks to encourage me to come there and to experience the very friendly mentality of the Norwegians.
Thanks for your music that ever and ever again will play in my stereo.
Thanks for any concert given for us in all parts of that world and for every memory which is connected with that fantastic music you made over the years.
I’ve seen there is so many unreleased material on your deluxe CDs and I think there is still a lot of potential success in the life of a-ha (although I’m realizing realistic that it was the last ever a-ha concert I visited in Oslo some days before). Nevertheless – if at any time for whatever reason there will be a-ha again … you just can count on me as one of the very first persons all over that world bying your new CD or what ever it could be….. Besides a-ha I am of course waiting for anything you will do in public in future (other bands, other projects what ever it may be)….
I will /nope – better say: I AM GOING TO never forget you —
Thank you for all!


1000 TAKK a-ha for 25 års musikk eventyr!!!

Thank you a-ha for your heavenly music that touched a norwegian girls’ heart at the age of 8 and since then has been a part of me and always will be!! You are so gifted!! No words to say thanks! Mortens beautiful amazing voice – your music – a-ha – makes me happy and means so much to me!

Thank you for the last concert with you – on the 3th of December in Oslo Spektrum – sad but what a PARTY – MAGIC a-ha, just MAGIC!!!
I regret to have to wave goodbye, but your music lives on and I will keep it in my heart 4ever! Will miss you guys – you are special!!
God bless you and your future with love, peace and goodness!
Fra dypet av mitt hjerte – 1000 TAKK Morten, Magne og Paal!!!!!

Morten, Mags and Paul,
I want to wish you all the best and I hope where ever your paths go, it leads to other great things in your lives. They say all good things must come to an end, but what you have done for us all is a GREAT thing! Which is why your farewell is very painful to myself and so many of your fans. I loved the music the first time I heard it 25yrs ago, when I was a teenager and in highschool, and I still love it today. Back in 86 I wanted so much to see you guys in Milwaukee, but had no way to get there and no money to buy a ticket. So when I found out you guys were coming to the states for your farewell tour, I was ecstatic!! So then my challenge was still being able to get to where you guys were going to be. Before the Chicago date was booked, I employed the help of my sister to get to the May 15th L.A. show. So my plan was to see one show. But then when I saw the Chicago date booked on May 13th, I was so excited because then I could bring one of my best friends and fan of yours with me! Thank you so much for keeping your ticket prices at an affordable price, it helped me to realize my dream of seeing A-ha in concert! A-ha will always be with me for life. As I’m sure it will be for all your fans. Someday perhaps the three of you will find your paths leading back to eachother, and back to us. No one knows what the future holds, in the mean time we will listen to the music you guys have given us and enjoy it greatly!! With much love and thanks to you Morten, Mags and Paul, take care, we will NEVER forget you and A-ha!! The bell has rung…
Leonore, in Wisconsin, USA

No, I won´t forget you.

Thank you for the happiness you brought to us through your beautiful music
But your music will always remain in my heart
Thanks to you I met lots of fans and new people and visited some countries i wouldn t have been to.
My aha tour this year is over : 13 concerts, I had a lot of fun, lots of good memories and thanks for the great shows you gave us
It was magic every time
Hope to have some news soon from each member.
Kisses from France

Dear Magne, Morten and Paul, thank you for you kind message.
Once you said in “Minor Earth, Major Sky”: “…It’s so hard to leave a trace…” But you can be sure of it: you did leave a very deep trace in the music world and in the lives of thousands of people from all over the world. (The above posts speak for themselves).
Thank you so much for your incomparable music, for the light, harmony, inspiration, hope & happiness you bring to us, thank you for making dreams come true!
We’ll miss you very much & we’ll never forget you.
I wish you good luck and success for all your future endeavours & I’m looking forward to hearing of your new projects. And like so many other fans I also hope to see you all together one day. Let it be “doubtful, but not hopeless…at all”.
From Russia with love
Forever yours, Ania

reading these posts its clear what a huge impact you have had on thousands of your fans .it is a tremendous tribute to the talent and breadth of your 25 year career. as someone who regretably only discovered your music in the last few weeks my regret is not having being able to see you peform live . with best wishes in your future endeavours from canada

Tusen takk a-ha, for all the wonderful moments you bring to my life.
For the music you gave to us through all of these years and your music being a faithful accompanist.

To say it with the words from one of the famoust Scandinavian pop groups:

So I say
Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing
Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing
Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me

Heard your music through the years and will hear it in future.
Magne, Paul & Morten – You will never be forgotten!

Aw THANK YOU!!! What a lovely message from Mags, and how smashing to read all the comments that have been left from like-minded souls who share a deep and profound love for the band and their teriffic music. I was hooked from ‘The Sun Always Shines on TV’ onwards, minute I heard the song and saw the video that was it for me! And only then did I discover ‘Take on Me’ heh…I know you’ve made my life that much better just by being in it and I can never express how much you’ve meant to me or thank you enough. Best of luck with everything dear Mags, Morten and Paul, can’t wait to see what you all get up too next 🙂

Dear Morten, Magne and Paul,

Thank YOU indeed for all the great music and the fabulous memories we will have forever.

I, like so many others, was not looking forward to ‘the end’ and admit that just thinking about it made me upset. But seeing your faces at the end of the last concert, you all looked so happy and this proves that the timing was so right.

Thanks for taking a year to say goodbye to your fans, to celebrate your music and to truly end on a high note!

Looking forward to your solo endeavours,
Much love to you all, Kathy xxx

thank you for coming to Spain this 2010.
Gracias de todo corazón por vuestro mensaje final que me ha hecho llorar, por vuestro esfuerzo visitando tantos paises para despediros de todos los fans del mundo y por dejarnos esas canciones que nos acompañarán siempre. (Thank you of any heart for your final message that has made me cry, for your effort visiting so many countries to say goodbye of all the fans of the world and for leaving us these songs that will accompany us always)
I may not forget you. I lot of luck in your way. Many kisses from Spain.
Mª Luisa.

Oh! So many people who either never got to see them in 25 years or have only recently discovered the band! It makes me realise how privileged I’ve been to have had a-ha in my life since I was ten, they’ve always been there, hovering in the background (in recent months, since I got my gig tickets, shouting loudly in my ear!). But at least you all had the music and that won’t go away. We can all be thankful for that.

