A heavy rain was falling on Cidade do Rock when a-ha took the stage on Sunday night at the Rock In Rio festival. According to various reports, there were around 90,000 people filling the festival grounds for the final two acts: a-ha and Katy Perry.


Although the weather conditions were not ideal, the band performed with energy and found the audience to be very responsive. VG reporter Stein Østbø gave the concert a five on the dice (5/6), saying the band was ‘revitalized’.

Especially poignant as the opening notes of ‘I’ve Been Losing You’ and ‘Crying In The Rain’, the atmosphere seemed charged with emotion. The rain tapered off later in the set, while the energy from the band and audience continued to rise throughout.

The set included many well-known hits, as well as two songs from the new album: ‘Forest Fire’ and ‘Under The Makeup’. A major highlight of the night was when the audience raised their lighted mobile phones in the air and joined the band in singing a final chorus of ‘Hunting High and Low’.

New arrangements for classic songs like ‘You Are The One’ and ‘Sycamore Leaves’ brought a refreshing change, as did an altered riff for ‘Take On Me’ which definitely seemed to please the dancing and singing crowd of thousands.


The Rock In Rio festival was streamed on the Internet by AOL in partnership with LiveXLive, and fans around the world watched the broadcast and shared their impressions on Twitter.

Amazing to hear that following the festival success, a-ha now has four albums and six singles in the iTunes Brazil Top 100!


# 1 – ’25’
# 11 – ‘Cast In Steel’
# 29 – ‘The Singles’
# 98 – ‘Stay On These Roads’


# 3 – ‘Take On Me’
# 11 – ‘Hunting High And Low’
# 21 – ‘Crying In The Rain’
# 29 – ‘Stay On These Roads’
# 33 – ‘You Are The One’
# 57 – ‘I’ve Been Losing You’


Set List

I’ve Been Losing You
Cry Wolf
Stay On These Roads
Move To Memphis
Scoundrel Days
Crying In The Rain
Sycamore Leaves
You Are The One
Forest Fire
Hunting High And Low
Foot Of The Mountain
The Sun Always Shines On TV
Under The Makeup
Living Daylights
Take On Me

On Social

Leading up to the show, various band members posted pictures on Instagram from their stay in Argentina and Brazil. Be sure to follow all of the guys so you don’t miss an update from the road!

a-ha || Paul || Magne || Morten || Karl Oluf || Erik || Even

Here are a couple of highlights from Twitter and Facebook on Sunday:

They forgot to paint my dressing room purple

Posted by Waaktaar on Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pra cantar com o A-ha! #rockinrio

Posted by Rock in Rio on Sunday, September 27, 2015

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