To celebrate the release of a-ha’s 10th studio album, ‘Cast In Steel’, Universal Music Norge and Platekompaniet partnered to give a-ha fans an opportunity to meet the band and get autographs at an in-store event at the Platekompaniet store in Oslo City on September 8, 2015.

Hundreds of fans from around the world attended the event, which was followed by an album release party and rehearsal concert the next day at Union Scene in Drammen. You can read the original article about the signing here.


If you’ve ever been to a signing event for any artist, musician, author, actor or other celebrity, you know that they can be a little hectic and rushed.

Often events like this are held in a small space – in book stores, music stores, hallways or meeting rooms – and there is one way in and one way out. People are generally guided through the queue and out the door by event staff and security so quickly that it’s impossible for fans to say more than a couple of words of thanks or appreciation to their idols.

a-ha’s signing event at Platekompaniet last September was one of the more calm ones I have been to, despite the massive crowd and the high anticipation of fans who were thrilled to see a-ha together again after five years of inactivity. I was fortunate to be able to film and photograph without restrictions in the record store, and I had the chance to speak with a lot of fans while they were waiting in the queue.

It was wonderful to hear people’s stories and see what items they had brought for the band to sign – including not just CDs and albums, but also guitars, a record player, limited edition a-ha books, a copy of the Bridges LP, and more.

From my position near the end of the queue, I watched as fans chatted with the band members while their items were signed, and saw many smiles of excitement and happiness as each person walked away from the table.


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'Cast In Steel' CD signing at Platekompaniet

Morten, Magne and Paul were together again and the ‘Cast In Steel’ tour was just around the corner. The excitement and energy made it a really special event in a-ha’s history, and we hope this short video gives you all an idea of what that experience was like for those lucky enough to be there!

Watch the video:

Thanks to Paul for sharing this alternate version of ‘She’s Humming a Tune’ for this video!

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