See, guys? People love you. x

Mirna Regina Ortiz

Mags, Paul and Morten

In the 80s the news came too late here in Brazil. I only met the band in 1988. When I saw the TV clip of “Take on Me”, I stopped what I was doing to look and said to myself: What is it? What song, what a voice!
I saw the show in 88 and 91. You have no idea of the impression caused in me, in fact, in all of us! Regardless of whether you are three beautiful boys, the music was fantastic, different. Unfortunately I could not watch the shows that followed, including in March this year, but always followed the band’s work. Brazilian likes and appreciates good music, and not forget what is good. I’ll never forget you, I believe that Brazil will never forget you! Many, many thanks, a hug and a kiss on each one and be happy in life. I, as an admirer of every one of you will keep up with their new jobs.

Are always welcome to Brazil!

Au revoir A-ha et bonne continuation à Mags, Paul et Morten. Vous êtes de vrais artistes. Merci ces pour 25 ans de musique et d’être venu à Paris le 12 octobre, ça sera toujours un plaisir d’écouter vos chansons.

A-ha goodbye and good luck to Mags, Paul and Morten. You are true artists. Thank you for those 25 years of music and coming to Paris October 12th, it is always a pleasure to listen to your songs.

Kære a-ha,

En hilsen fra Danmark. Tak for en fantastisk god afskedskoncert i Oslo Spektrum den 4. december 2010. Det betyder meget for os fans, at I sagde ordentligt farvel. Jeg har elsket jer siden sommeren 1986, da jeg var 12 år. Det er 2/3 af mit liv..

Det kan ikke forklares, hvorfor jeres musik har gjort sådan et dybt indtryk på mig. Jeg ved bare, at jeg aldrig kommer til at lytte til musik på samme måde igen, nu da a-ha ikke findes mere.

Tak for årene.


I could write a story of 200 pages but to sum it up: I WILL LOVE YOU FOR ALL TIMES!! (& your music is epic and legendary!)

Dear A-ha!
Thank you for you beatufil music and positive emotions you shared with the whole world through your music.
I was listening to your music since my childhood and somehow your songs have something in common with the important moments of my life. Besides the early impressions I especially remember the 2000 – 2002 seasons. “Velvet”, “Summer moved on”, “Minor Earth Major Sky” and “Lifelines” was a really soundtracks of my life (I was 13 in the 2001).
I and my friends look forward to hear you again!
You will be never forgotten, I wish you good luck, a lot of happiness and joy with your families and friends!
P.S. Your concert in Minsk on 6-th of November was absolutely magic!!!

Leonid Martyanov, Minsk 2010.

Roxana Vartabedian

On December 4, 2010 at the same time that began the last show in Oslo, the Argentinian fans met to celebrate a party … And it really was a celebration that we live with joy! There were no sad faces nor tears …. This was the celebration of 25 years of wonderful music that delighted our ears and our souls. Those who attended the shows you gave in your first coming to Argentina in 1991 told our stories, and we also shared the beautiful moments lived in March waiting for you at the hotel and in the show at Luna Park at the beggining of the Farewell Tour (it was magnificent and unforgettable). And we also danced and sang !! The karaoke was very fun …. It was a lovely evening …
This is the page where you will find pictures of the party:

Kisses from Argentina !!!!


How great it was to read this! It is now a long time ago since I was a teenager dancing around my bedroom decorated entirely with a-ha posters! Long gone are those days, but a-ha has never left me. Although I matured, got married, became a mum and so on a-ha was with me through all those times. The music ‘matured’ with me and I still at 37 become obviously excited before a concert (I do regress to a teenager!). I have often been called ‘obsessed’ and felt that perhaps at 37 I should be more in control of myself. But this year through meeting other fans realised that i’m #not the only one# and definately not in this on my own. a-ha will never leave me and hearing the intro to Take on Me on will still give me goosebumps and butterflies, hopefully even when i’m in my dotage! Every live show has been fantastic but the ‘ending on a high note’ had something special. I cried! of course! Morten looking visibly moved proved too much for me!! Eagerly awaiting the DVD and as my log in name says ‘Its a Forever thing!’ A big thank you and much love to all of you! 🙂 xx


Dear Morten, my heart is bleeding with the dismissal of the A-HA, but I believe you do not deprive us of the taste of your sweet voice!
I love you very much! Even here in Brazil I will follow you wherever you go. You live in my heart forever and ever …


Morten, I believe you will return here in Brazil, soil. We would support any project you decide to do. We are with you forever!
It will be an immense pleasure to welcome you in Campo Grande, capital of the PANTANAL.

I came home from Norway today. I just saw the last concert. It is so hard to describe what I feel. You were a big part of my life: 25 years during 36 years. Thank you a-ha. I love you always.
So-Yeon Sim from South Korea

Thanks Morten , Paul and Mags for your music .
Now I am “lost” , because I do not have another band that I like how I like you a-ha !
It is a pitty .

Mychelle A-Ha In My Heart


Where to begin…
how could you possibly believe that any of us will ever forget you, will ever stop listening to your iconic music that became the soundtrack to our lives, that we will ever stop following your next moves. As a-ha ends on a high note go forward in your lives knowing that you have a wave of love urging you on to new creativity and wishing you all love, health and happiness in your lives.

Will never forget you…

Maxi from Argentina.

The day after

We came from every country
to show you how we feel
from Japan and from Germany
from Holland and Brazil
from Poland and from Switzerland
from Russia, England, France
we came from all over the world
to take our last chance.
This last one chance to see you
to cry or celebrate
the last chance ever to hear your songs
and show you our strong faith
you know how much we love you
you know how much we care
but did you ever see before
a crowd like this, from everywhere?
a-ha you accompanied us
within our different lives
you made us happy, kept us going
helped us to find our drives
we cannot ever thank you enough
for all that you have done
but we were here to wave goodbye
a true fan everyone.
So this is the day after now
the last Hurrah has faded
and I am sitting at the airport
with many others dedicated
some shake hands, others do embrace
will we ever meet again?
A little hope that it might come
is today with every fan.
You see, we all stay young at heart
however we might age
the world is leaving Oslo now
and a-ha has left the stage.

05.12.2010 at Oslo airport.

Thanks for everything guys. I’ll have an eye on you whatever comes. Ellen (Brook)

A-ha’s music will remain forever, like all good memories. I’m thankful to Morten, Paul and Magne for their creativeness and energy in producing so many wonderful songs that have been and will continue to be important part of my life. I wish you much success in all your future individual projects, good health & happiness.

