We sometimes hear from fans who would like to have a chance to remix an a-ha or solo track, using audio stem files – most recently, a fan named Carlos asked Paul this very question in his Q&A with a-ha.com.

Paul is interested to hear your mixes of his new song ‘Manmade Lake’, and he has made the stem files available here on a-ha.com!

Manmade Lake

Here’s what to do:

– Download the stems in this zip file
– Mix to your heart’s content
– Submit your mix/mixes to a-ha.com by May 7, by e-mailing us either with the audio file attached, or a link to your mix on Soundcloud or YouTube
– Paul will listen to all the mixes and choose his favorite one
– If Paul chooses your mix, he will send you a fruit basket

Yes, you read that right: a fruit basket from Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, not to mention big time bragging rights! Good luck!

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Thank you very much Paul.

Greetings from PERU.

Thanks!! We will try and not let you down. 🙂


Nice, we’ll try to do this!)

Not sure of the best way to share this. Did not find an email address here 🙂

Hopefully the link works in a couple of hours, it says “processing” at the moment…


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