At Oslo Konserthus, on October 4th, a-ha and an ensemble from Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing the legendary debut album Hunting High and Low in its entirety, as a charity event in support of an organization called Mercy Ships.

Update: Presale Information – Tickets are available now through 6:00 pm CET on September 14. Get the best available seats via Billettservice.

Tickets go on sale to the public at 9:00 am CET on September 15 via Billettservice and only a limited amount of tickets will be available.

For more information:

Concert to benefit Mercy Ships
Watch a video about the work that Mercy Ships does

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My dear Morten, Mags and Paul:

As already I said to you some days ago, these acts of charity seem to me to be ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL and I had wanted to be able to be in Oslo with you to collaborate with this project and to listen the delicious “Hunting High and Low “, in addition with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra!!!!!! I am charmed with the classic music and all the instruments of the orchestra, especially the violin, the violoncello and the oboe… Undoubtedly, it will be an extraordinarily precious concert for all…
But, since me it’s not possible to go there, I’ll do a donation to this organization to help a bit, like also already I said to you… I wish that to sell all tickets!!!!!!!!

Many, many thanks, again, for being so big artists and so wonderful persons!!!!!

God pays it to the three and guards you always!!!!!

You are my everything!!!!!
A lot of kisses!!!!!

I watched the video just now and I honestly must say that I never heard of that ship before. What a great idea! Unfortunately, I will not be able to support this charity act by being there personally, but I will give something to the organization to support them there. I really love that you guys are so “unspectacular” in helping so many people without fishing for appreciation all the time! Thank you! Would love to meet you ones…

Best wishes for you and your family.

Lots of love.

My dear Morten: though I don’t believe in it of the “age”, not in the “birthdays”, I wanted to wish you today to be very, very happy for the rest of your life and that everything what you undertake is a motive of happiness and a success for you!!!!!

God bless you and free you of any evil!!!
Please, take care!!!!

Kisses and a strong embrace of someone who admires you and loves you a lot!!!!!

dear morten, from all my heart I wish you all the best to your birthday. You are a very especial person – stay as you are. Thank you for the wonderful music you gave with a-ha to the world. It would be a big pleasure to have the chance to thank you also with a present. See you at Amsterdam, Leipzig and Berlin. My thoughts are with you – I wish you a enjoyable party! Hoch sollst Du leben! with love, annett

Today is the birthday morten, congratulations to you all the best, kisses

morten that today you can celebrate your day with lots of light and love in your heart

Dear Morten,
Have a blessed birthday. Hopefully you can take a nice break in the day to enjoy yourself, maybe even have a piece of gluten-free cake! Wishing you all the best today and in all that you do.
God’s Blessing on you always,

Dear Pal,
I want to wish you a Happy belated Birthday. Hopefully you had a great day with all of your family. Please tell Augie “Thanks” for all the pics that he put up, it really gave me and all the fans another viewpoint of the whole band in which I enjoyed. I hope he keeps it up, he has a great eye and I can see him becoming a well-known photographer in the future. Wishing you all the best!
God’s Blessing on you and your family,

Miliana Sausmickt

My dear Morten, happy birthday to you! God bless you!
I love A-ha.
Kisses of Brazil.

Happy Birthday Morten,
Wishing you a fabulous 51st Birthday, you’re aging very gracefully & beautifully 🙂
I hope to get the wonderful chance to meet you in November at Wembley Arena! 🙂
I’m counting down the days until 27th November!
Only 2 months & 13 days including today!
Love & Hugs & Best Wishes, Amanda 🙂 xx

Happy Belated Birthday to Paul for last Monday.
So sorry for the late message.
Hope you had a brilliant Birthday.
Looking forward to seeing you and Mags and of course Morten in November! 🙂
a-ha – You Are The One and I would be Hunting High & Low to find another band that are as special as you guys!
Love & Hugs, Amanda 🙂 xx

A little poem for Morten;

Morten today is your Birthday,
All your fans want to wish you well and shout Hurray!
Your voice soars as the angels fly,
a-ha are retiring and this makes me want to cry!
The Sun Always Shines with the beautiful Blue Sky,
We have to look to the future now, we can but try!
Your voice is heavenly and like Velvet too,
Love & Hugs & a very Happy Birthday to you. 🙂 xx

Something to make you laugh – I found my 2 year old daughter singing “Cry Wolf” to her doll today, she loves Morten & has stuck a picture of Morten on her noticeboard. Anyway Happy Birthday Morten, wishing you lots of happiness & contentment. Morten I hope that after a well deserved break(post EOAHN)you will continue with some humanitarian work; some areas of the World need a kind hearted, genuinely caring & influential person like you. love always Ferhana & Aliyah x

I’ve just included my name on a petition to have a-ha’s final concert live streamed on the internet! 🙂 This would be fabulous for all the people like me who sadly cannot attend on 4th December 🙁
I haven’t added the link as I wasn’t sure if I should as it’s not founded by myself?
a-ha – forever in my heart 🙂 xx

I got my tickets… 2nd row! This will be fun!

Sheila Hansen Beaudoin

Thank you SO much for supporting such a necessary and inspired charity! To think of all those beautiful, spritually enlightened people who not only work to help these injured people, but the support staff who make the work possible! God bless them and your band for taking the time, not only to have a concert for this deserving charity…but, to spread the word of their good deed (marketing) for them worldwide! Such a gift of love and hope you are providing them. I unfortunately cannot afford to be at the concert…I cannot afford the travel and hotel…since I live relatively meagerly in the U.S. Peace be with you all! :0)

Faço aniversário dia 4 de outubro,estar nesse show ia ser um presente =)

Min kone var på den konserten. De tok fra henne kameraet og slettet hele minnekortet. Alle bilder av familien og vår sønn fra fødselen ett år siden og til nå er borte for alltid. Oslo konserthus skylder på at “production” gjorde det og kastet kona mi ut av konsertsalen da hun prøvde å få snakke med noen som var ansvarlig. Hun har vært A-ha fan hele livet og dette skulle være hennes største kveld med A-ha. Noen tok dette fra henne på en brutal måte. Det står ikke noe på billetten at det ikke er lov å ta bilder. Hvem tar ansvaret? Ingen? Kort sagt har hun ikke hatt noen fin kveld.

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