Warmest regards from
Skopje, Macedonia

A-ha’s music will remain forever, like all good memories. I’m thankful to Morten, Pal and Magne for their creativeness and energy in producing so many wonderful songs that have been and will continue to be important part of my life. I wish you much success in all your future individual projects, good health & happiness.

Warmest regards from
Skopje, Macedonia

You are unique and irreplaceable. You perform with emotion, warmth and care. Your music is the sweetest melancholy that thouches the soul, heart and mind.

You are the only band that I have followed loyally.

It was written in the stars and the Norse Gods were with me when I met Morten and Mags on the airport in New Jersey. I also got two tickets for the last two concerts two weeks before embarking on a long trip from Canada to Oslo.

Yours truly,

Please, come back!!! I can’t believe it’s true. I have never felt this for any other band.. I am so sad.. a part of me had gone with you…

Gaby from Argentina

Dear a-ha.

Five days and every second I’m thinking you can’t really be gone.

Thank you so much for the wonderful music that will forever be played in my house.

You always will be my favorite band…


Hey guys,

Thank YOU for giving yourselves to the world. I was 13 years old when you exploded onto the American music scene. I actually lost friendships because of you (my friends just didn’t understand your greatness!). I had a classmate who could afford to buy British music magazines, and I would give her all my Duran Duran articles and photos in exchange for her A-ha articles and photos (I always felt I got the better deal, of course, as the British magazines were more interesting than the American ones).

What makes A-ha so great? I didn’t really know until I got older, and heard each of your solo works. WOW!!! Three talents like this merged together = INCREDIBLE!!! Something like you is rare, and only comes along once in a lifetime. I’m thankful you were (and STILL ARE) here during MY lifetime!!!


If I were an eloquent person, I would be able to express how my life was that much more enriched with your music. I would be able to tell you that growing up, you were my lifeline and my bottom line. I would even be able to say that, in essence, I feel that much more powerful in terms of character and of faith because of that music, those voices, that passion.

I would be able to express all this and not feel (as I do now) slightly unsatisfied that I have not been able to put down in words all that I feel your influence, music and art have provoked within me.

And though I have failed rather miserably at my task, I take comfort in the fact that I will keep trying and maybe, just maybe, get it right.

Love, for as long as music exists,



Hello guys,
I was ten years old when I became fan, I’m 35 now.Thank you for being the healing sound when sad feelings appeared and the joyfull one when hapiness was there. In a certain way, A-ha was my best friend, those where i could count and depend on anytime anywhere anyhow… A million thanks for that and all the best for the years to come!
Big Kiss !!!

Morten, Paul & Mags

Your music that has been with me all these years. It has helped me through good times and bad. And like others have said..has been the soundtrack of my life. I wish i could shake your hands and tell you how much you mean to me. You’ve helped me live a boy’s adventure tale 🙂 You will never be forgotten .

Seeing you on May 16th in LA was a dream come true for me. It made my day and my year 🙂

I wish you much success in your future endeavors and in life.

You will always have a place in my heart.
Peace may be with you my brothers. Tak

Sacramento California, USA

Dear Morten, Magne and Pal,

Thank you for 25 years of unique music and memories. I’ve been a fan since Scoundrel Days. I was fortunate to see you in Toronto and meet with Morten and the group after the show. This was truly an unforgettable experience. I wish you all the best for the future. Take care.


Hello A-ha ..
Where did the time go?.
Thank you. Sincerely, you will be forever, a part of me.
Nichola in OZ

…så var eventyret ute.et flott a-ha eventyr gjennom 25 år.tusen takk,a-ha.

Har kost meg på konsertene deres, dere vil alltid være min favoritt ,selvom dere har sluttet.:)will never forget you…

(lykke til videre med nye prosjekter.)

klem fra kjerstimor.

NO Mags,
I’ve loved you since ‘Take on Me’ and your music has been a major part of my life,especially in my teens.
Got to see you at Sheffield in November-you were amazing, alas a sad night also.
All the best guys, Magne all the best with Apparatjik!!!

TAK again xxxxxxxxx

All of us must thank THE THREE OF YOU for what you’ve done during these special years. You’ve changed many lives, gave your Light for the upcoming battles.
You were making our lives brighter and us – stronger. Inspiration, smiles, tears of joy, rhythms and the MAGIC of your world, what we will always cherish.
I promise that one day I’ll create a dance show, based on your music only – when I’ve danced for “Minor Earth Major Sky” once in my life – I’ve discovered a new dance, a new way of art.
With you we always fight for our dreams, cherish the people we love and remember – who we are.
Everything of this is BECAUSE OF YOU! We won’t forget you! Keep the Fire.

Tears, smiles from Erika and all of Russian fans

A-ha and their music have been such an important part of my life, particularly as a teenager. As an adult, I travelled to the UK form Australia to make a dream come true – to see a-ha in concert for the first time. I will never forget front row at Brighton (Analogue tour)! Time stood still. I would have dearly loved to have been in Oslo for the farewell, but it was not to be….Thank you Morten, Paul and Magne for sharing so much with us. I will never forget the impact you have made on me.

We should be thanking you, for years of wonderful music. I’m gutted though, I had tickets for one of your British concerts but late in the afternoon I was taken into hospital for an emergency operation. So had to give my ticket away. Can’t believe I’ll never see you now.

Wishing you all well for the future

I have grown with a-ha and you have truly coloured my life. I studied with your music playing in the background, I fell in love to your music, I had your music on my wedding dvd and I even brought my unborn baby along to your concert (who is now a 4 year old who truly appreciates a-ha too!).

I have made so many lifelong friendships through the love of your music and have so many wonderful memories of the past 25 years.

Thank you for everything – you have touched my life in ways unimaginable and have made me the person I am today.

God bless you all and I wish you well in all you do.

Louise xx



Hi guys!

