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September 22nd2014
User Icon - A-Ha Official SitePosted By: Catherine

Transcript of Magne’s Facebook Q&A

On Saturday evening, Magne held a Q&A on his brand new Facebook page. He was online for about an hour and answered more than 60 questions. This is a long read, so let’s get to it!

Magne's Facebook Q&A


Sibylle Blomme: Do you actually know how this Q&A works on facebook?

Magne: i am working it out nicely, thank you for the confidence booster!

Sally Broughton: I was wondering if any of your copycats are now your facebook friends? Then you could say you are friends with yourself ;-)

Magne: a nice thought – i wouldn’t really mind being friends with me…i think

Gillian Undery: Hi Magne, I see I am late to the party! I would like to ask you what is on your iPod these days?

Magne: you’d have to ask my kids – i gave it away but i am a sucker for sudoku

Nicola Hunt: welcome to bookface Magne, it gets us all in the end. Since so much of your work has revolved around words, in your artwork, poetry, lyrics and of course the blogs from back in the MySpace days, I wondered if you had a novel brewing? And in that vein, any book recommendations (you used to do this on MySpace and it was fun)? thanks for doing this q&a with us!

Magne: ;-)

Helen Dearnley: Hey Mags, Please will you and your mate Damien Hirst support #payingartists for UK artists?

Magne i doubt damien would call me a mate…but if he decided to support me, i would surely call him one!

Donna Wampach: Greetings Magne from Chicago. I am also a fan of the Norwegian author Jo Nesbo. He has mentioned a-ha in a couple of his books. Has a-ha ever jammed with Jo Nesbo and his band?

Magne: i know jo a little, but no planned jams, no

Catherine S 1. Where did the clappings go? 2. When can we hear something new from Apparatik?

Magne: look out for a video coming to youtube soon(ish)

Sabrina Schrijvers: Since 10yrs have gone by, can we expect a new album in the near future?Would love to hear new solo songs from you!

Magne: an album every 10 years sounds like a good plan…i am not sure my voice is what people want more of, though

Carmen Cz A: Ciao Magne and thank you for this q&a session ;-)
In your relationships with people – or in life in general – what scares you most? and how do you usually react to overcome your fears, I mean: do you instinctively tend to run away, or is it easy for you to face them?

Magne: most people i know would probably say i confront things (a little too) readily these days

Jessie Albarn I love your solo albums. Your voice is super sweet. I just wish I could get them but apparently they were only released in Europe :-( A world tour of you would be a dream come true for lots of people.

Magne: and undoubtedly a nightmare for some. i thought of calling the album ‘i have suffered for my art, now it is your turn’!
actually, i am quite proud of that album – mainly for its songs/lyrics.
still waiting for it to find its way into the pop/rock pantheon ;-)

Jenny West When you were in A-Ha you covered ‘Crying in the rain’ by Carole King. I think that was the only cover that you did and I always wondered who chose that song and why?

Magne: actually we did a couple of others, like soft cell and depeche mode, but not for release…

Anastasija Skabtsova Hi Magne, I just want to say that I love ‘Past Perfect Future Tense’ and never get tired of listening to it, thank you very much for the great album! :-)

Magne: that makes you a fairly unique human being

Angie Howard: Good evening Magne, we know what/who inspired you to get into music in the beginning, but who in the music industry worldwide inspires you now. Thank you :-)

Magne: i like a lot of artists – check out looney dear, snowmine, i like passion pit, i like…

Marianne Pourtout: Maujean hi Magne, will you release a new solo album soon ?

Magne: actually, i am writing at the moment, enjoying a bit of pop music again…we’ll see how it goes

Mutsumi Mt: You’ve been so busy for many different works in many different places but do you have any plan to open your gallery just for your own work? It’s gonna be great if you exhibit your artwok in Oslo all the year around (even just a piece like the jar in Bergen) so that anybody can see it anytime we travel to Norway.
Thank you so much for live Q&A again, and thank you for giving us opportunity to see Tini, like you did for Martin Halla two years ago!

Magne: well, stolper & friends became pretty much about my stuff towards the end…which is why we had to shut down by public demand! hehe

Eva Jansson: You are known for your great and beautiful ballads. Is balladry your most natural form of musical expression? Have you ever said to yourself: “Now I must try to write a fast and upbeat song?”

Magne: well, after my heart surgery martin terefe claims my sense of rhythm is more urban r&b….but uptempo is always in short supply.

Lynda Ellis: Have your son’s considered following in your foot steps and joining the music industry? xx

Magne: i am afraid filip might…he spends most waking hours with an instrument these days. a radical left turn for the guy we had hoped would sort out the family finances.

