Here are a few updates on recent competitions and features. What’s going on with…

…the fan album review contest?

The ‘Ending on a High Note’ tour book is in production and will be available at upcoming summer concerts. Thank you to the many fans who took the time to send in their thoughtful and interesting album reviews for the contest. There were so many good reviews that it was very difficult to choose which ones to include! Very soon we’ll announce the names of the contest winners and publish a selection of reviews here on Stay tuned!

…the ‘a-ha story’ fan videos?

The original idea for these videos was to show a 2-3 minute segment of different clips during an interval at each concert, hopefully with some kind of local or regional connection to the fans in the audience. The visuals ideally would change nearly every night, and give the audience something fun and new to experience each time. Although we have received a number of funny, touching and creative videos from fans around the world, unfortunately there are not enough suitable clips from each region to create the features for the shows as originally planned.

Edited: We received an idea from a fan who suggested that we play the video clips at the official fan party in December. Since these clips were made for fans to watch in the first place, we think that’s a great idea! If you would like to submit your video clip to show at the fan party, we now have a way to upload video clips directly to us via this upload form.

…the tour blog?

The new tour blog is up to date with setlists, photos and videos from each concert on the ‘Ending on a High Note’ tour. Since doesn’t have a representative on tour with the band, we often rely on reports, photos and details submitted by fans to create these blog posts – so we really appreciate your e-mails and comments on the blogs! We hope you will continue to share your memories from the concerts with other fans and help create a lasting archive of information about a-ha’s final live performances!

You can find the tour blogs here and linked from specific concerts on the Past Events page.

…the official fan party?

So far over 1200 fans from 39 countries have signed up for updates about the official fan party in December! Everyone on the mailing list should have received a welcome message by now, if you have not received this please check your spam folders and be sure the e-mail address is in your ‘safe’ list/e-mail contacts.

Our first goal is to find a suitable venue to hold the party; the challenge is there are not many places in Oslo that can comfortably accommodate so many people. We’re also collecting some great suggestions from fans via e-mail, and looking into the different possibilities – such as special fan party merchandise and bringing in an a-ha cover band to perform (if you’re in an a-ha cover band and will be in Oslo, send us an e-mail!), and many others. Keep the ideas coming! We may not be able to do them all, but it helps us plan if we know how you want to celebrate a-ha’s career with other fans!

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Thanks for the info!!
Catherine and A-ha team; I congratulate you for all the work you are doing!


Very nice of you to keep us informed! Wish I could go to that party. 🙁

Wow, you have great projects there. Catherine and the a-ha Team (also the one who twitters all those nice infos and photos 😉 ), you are doing a great job.
I hope you will find another well payed job once Pal, Mags and Morten said “Farewell”…!
We want to see your faces and honour you on the party in Oslo!


O goodie goodie goodie…

Yes! we want to see you in Oslo.
By the way, I have not received any confirmation mail.
Thanks for taking that into consideration.
Have a gorgeous day!

Catherine and the a-ha Team ,I wish i can join it.consider to come to Hong Kong,please.

Thanks for your graet work to always inform us up-to-date about a-ha,I wish I could be on the party, too!

HEY THERE!I want to thank A-HA for the 25years of thespecialnorthern music,and the people around them.What I want to ask is;”Would you dress and wear the hair as in the eighties,just with the extra”?PLEASE,PLEASE!!I will be in Oslo
Greetings from Holland

That must be the very very very great party and wish I could go to.
Ps. I have not received any confirmation mail.

Thanks for the job!

“Everyone on the mailing list should have received a welcome message by now”: I haven’t receieved anything…

@ margiex, you need to sign up for fan party updates here:

If you completed the form, we didn’t get it, please try again!

@ farnny2000, I resent the party e-mail to you!

@ Everyone: please e-mail if you have any questions about the mailing list. Thanks!

it´s my chance to see you all a-ha

Thanks Catherine! I’ve just signed up again (for me and a friend). Cheers!

I’d love to attend the party if I can extend my stay but at the moment I’m due to fly back to the UK on 3 December 🙁 In any case, I arrive on 1 December (the night before their first Oslo gig) so just wondered if there were any other fans around that night for a pre-Oslo tour drink? Please, please, please let me know because I’d love to meet up with other fans as I’m travelling on my own and don’t know anybody else who’s going!!! I know we’ll all have an ab fab time even though it’s the end ………… well, for the tour at least, the music will go on forever 🙂

An a-ha ‘tribute’ band performing at the official fan party? I’m thinking it should be a-ha themselves..

Considering the the loyalty and support that us fans have shown over the last quater of a century not to mention the financial cost, I think it’s the very least they could do to perform a song or two. At the minimum I would expect them to show their faces..

Just an idea.

Hi, JMJ and all
I´m going to be there for the first show too. It would be real nice meeting other fans!
I´m counting the days here…
Nice week you all!

Hi Andreia, that’s fab, where are you travelling from? It would be great to meet, how do we go about arranging it etc do you think it’s fine to swap email addresses??? Let us know what you think! By the way, where are you for the gig, I’ve got standing ticket – hope to get there early! 🙂

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