You were the first band I was into as a kid (9 years old- 1985), I followed you for 3 years but as is the case with most girls going into their teens- my musical taste changed although I would occasionally refer back to A-ha to see what was happening. In 2005, almost as if it was meant to be- after breaking up from my partner of 10 years due to a quite nasty relationship although in that time I became a Mum to 2 fantastic kids (now 3!)- the album Analogue was released and I ‘came home’! The songs on the album are timeless, I love them all. In particular “Cosy Prisons” as this almost describes what my life had been like in the 10 years leading up to the split with my ex- things were bad but I stayed because of not only the fear of upsetting my kids but I had convinced myself that it was the ‘norm’ and that I was ‘OK’ even though I would quite often find myself thinking “I shouldn’t be here”. In 2006, I met you in HMV London for a signing and instore gig- funny how I had ‘butterflies’ in my tummy as I approached you- felt like a 9-year-old again! I was there with my 2-year-old daughter in my arms, Magne joked about her being a big A-ha fan! Later that year I met my partner Jeremy (who is also a fan of A-ha, although at first he wouldn’t admit it!) and we have a 19-month-old daughter Jessica. In June 2006, I had a tattoo on my lower back that incorporates ‘Cosy Prisons’, it is a heart within a celtic knot circle with spikes and flowers around it- and around the outside are the lyrics “If you’re careful all the time then what’s it worth” along with the song title, year of release and of course the songwriter (thank you Magne, you’ll never know how much that song means to me)- when I had the tattoo done, it made me smile as to me that was me ‘giving the finger’ to my ex, I’d moved on and was now free to reach my potential as a person as well as a Mum.

Have seen you in concert quite a few times since 2005, will miss you greatly but all the very best to the 3 of you as you embark on the rest of your lives xxx

kjære Paul,Mags,morten

Jeg vil nok savne dere skikkert.
Det var som “Living a girl’s adventure tale”
med a-ha i 25år.
Det har virkelig vært hyggelig.
Det kan ikke beskrives.
Tusen takk for de fine sangene.

Mags! Jeg har vært på nasjonalbiblioteket
og har blitt overrasket over presangen som
jeg gav til dere i 2000.Det er veldig glad!!

Jeg kommer aldri til å glemme a-ha.
Håper vi sees!

stor klem fra shina
sapporo JAPAN

I remember the walls of my bedroom covered with posters of you guys when I was a teenager…I fell in love with “The sun always shines on tv”and the video of “Take on me” and I found you gorgeous when I was 12(and I still do!)… But beyond that, the music that you made and still make is unique and nothing is like a-ha’s music to me.
In the 90’s ,I totally forgot you but you were still in my mind…
In 2005 you came in Belgium and I said to myself ,why not…
From that moment all the emotions I had when listening to your music when I was young came back to me naturally as it was meant to be.
And now after having attended the lasts concerts in Oslo,I am so happy to have shared these magic moments. I also had the opportunity to see you guys at the national library by chance the 1st december and that really made my day!
Thank you for the great music during all these years and for having touched me so deeply.

Estela Calabria

Thank you for sharing your music. I could make one of my dreams after 25 years, being able to go to see you in concert in Barcelona was incredible …. I was there and I could not believe it … the first album I could buy was yours and I enjoyed it so much! hope that some day you return, you are part of our lives …. I never forget

Thankyou for the past 25 years.
Your music has certainly provided the soundtrack to my life from the age of 14. You are the one constant that has always been there throughout my formative years. Listening to your music made me feel like I wasn’t alone and helped me through some difficult situations.From the line ” I reached inside myself and found nothing there to ease the pressure of my ever worrying mind” right through to “I don’t want to see myself descend to the shadowside again” I’ve always felt that my emotions were being understood. A feeling that i wasn’t alone in my thoughts was, and still is, very prevalent when i listen the lyrics.You provided a voice for me to express feelings that I myself could not articulate.

Although this is the end, the music and memories will always remain. You are my oldest, dearest friends and that will never change.
I wish you all the very best for your future endeavors. Thanks for the memories


Thank you guys for 25 years shared with fans. When darkness falls on the stage, we become the keepers of the flame. Keep this flame, the soul of the band, deep in our hearts forever. This is how it has to be. Be proud of what they leave us. Let us not be sad, it’s alright!

Thank you so much for so kind words…Thank you for being pretty amazing part of my life these 25 years..Thank you for so nice memories and dreams of youth.. Thank you for the most beautiful fairy-tale in my life…
Snipp snapp snute…All the best for you 🙂

Magne, those words made me cry…
You all three have always been in my life, even when I was a child, so I won’t forget you, because you are part of my life. You will be in my heart and mind forever.

Thank you Morten, Paul and Magne for these 25 years of fantastic music.
And thank you for coming to Argentina.
Tusen takk a-ha.
God bless you all.

thank you guy’s for the wonderful dream you sent me last night 🙂 it was nice meeting you, even if it was only in my dreams…


I didn’t follow you as a teenager – I was already an adult (your age) when you arrived on the scene & for a while I kept quiet as it didn’t seem very cool to admit to being an adult fan. After a while I didn’t care, but I still kept it to myself as no-one I knew shared my interest.
When I first bought the album of Hunting High & Low I think I played it 15 times on the first day. Even when things went quiet with you I kept the faith, but it was still very personal to me.
After 24 years I finally went to my first a-ha concert last year. I thought it would be difficult to share you with so many others, but it was ok.
This year I went twice – to Birmingham & Wembley. I had to try and make up for some of those years I had missed out. If I could afford it I would have been to them all.
I didn’t cry, but several days later I realised there was now this huge void in my life.
But of course its not a void really. I will still keep the faith.

Thank you so much. You won’t know this but you have always been there for me. Life hasn’t been great the last few years, but when I listen to your music I smile & I know you will always be there.

Thank you. xxx

I first saw A-Ha on Top of the Tops performing Take on Me when I was 10 in 1985. I was transfixed, I felt like they had came from Valhalla into my livingroom and firmly, truly and forever into my life from that moment. I remember an uncle gave me a tape recording of Hunting High and Low and I obsessively played it over and over again in my lonely bedroom on a tiny cassette player believing in the message of the lyrics and the power of Morten’s astonishing voice. I scoured every teen magazine for photos, posters, articles, anything I could get my hands on. I spent probably about 90% of my pocket money on A-Ha items.

As a teen they were one of the main touchstones of my life. Like a lot of people, I didn’t have a great childhood for a few reasons and their music pulled me through. The melancholy of your lyrics taught me that suffering appeared to be universal and I didn’t feel so alone. I earnestly defended you against friends and family who claimed you were just pretty boys and nothing more. I knew better and I just couldn’t understand why anyone else couldn’t see what I did – three young, absurdly talented Norwegians who just happened to be handsome too. I loved Pal’s quiet demeanour (when he got a checked shirt, I got one), Mags’ cheeky chappy nature (ditto a denim shirt) and Morten’s suaveness (ditto the leather wristbands and thongs – which have followed me to 2010). What was there not to like? And oh God…the day Mum got me a ticket to see the band on the Stay on These Roads tour when I was 13. It was my dream come true to be in the same room as them and to see their concert. It is just a blur looking back but I screamed myself silly and it was brilliant.