Eva Jansson: Magne you love literature and you write lyrics/poems, have you ever contemplated writing a novel? Or perhaps an autobiography?

Magne: its uncanny – you have read my mind! ;D

Elena Benson: Any chance for a reunion with Morten and Pal? Just one little concert here in Las Vegas… Or anywhere? I’ll fly, drive, walk and crawl to that event…. But seriously! Or in studio … You know the 3 of you do create magic and I miss that… :-)

Magne: if i get to wear a latter day elvis costume..sure ;-)

Dawn Probst: Also, a second question — I’ve seen photos of your latest art show, and I noticed that the color palette closely resembled those of black and white photography and hand-tinted photographs. What inspired your palette for these recent works?

Magne: my us gallerist requested a colourful series after seeing norwegian wood, so naturally i sent him a black and white series.

Eva Jansson: You are still in the music industry but now you work behind other artists. How is it to experience it from another angle? Some revelations?

Magne: i have really enjoyed working with new and young artists. it’s really hard for new artists these days to get going, but i am doing my best -if you all buy tini’s record i can afford to give marius beck a hand too :-)

Ruth Porter 2 things I really want to know are, how is your health and when can we get some more solo music? I love those sexy vocals xx

Magne: and i who was going for earnestness…

Donielle Escalante: Hi, Magne! Greetings from the Chicago area. Are you still on The Voice in Norway? I must confess to having watched more than a few episodes without understanding a word…just to see you! :-) What was your experience with the show like?

Magne: nope. they invited me to return, but i demanded money for the artists i already had promised to help. at which point they looked at me like i was an alien.

Kendra Dowlatshahi Hello Magne! I consider PPFT one of the best albums ever. I really love it. Is there any chance you might do another solo album sometime in the future?

Magne: now, you my dear is some kind of genius and should be given a medal!

Brigitte Prior: Third attempt :-) Hi Magne, I hope you are okay. Where do you keep the medal you got from your king? And do we have to call you ‘sir’ now? :-)

Magne: did i not reply to this already..? i .blame my Facebook skills

Julian De Backer: Hi Mr. Furuholmen, Belgian journalist here. Any chance I could interview you for music website Thanks in advance!

Magne: keysandchords…? but…i’ve lost my keys and wrapped up my chord

Eugenio Meza: What is your favourite synth? What is your point of view for programs like Reason or Mainstage?

Magne: i don’t rally know how to use them. reason i touched on quite a few years ago. synths…ppg wave, juno 60 or 106, prophet 5 and so on

Ariane Thalmann: Hi – what is your favorite vacation place ?

Magne: vacation….what’s that again?

Tracey Durant: Hi Magne, What is your biggest regret regarding either your music or art career?

Magne: no regrets.

Cherie Wilbraham: Hi Magne! What’s your favourite lyric that you’ve ever written?

Magne: ppft

Caroline Jacquin: Bonjour…..sorry i dont speak english very well !!!! In french……d’abord suis ravie de ce moment et j’espère que tu vas bien..voilà je voulais savoir quels sont tes projets pour 2015, musique, art?????une expo en France ???

Magne: bonjour caroline, je m’appelle mags

Eva Figel: Do you always listen and make what your soul tells you? And if “NOT”, do you regret anything you haven’t done in the past just because you chose not to follow what your soul suggested you? Ah! Just one last thing: if you’ll ever accidentally meet Morten, could you please teach him how to deal with the unanswered q&a we sent him months ago?
THANKS!!! Eva from Italy ;-)

Magne: actually i saw morten 2 times this week (which is about 55.000 % more than usual – i’ll remind him @;)
that is my 80s emoticon by the way

Sharron Tanya Sutton: What are your ambitions for the next few years ?

Magne: ambitions are free ;-)

Laís Muricy: So glad to see you here, I used to follow your posts on Twitter. I gave you a picture of my daugther Melanie in Sao Paulo, in 2010, when she was under cancer therapy, listening A-ha all day, LOL Now she is 7, and health!! Wanted you to know that.
Now I want to know if your plans as a great artist includes some visit in Brazil :-)

Magne: was that really me…i think the only twitter thing i ever did was let the voice people put stuff out in my name. sorry to disappoint. or, rather, if it was brilliantly clever or fantastically imaginative…then perhaps it was me ;D

Linda Reidy: Do you have any video footage of your first A-ha concert in Ireland? I wasn;t allowed to go as was too young, but always imagined what the concert would have been like..

Magne: i am sure it is infinitely better in your imagination

Cornelius Steyn: Hi Magne, Is it Just me or is there some vague resemblance between Morten’s voice and your alto soprano side?It really sat well in the band.

