We’re excited to report that Paul is collaborating with Jimmy Gnecco on a new project called Weathervane. Their first single, “Weathervane”, is released today in Norway, and the video premiered on VG Nett this afternoon.

Cover art for “Weathervane”.

Listen to a sample of the song here. The song is also available on Spotify and WIMP.

“Weathervane” is the title track from the forthcoming movie Headhunters, based on the book by the internationally known Norwegian author Jo Nesbø.

“When I read the script, it felt like a good fit. There are a lot of undercurrents in the movie that could work well with the song. It looks like a really great film, and we’re happy to be a part of it,” Paul said in an interview with VG Nett.

Many of you will no doubt remember that Paul and Jimmy have worked together before; Jimmy sang lead vocals on “The Breakers” and backing vocals on “Shooting Spree” from Savoy’s album Savoy in 2004. Jimmy talked about how he got to know Paul in an interview with UberRock.co.uk last fall.

More recently, Jimmy opened for a-ha at a number of tourdates last fall in Europe.

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This is awesome news: is this intended to be a Norway only release, or are there also plans to bring it out elsewhere?

Thanks for posting, GREAT Saturday afternoon 🙂

Hurrah!!!! I want to hear new Paul’s music!

Heia, Paul! Liked the bit I saw on VGNett, but waiting to hear the whole song!


Surprising, yeah Paul! My congratulations!! You’re a great composer! Much sucess and good luck! :)´m happy for you!!!!!!!!!!

🙂 DEAR <3 PAUL <3

This is great news, congrats to Paul & Jimmy, I remember Jimmy & his band from Wembley Arena last year as they were a-ha’s brilliant Support Act 🙂
Good Luck & Best Wishes, Amanda 🙂 XX

Great song!! Whatever Paul works on it’s a masterpiece. And Gnecco’s voice is amazing.

I listen to Jimmy for the first time at a-ha’s concert in Madrid, Spain, and since then, Gnecco and Ours are among my favourite artists.

Great news, no doubt, but still looking for hearing about Savoy’s next album, when!!??


Brilliant indeed. Good luck and big kisses.

Sorry, but I don’t like this song. I miss a-ha and specially Mortens wunderfull voice so much. He’s the best singer of the world and I’m waiting impatiently for his new solo album! I like Pal with Morten and Magne as a-ha. He has wroten great songs for a-ha, but only with Mortens brillant voice are this songs memorable and unique!! a-ha are forever in my heart and perhaps they are coming back together?

Wow, wow, wow! Don’t shake me this way! I will use the words from The Phantom of the Opera “Sing, to me”

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