Through the subsequent years, A-Ha were always there and during their hiatus, I just quietly believed and hoped that maybe one day they might come back and they did. More gigs for me and more enjoyment and joy.

And then….THAT day last October. I came home from work and put the BBC teletext on. I sat with my head in my hands. No…they couldn’t split up? Not my boys! And so to the inevitable countdown to 4 December 2010. I came to the conclusion that it was maybe better this way – A-Ha were still making brilliant music with Foot of the Mountain and they would end while they were still great and not descend into 80s band nostalgia tour doom.

I went to the Royal Albert Hall gig in October and was bowled over. Hearing both Hunting High and Low and Scoundrel Days with a live orchestra was a rare treat and my final gig in Glasgow was super emotional but also joyful too.

So it is after Saturday and the dust is settling. I am pensive and wistful but my life is so much the better for having A-Ha in it. I wish them, their families and friends and of course all of my fellow fans much love, luck and happiness for the future.

Thank you A-ha!
I’ve got the chance to visit your concert only once, it was on 11/11/2010 and it really had a deep impression on me. One of the greatest things was singing together Hunting high and low but actually all concert was brilliant!
Your music has always been with my family so your songs’re part of my life too. My mom was fan of a-ha when she was young, now I’ve become a fan. Your music gives a kind of support, it’s suitable for any situation, it doesn’t matter up or down is it.
Of course, it’s sad that a-ha has come to the end but I strongly believe it’s not only the end, it is the begining too. Wish you good luck, Morten, Paul and Magne! 🙂
Your songs wiil never be forgotten, they’re in heart!
Darya, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

I hope you know how fantastic and amazing you are and how many lives for better you have changed forever .You and your music will never be forgotten . Thank you again for 25 wonderful years and I know I speak for many of us fans , we wish the journey would still continue…For now though , thank you again ! God bless you 🙂

Thank you so much for this final show in Paris. But like for so many other fans I’m really sad it stops now for you together. Fortunately I’ve seen you near, so near that I could have seen Morten through the smokey window of his car and and wave goodbye to him. Now good luck for your personnal careers guys , even if it is right that a-ha had a real soul.Thank you for your music and all happiness you brought me. Maybe one day together again
Big Kisses!!!!

I met a-ha 25 years ago, was 10, and played with dolls … I followed and I go to my first concert in chile, year 91, wonderful!! .. never forget that day … … then came the separation, coincided with my studies of medicine …to finish my career, you returned, like a reminder of all the years that I waited; I specialized as a pediatric neurologist listening to their songs, and returned to Chile 3 times, now I’m grown , doctor, wife, mother and a-ha still there in my heart … I have a lump in my throat, but I respect your decision … I hope will be very,very, very happy, having much time to spend with their families…I’ll miss you so much but never forget dear Morten ,Paul and Magne, you are and will be a part of my life forever.kisses from chile(sorry for my bad English!!)

On one of the walls of my home recording studio I have for some time now, framed the original 45rpm record and artwork of Take On Me, that I bought when I was 15. I’m 40 years old now.

It’s a very sentimental fixture in my life that symbolizes my first love that summer. From then on I also fell completely in love with the a-ha experience. You guys have been there through the highs and lows of my life, through loves and heartbreaks.

You’ve ispired me musically and lyrically and it’s hard to imagine what it will be like without any new
a-ha music to fuel my desires and life experiences. I will truly miss you guys and your beautiful music but I will never forget you, and your music will live on in my heart till the day I die.

Love always…Chris

Tusen Takk, Magne, Morten og Paul

I’m a hugh a-ha fan from Holland since 1985 and I will be forever. Your music is a part of my live so how could I forget you?? Even now you have retired I keep listening to you great music. I can’t wait to buy the live DVD ..
Even solo projects, everything with one or more of you in it…I hope there will be a reunion in a few years.

There’s never a forever thing….a-ha is

the music will be in fans hearts forever x





Mort,Mags,Pal,thanks for the enrichment you have brought to my life,there was a beginning,however,there will be no end,Love Terry.

Thank YOU a-ha!
What memories you’ve given us! Your music has been a constant throughout the phases of my life. I still can’t believe you came to Toronto! Was very special for us here, thank you! What a way to end my many, many years of being a fan, by having the privilege of seeing you live and local on your farewell tour.
THE memory to top them all…

Forget you? Never.

Well, what a 25yrs it has been. I cannot imagine what life would have been without a-ha. I dread to think how many hours have been spent listening to the music and believe me there have been many!!!!!
It is a very strange feeling to know that i shall never get the opportunity to see them play live again, but thankfully i have memories.
I hope that you all (a-ha) enjoy the rest of your careers and hope to hear more from you.
Take care xxxx

You have been a real “celebration of life”, and that’s how you will live on.

I will never stop thanking you for all you’ve give to us.

I’m back home now after the final concert in Oslo – still on a high.
I can honestly say that I have loved all 25 years and will continue to be an a-ha fan despite the end.
Thank you for giving us all your music. No other band has captured my heart and mind as much as you guys have done.
As I settle back into my life I wish you all the very best with your future projects.
Take care, have fun, love loads and have a wonderful Christmas xxx

Thank you very much !!! Very good very last concert in Oslo !

I’m 10 and it was the first time that I see you.