Magne: i wasn’t aware i had an alto soprano…good to know. must look for it. i am sure it is around here somewhere.

Fanny David: Mags,it’s just some examples but I have bought a painting of you in Paris, about 15 years ago, you wasn’t here but I remember the woman, very nice.
When I was younger, I always was in Norway for holiday, I have had good times with your mother, always so kind, she talked to me “be careful, you’re a pretty girl, don’t travel in Norway alone, I think about your parents!!” a real mum :-)
In the car I can listen to ‘ti kniver i hjertet’ or ‘hotel oslo’, and now, we are in 2014 and I’m here for your second Q&A on facebook.
can you believe how an artist can be soo important in the life of peoples !?
hope you’re fine, take care of yourself. love from France.

Magne: my mother is enough for everyone – help yourselves!

Ellen Schmitt: Hello Magne, I’d like to know if you are still collaborating with Martin Halla? I have recently heard his new single and I think it’s great!

Magne: not really, but as he is managed by my manager it is not too far away to keep an eye on the guy. he is awesome

Narrelle Day: Hey. I’m new to Facebook too. Joined in August. I was wondering about you inspiration in song writing. Do you always write from personal experience or sometimes from alternate external stimulae? And are your albums constructed as a whole or a random collection based on time limitations?

Magne: mainly other people inspire me – quite often i write about personal stuff,, but from another persons point of view.

Lisa Smith: Do you have plans to collaborate with any other artists for future projects? Really enjoyed the connection between the Beatles and Peter Blake in the “Norwegian Wood” exhibition

Magne: me too :-)

Helen Wolper: My favorite picture of you is from the 80s where you are diving into a pool in Vence. I heard you bought that house and also heard you may rent it out (to good tenants) when not in use. Is it true? Are you brave enough to share details?

Magne: i can say this much – i have tried replicating that dive a few times. not pretty.

Patricia Pérez Barros: Hi from Spain! Do you still find inspiration in Joan Miró’s art? I’ll be at Stavanger from 9th to 12th October. Where will you be?

Magne: i love juan miro. i just got some works of his as a present. now THAT is the kind of friends everyone should have!

Alexandra Schäfer: Would you say, a good song has to be very personal? In the sense of being more genuine?

Magne: a good song is just a good song. personal or not.

Julia Mikić: Hello. Cheers from good ole Croatia (have you been here yet? If not, you should come. Just throwing it out there.).
So here’s the thing. I love your work: your music, your art – and, y’know, the written stuff. So about that… Any plans to actually publish a book or several in the near (or not-so-near) future? As someone who has a very special relationship with words, your observations, one-lines, and poems deserve a life of their own outside the (albeit cosy) prison of other formats (you rock at)!
That, and I want something I can take with me on a plane.
Love, a Selfish Fan

Magne: hi there – never been but hear it is great! there is a pretty cool apparatjik book coming out soon, which i have been working on for a long time.. and some poems have caught the eye of an english literary professor living in germany…

Victoria Penn: Hi Magne. Will this Q and A become a regular thing?

Magne: luckilyfor you, no ;-)

Kevin Backalive: Who wrote the song ‘Lifelines’ and who sang it? I’m still confused by the details :-\

Magne: i did and morten did – i wrote, he sang

Mark Webster: Second question, was my first question boring ? Lol

Magne: i’ll chance it and say, absolutely not…although i have lost track a little

Anji Rigg Phillips: What’s your favorite medium to work with to express yourself and why? (e.g., canvas, ceramics, paper, glass, video, text, tapestry, or music) (from Illinois, USA)

Magne: i am very suspect of mediums…all that talking to the dead stuff

Brigitte Prior: Can’t find my own comment ? So here it is again. Hi Mags, I hope you are okay. Where do you keep the medal you got from your king? And do we have to call you ‘sir’ now? :-)

Magne: yes, sir mægs! i keep it next to the apparajtik medals

Esmeralda Escudero: Hi Magne, nice to see you around here! What projects are you working on at the moment? Any chance you might be coming to the UK anytime soon?

Magne: i do come to uk fairly regularly… at this moment in time i am working on a new sculpture park in norway, presumably the biggest collection of ceramic art in scandinavia…approx 28 ton of clay goes into it, so this is by far the biggest commission i have had to date. should be finished some time in late 2015. come and see it!

Anji Rigg Phillips: I notice that many of your works incorporate text, what do you most want your audience to understand about what you are trying to communicate? (Illinois, USA)

Magne: 340q[9tcnch;=f3qx.

