An update from Pål H. Christiansen about his book Drømmer om storhet, which was published in Norway in 2002. The book features Paul Waaktaar-Savoy as a main character and theme in the story.

Update on translations

When Drømmer om storhet was published in Norway in 2002 there was an immediate demand for translations from a-ha fans in 25 countries. This was a great surprise for the author, who didn’t know about the power of the international a-ha community at that time.

12 years later the novel is published in German (2007), English (2008) and Italian (2010). The novel received great reviews in the German press, as well as some in the US, like the one in The Boston Phoenix.

Complete drafts of translation to French and Polish were finished this year, in addition to the ongoing translations to Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish. These are all voluntary translations done by a-ha fans on their own, but in agreement with the author. How and when they can be published properly remains to be seen, but those readers interested may have a look at the pdfs of drafts and test translations on my website

Drommer om storhet

Also of interest is an interview with Karine Gorski about the French translation, as well as an interview with Polish translator Iwona Lustofin.

I am very happy about the efforts done by a-ha fans to make the novel available to fellow a-ha fans and other readers out there. A big hug to them all!

Hobo goes digital

The Audiobook publisher Egmont Hörverlag has published the German version of my novel as audiobook this summer, read by the German actor Sebastian Dunkelberg (who also made a presentation of the book at the Altonale Festival in Hamburg back in 2007). The audio book can be downloaded as mp3 here, or buy the physical CD at


Earlier this year, the English version, The Scoundrel Days of Hobo Highbrow, was finally made available as e-book in more than 170 countries worldwide through book stores like Amazon (kindle edition), Apple’s iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, and many more. Also available at More information is available on my site.

Drommer om storhet

The Kindle version can be found here; Egmont Hörverlag has also made an e-book version of Die ordnung der worte that can be purchased at Apple’s iBooks, Google books and other bookstores.

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