A fan from France


God dag!
Jeg heter Ria,Nelly is my second name.Jeg snekker ieke norsk,jeg forstar det a little bit.I send a picture to fan-area wich is been taken in Amsterdam when you played at the Roxy,in fan-area was just my name,so this was in 1993,I’m standing beside Morten.I am more sure of myself ever since I know A-ha,thats why I want to tell you I’m gratefull that you,as it were,walked with me in my life!Supported with your music.MUCH RESPECT for playing,while you lost your mother Morten.I know it must have been hard for you,you kept on singing,because you couldn’t let us down.That really gets to me.I am very thankfull,although I would have understood if you would have cancelled more gigs.I know how you must have felt!Thanks for everything PAL,with your beautifull ROCKING guitarsolo’s lyrics,music ideas,MAGNE for your musical talent,HUMOR,remixes,art,and MORTEN for singing songs in a way I never heard before,especially on the albums HHAL and SCOUNDREL DAYS with your amazing VOICE,very sensitive but also powerfull,let me tell you if you were so handsome like you are,and the music wasn’t good and if you couldn’t sing I would NOT be somebody that would buy your music!!I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!I LOVE A_HA I WISH YOU HAPPINESS AND LUCK,ALSO FOR YOUR FAMILYS KISS RIA

O,Yes I forgot.The last Concert on 4-12-2010 was AMAZING!there was one not nice thing,Our friend was taken to hospital,just a few minutes before the show started!We came from Holland The day before.
We have been to the cafe were Magnes art was hanging unfortunately it was closed,but we could see.We have seen lauren at the fanparty,she was so friendly,also sister of Pal,brother of Morten I did not see,domage!ALL THE BEST also to your familys,and strength to the Harket family.We love you and will miss you!

Hello, Morten, Magne, Paul!

Thank you, thank you so much for what you’ve given us! You followed our lives for so many years, you’ve simply become the unseparetable part of our hearts! You’ve given us so many memories, you’re so close to our souls! Thank you for everything you’ve done!

I’ve only been to your concert once, on the 11th of November and this day was one of the greatest days of my life. It was magnificent – to be there, to hear you, to see you, to sing with you! Thank you for this great concert, thank you for your music!

Your music follows us everywhere, you’re always with us. Whether we’re happy or sad, whatever we’re thinking about – there’s always your music following us. The deepest feeling, the highest emotion – you’ve given it to us, thank you so much!

I know, you say that you’re leaving. It’s too hard for us to hear. But it’s your choise, it’s your path. It’s not an end, it’s a new beginning and I wish you good luck in everything in your life, in every project that you choose!

You will always remain in our life, you’ll never disappear from our memory!

Good luck and thank you so much!

Yulia, Saint-Petersburg.

Hi Morten, Mags and Paul,

Firstly congratulations on what has been a most successful career. I first saw you perform in Sydney Australia back in 1986 and have been following your career with interest ever since.

Sadly I never had the opportunity to attend another concert, but your albums and the quality of music in them more than made up for that..

I would also like to acknowledge your professionalism and being there for the fans. Despite other personal pressures, sadness and committments. I would also like to thank your families and loved ones as well. As I know they have sacrificed a lot just so we can be entertained by yourselves.

Just like many of the fans who have posted on this website, your music has also had a strong impact on my life. What ever you end up doing in your future the music of A-ha as far as I am concerned will never be forgotten.

Thank you, and all the best for the future

I loved ‘Take on Me’ BEFORE I’d even seen the video. I used to listen to the radio in bed at night which is how I first heard the song. I was 10 years old at the time and had no idea what impact the video would have on the world, let alone the impact you would have on my life.

Throughout the years you were always there with me. Through good times and bad times, the soul and passion of your music always soothed, inspired, and fed my hunger to be a better person.

We have been blessed with 25 years of wonderful music and we were honoured with a final goodbye in the form of the ‘Ending on a High Note’ tour.

I will never forget the last 25 years. You have been, and always will be, a part of my life. You have helped to shape the person I am today through your music. I am truly grateful for all that you have done, even though you will never realise how much of a positive impact you had on my life.

I wish so many good things for you all but mainly peace, happiness, and success in your new endeavours. I hope this will not be the last we hear of you all.

Thank you so much for the last 25 years. You will stay in my heart forever!!!

Thank you for 25 years of your great music!
Thank you for all the sacrifices regarding your private lifes I´m sure you had to make in order to create this music and to entertain your fans!
I wish you happiness, joy and success in everything you plan for your future!
You´ll never be forgotten!

I had uploaded my videos and photos. Every time I play them I feel the inspiration and joy. Thank You!

photo and video: http://leomart.livejournal.com

video: http://www.youtube.com/user/greensunjam?feature=mhum#g/a

25 Years ago a-ha were number 1 in the UK with “The Sun Always Shines on TV”

This year they had there farewell tour.

As fan’s we would like to say a big, huge thank you to a-ha by making them Christmas number 1 again.

Lets give Morten, Mags & Pal the biggest thank you we can and (hopefully) convince them not to leave us just yet by doing it again!

PLEASE download “The Sun Always Shines on TV” and make everyone happy this Christmas.

Please send this message by Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text, Myspace, Bebo or any other way you can think of, to anyone and everyone you know.

If it has to end, let’s make sure its on an extra high note!!!”


Dear Morten, Mags and Pal,

I want to express with all my heart how much I want to thank you. Thank you for the 22 years I could spend with you! You will always remain in my heart!

In 1988 I enjoyed my first a-ha concert in Mannheim – and on December 4th, 2010 I went to my last one in Oslo.

Thanks for the amazing concerts, the great CDs and all the wonderful memories :-).

Mags – in the 2010 Nürnberg concert you handed me the microphone during “The living daylights” – an experience I will never ever forget J THANK YOU for all those wonderful memories… I still remember when I sent the baby jumpsuit for “little Thomas” to Norway … 🙂 (the “little one” will be around 20 years old now, am I right?! :-))

Pal – you are and always will be the best songwriter genius ever! 🙂 I met Lauren on the a-ha.com Party and told her straightaway what a wonderful husband she has!

Morten – TUSEN TAKK for making me feel like a teenager during all these years – now it is time for me to grow up – I also want to THANK YOU for your beautiful voice, which touches my heart and soul (NO, I will not say thank your your cheekbones 🙂 🙂 :-)).
I will miss you three terribly and I very much hope to get so see you perform solo somewhere, sometime!

With all my heart I wish you all the best for the future!

Do not forget your loyal (and slightly crazy) German a-ha fans :-).

Have a-happy time!

Moni (and husband Olaf :-))

Here already more than month am under the strong impression from your concert in Kiev. My junior daughter which 4 years sings your songs, my mother with gladness listens your songs. And I can not get used to the idea, that you together already will not be. I accept Your decision, I understand that you are not under an obligation to justify expectation of your fan, but a mind understands, and a heart is sad:(
I did not fall on to snow at Spektruma, did not depart on your concert in Oslo, I simply love your music and very want, that it was always. Not only all that, that you wrote and sang before but also new. I hope and wait your returning!

With hope Ira from Kiev, Ukraine!




Morten,Mags and Pal thanks thanks! Thank you for all!! I will not forget you,too!! Never! 🙂
Kisses! Kisses!

Paulina from Moreno,Pernambuco-Brasil.

I was in San Francisco the summer of 1986 at 11 years old when A-ha was to play there. The only seats left for the concert were obstructed and even though I begged and pleaded my mom wouldn’t buy the tickets. I spent that summer and several after than so depressed that I would never see them . Sadly I lost touch in the early 90’s and got into other musical influences. I had no idea they were still together until April of this year when they were to play in Los Angeles a neighboring county. I immediately booked two tickets to see them. I still am in awe at how amazing they were in concert and just to be sharing the same air, in the same room as them. It was the most amazing experience. It wiped away all the sadness of not seeing them in the 80’s. I will always immensely regret not keeping up with them throughout the years. I bought all the newer cd’s as well as the old ones and am so utterly hooked on them just like when I was a young girl.

I will miss you guys as A-ha but look forward to you in all your future individual endeavors.

Mein Englisch ist nicht so sehr toll, deshalb möchte ich meinen Dank in Deutsch ausdrücken und hoffe das es übersetzbar ist.
Die Gruppe a-ha habe liebe ich seit ich 13 Jahre gewesen bin. Damals kam ich aus der DDR und es gab weiss Gott nicht viele Möglichkeiten an Bilder oder Platten ranzukommen und eigentlich war es verboten Westdeutsches Radio zu hören, aber wir taten es trotzdem. Lange musste ich warten bis ich Euch das erste Mal Live sehen konnte/durfte und durch damalige familiäre Umstände durfte/konnte ich nicht oft vor Ort sein. Aber immer wenn es mir schlecht ging habe ich Eure Lieder eingeworfen,die Augen geschlossen und einfach nur genossen. Eure Musik hat mich nicht nur glücklich gemacht sondern so oft gehalten, wenn die Zeiten schlecht waren.
Am 4. Dezember 2010 hab ich hier traurig aber auch gelassen da gesessen und geweint. Es war eine Emotion der Trauer, der Freude und des Verständnisses.
Ich danke Euch, dass Ihr mein Leben begleitet habt und ich danke Euch dafür uns so wunderschöne, perfekte Stücke hinterlassen zu haben.
Virtuell habt Ihr Euch gelöst aber in meinem Herzen bleibt Ihr für Ewig.
Auch wenn ich Euch vermissen werde wünsche ich Euch von Herzen das aller Beste vom Besten, viel Gesundheit, Liebe und auch Glück.


tusen takk to you, a-ha. now the three blossoms want to grow in different directions, but maybe one day they’ll remember their one root…who knows ;-)? I wish you all the best. you’ll stay in my heart, in my ears, in my soul. enjoy your lifes without “a-ha-machine”. I’m curious for new solo projects of you. we’ll see again – I look forward for it. hjertlig hilsen from Thuringia!

Tusen takk, thank you, “a-ha”.
I can not thank you enough.

You always stayed in my heart,and will stay forever.

I believe that our roads will cross again someday.
Because you said,”Stay on these roads ,we shall meet, I know”.

A bright future lies before you and I want celebrate the start of your new career now.

My english is poor, so I can not express my
heart exactly.(I write this sentence with many help from my dictionary…)

But I hope you will understand that I “really” love “a-ha” now and forever.

And many many “arigatou”

Sayaka from Japan.

Thank you Morten, Mags & Paul. Your music will live on forever. The best of luck in what ever you guys do.
Love you forever xxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Mags Thanks to you for these lovely works.It´s been
one of the best things in my life to be an a-ha fan, i´m very proud
of yours. My flight was cancelled in Barcelona, the controllers
were on strike ;(, i´m very sad for it. I hope to see you soon in
some place, maybe some day. Please don´t stop music! Have a good
future, lot ok kisses

I do not know where to start. I am still in denial that
A-Ha has ended on a high note. I have loved A-Ha’s music since I
was 15. (I am now 41) I want to thank Magne, Morten and Paul for
making great music that we will all cherish and remember! I finally
was able to see you in Toronto this past year and as alway’s you
delivered! Amazing show and truly an amazing run! I wish you all
continued success in your future endeavours as musicians/artists. I
will continue to watch and wait to see what each of you will pursue
creatively. Best of luck and again THANK YOU SO MUCH!

To Magne, Pal and Morten, Every album contains so many
memories. The concerts were always excellent. The only regret is
that you have decided to call it a day when your last album
suggested such great things to come. Nonetheless……THANK YOU and
hope that, one day, we see you together live or on an album (after
a LONG sabbatcical!!)

Christmas Eve…my second birthday…I lived it listening
to your music and listening to this unique holy voice. I could die,
was in peace, was ready for my last journey. But it was not my
time…my angels were with me. Your music has always been a part of
my life, in the past, for now and forever, it helped me to become
who I am…a woman who had the opportunity to restart now. If I’m
that strong it is partly thanks to you!! With all my
gratitude…see you XXX Lan-anh

Hey fans wake up!! !!!! Christmas is over!oveeer A-ha has
gi ven me joy!! Aha in my lif e, is li ke sa fe ty be ing s af e.
yo u g ive me sp ar kl e, in thi s gra zy wor ld A-ha for me is
toget her ness the music the lyrics,the looking forward to an new
album to come,and so happy that it came,to ENJOY!When you three
were together your music was MAGICAL!Thank you for the support that
your music has given me,Pal your beautifull songwriting Magnes
positiveness,being grazy,and ehhh.. also a good songwriter,Morten
great talent,special personality,its you who made the songs as they
are.I will miss you terribly God Bless.All the best.Love you
A-ha,youre in my heart! GOD JUL OG GODT NYTTAR!And now in Dutch
Fijne kerstdagen en een gelukkig nieuwjaar! R!A From

Well what to say ?? You were the reason that I wanted to
explore Norway,and started to love it soo much.Before I came in…
These last 3 concerts were amazing. Unfortunatly I was sick like a
dog so I was shaking every day from fever in front of Spectrum and
my joy was not complete still wouldnt miss it in a world Been last
year in Oslo as well and realise that no matter how norwegian
people dont appritiate you as much as you are word wide still the
best shows are in UK and Norway So I was right. It was 10 times
better than the shows in Holland,Belgium and Germany… Now about
the a-ha week end and a-ha in Oslo I can just say bad bad bad
things Norwegians as nation flopped there BIG TIME No wonder that
all theur pop stars are running away like Maria Mena, Marit Larsen
and now Tone Damli with Donkey Boy Lets make something clear If you
are norwegian pop culture doesnt mean anything to you there are
books, drinking and hiking and skiing So quite dissapointed even
with oslo Exebition in library of collection OMG was that ALL ??? I
was soo angry and said loud there that u could buy those items in 1
afternoon on ebay with valid credit card About the galery with
photos well could it be smaller ?? 15 or 20 photographs and thats
all ?? I think that city itself didnt do good job If that was
Berlin London or New York things would be different SHAME SHAME
SHAME on norwegians Still a-ha will stay OUR BAND and to make it
clear what Mags said on 2nd december Thanks to London and UK there
were a-ha BOOM Hope to see you guys soon because after a while
everyone get boored in Norway

Hello,encore une fois,
The comment above from me,was typed in the form of the three letters a-ha,but when I submitted it,it was like it is now with space everywhere.
Sorry about that,nobody’s fault.

I’ve been listening to A-ha’s music every day since I got back from the last concert in Oslo and I think that for the forseeable future, I’ll continue to do so. It’s really hard to put into words just what the music of Morten, Mags and Pal means to me and I’m sad that there won’t be any new songs to look forward to from A-ha, but I really hope that they all carry on performing music individually or in other bands because they are all so gifted (and gorgeous!). I will miss you guys and thank you so much for singing the soundtrack to my life so far! xxx

Thank you for taking me with you in this beautiful
emotional journey along 25 years. Roberto

Thank you for all these absolutely fantastic songs and
concerts! I wish you all the best for your future. But one
question/wish i have: Will be produced a Music-DVD with a concert
of the farewell tour? I’ll hope it so much. Please let us know.
Hjertlig Hilsen Christian


Paul, você é um grande compositor, Magne e Morten vocês são grandes interpretes. Vocês são únicos, e fazem musicas de forma especial e diferente. Mas por outro lado são pessoas simples e que como nós também têm famílias e uma vida pessoal… Eu lhes desejo muito sucesso em seus empreendimentos futuros!

Thank you for all your music that has been part of my life for the last 25 years. I was lucky enough to see you twice in the UK, Royal Albert Hall and Bournemouth, which even m 13 year old son enjoyed as well as my husband.

My sister and I managed to see you in Oslo on the 3rd Decemeber and attended the fantasic fan party afterwards.

You will all be remember forever!!!

Looking forward to the release of the DVD. A cheeky request, but any chance of your concert at the Royal Abert Hall being released on DVD?

Looking forward to listening to more of your solo music.

All the best for what every the future holds for you all.


Time has passed, and I can´t beleive I´m writing this to Morten, Mags and Paul.Sincerely from my heart, you´ve change my life in all aspects,you will continue giving me the strength to continue now as an adult. Thank you for all the greatest moments I felt when I listened your only and great music.Thank you for 25 years of hope that things always will be better.All you three guys mean something special in my life. I wish you the best and God bless you always.
Would have been great if you could visit Mexico.
Plenty of hugs and kisses from a sincerely mexican woman…Lethy.


thank you, Morten, Pal & Mags for the music and the memories. 25 years is a long time, but we fans can never get enough! i will always regret that i never was at any of the concerts, but i’m glad that so many wonderful fans have posted videos. it’s past midnight here in manila as i write this, and i could stay up til daylight just watching all of them and singing along. my friend from high school teases me about my 25 year crush on morten (i still remember how the performance on the Grammy Awards took my breath away!), but i don’t care.

again, thank you for so many wonderful memories! and if ever you decide to play together again, i swear I’m going to fly there just to see you!!!



I have been following the news on the band’s website and tweeters. I do understand the fans’ ostracism. The dismissal opened a wound in our hearts. Many excel and know how to deal with it (in my case), and others prefer to look away … Thank you! For me, the A-HA, not only do more presentations and / or compounds at the time. But it is a living part and constant in our lives, and thus forever. And it’s good to know they care, and much to us. THANK YOU, ONCE AGAIN A-HA

Thank you for your soulful music.
All that you give to me & my family is something that no one would expect…
Only wish I could see you live once in my life!



Hello A-ha! Just past 2 years of the last show of A-ha… I want to say you that I always hear your music forever and ever. You are in my heart and in my soul.
I’m so happy that one of you continue with yours musical projects.
I’m so happy too because Morten came back to Argentina with his solo project and I enjoyed! (28/09/12 at Gran Rex in Argentina).

I hope that each one of you enjoy with the fanbook that we given in Argentina 2010.

I have my group at Facebook “A-HAmigos Argentina” (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ahamigosargentina) and my page “A-HAmigos Argentina” at Facebook too (https://www.facebook.com/AHAmigosArgentina).
We are an a-hafamily fans.

Best regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina!
Sorry my English…

With love,
María Gabriela Solimano


Firstly, thank you for spending the time to send us all a message, am not sure if you’ll then get time to scroll through and read all the responses, I started to and got bored! The volume of responses and the speed that they turned up says ALOT about how hungry we still are to connect with you, I still listen to a mixture of your solo albums and a-ha albums every day, and still love alot of the songs even after listening to them for all these years. I, like everyone, have my favourites, October, Swing of Things, Living a Boys Adventure Tale and of course THE LONGEST NIGHT, my absolute favourite song of all time. I only saw you once and that was at your Manchester farewell concert (you swore you bad boy haha)

BUT nonetheless, you’ve been part of my life so long, I do feel like I know you, although of course thats impossible really, and I’ll continue to watch what you get up to, and of course buy your solo albums if you chose to make anymore!

Don’t be a stranger

Wendy x x x

a-ha! come back to us 😉

Dear A-Ha handsome trio of dudes, thank you for making wonderful songs and music from the 80s through the 90s and on… Your band will always be part of my teenage and early career memories. You guys have been always awesome.
However I am living in this part of the world that you 3 dudes have never stepped into. Even if this is a farewell note with thanks from your band, I will not be shy to ask can your band make it to Singapore for at least 1 or 2 nights concert please? I am from Singapore, and many of my friends and I are your BIG fans, and of course there are many fans around the Asia region (like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand etc) who will most willing to fly in to catch you all.

Please please please, have a concert in Singapore in 2013, will you?

Whatever it is, thank you for reading and if you should consider the above suggestion.

THANK YOU again for staying close with you fans!

Love and warmest regards,
LC, an A-Ha female fan from Singapore.

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