Julie Clinesmith: Hello Mags, hoping all is well with you and your world. My question is regarding your amazing art. When do you find yourself more creative? When is it most easy to let your artistic abilities flow, morning? evening? during certain seasons or is your brain always ready to go to canvass? Thank you for all your gifts to us fans, musically and visually. ;-)

Magne: i think about my work pretty much all the time. that’s what nerds do you know

Garth Miller: Thank you for taking the time to do this and hope you do it again in the future.
You have done so much in music and art. What goals do you still want to achieve?

Magne: it is not so much about achieving really, i just cannot stop.

Natasha Ursula L’aiguille Chilon: Good evening old mate ! Welcome to our world of social media , question 1 what can we expect from the ” Magne” in the next decade ?

Magne: more of the same..but hey, enough talk about me….what do YOU think about me ;D

Miranda Flo Podger: Mags, you once used a pen of mine to sign autographs in Cardiff. You bit the end of it then handed it back to me. Would you mind very much if I extracted the DNA and created a mini Mags who would live with me and create beautiful art that will be the envy of my neighbours?? I’m going to do it anyway. Just thought it polite to mention it… ;-)

Magne: knock yourself out – my genes are…your genes now?

Sam Gordon: So before your tapestry goes to Dubai will you be visiting Dovecot studios again…to make sure you are happy with it…then I can pop along and say hello ;-)
….Oh and the lovely staff told me about a big exhibition of your work there next year

Magne: yup – looking forward to that show.

Eva Jansson The highly creative but also draining working climate in a-ha is well known. Do you sometimes miss the tention when you snuggle with Terefe in Kensaltown?

Magne: haha…who says there is no tension in kensaltown!!!

Terry Norton: any more art in the works?? any hopes of bringing any of your art to the US? :-)

Magne: i have a us gallerist now actually, so watch out!

Zoe Birnie: Magne, I think it is going to be impossible to answer all these posts. Which artists do you identify with?

Magne: i don’t really identify with anyone..a lot of people inspire me though.

Lisa Smith: Hi Magne what do you find more fulfilling as an artist the process of making or the finished product? Great to see you have come over to the dark side and joined facebook

Magne: the process is pretty much everything

Jeanet Driesman: Hello Magne, I would like to know what you did with the puppets (mini Magne’s) that we made for you back in 2006? After the exibishion in the museum i mean……Hilsen!

Magne: i have them all in proper storage – they might come out to play one day – a few art people really liked that project, so thank you again!

Mark Webster Do you miss performing in front of the big crowds that you would have done with a-ha, hi from Dublin

Magne: let me say this, i cannot go see a good concert without thinking about it. but then i remember….

Karen Inda: What do you normally eat for breakfast?

Magne: i occasionally eat breakfast. lately organic banana mixed with egg and made into a pancake is the hit around here

Angie J Howard Good evening Magne, this time you find me not burning my tea to speak to you so hear goes. Please may I ask do you have any plans to tour in the UK with the tapestry exhibition currently in Edinburgh? There was not much in the way of media and we missed seeing you. Great to have you here, thanks you:-)

Magne: the tapestry is supposed to go to dubai, but there were some questions about a certain figure-element that someone construed as controversial…people have dirty minds

Sandrine David: hello magne !!!!how are you?what artwork are you most proud and what song from the beginning of your career !!!!thank you for all the happiness you bring us through your songs and works of art .hello from Carpentras in South of France

Magne: hullo! i am never really satisfied, but sometimes pleasantly surprised when i see or hear older stuff

Richard Thomas Henle: Are there more plans to do music in films?

Magne: certainly not at this exact moment…still recovering ;-)

Clara Cunha: hi mange Magne (if that’s even right), what is/are your favorite book(s)? who is/are your favorite author(s)? and did you really work get to work with kjetil b for the ‘beatles’ soundtrack? how did that go?

Magne: i recommend the novel stoner by john williams…but there are so many, and yes, it was nice working with kjetil b again

September 18th2014
User Icon - A-Ha Official SitePosted By: Catherine

Magne is now on Facebook – and will have a live Q&A this Saturday!

We are pleased to share the news that Magne is now on Facebook! You can follow him here. As with Morten’s Facebook page, Magne’s page is managed on his behalf by his own team.

Magne will be online this Saturday starting at 6:00pm Norwegian time for a live Q&A with fans on his Facebook page:

September 18th2014
User Icon - A-Ha Official SitePosted By: Catherine

‘Past Perfect Future Tense’ turns 10

September 20 marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Magne Furuholmen’s solo album, ‘Past Perfect Future Tense.’ Magne toured in Norway, Viet Nam and the UK in 2004/2005, starting with a concert at the Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter in Oslo 10 years ago this week.

Magne introduced his set at the Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter: ‘Welcome to the most important night of my life.’ The concert coincided with the opening of Magne’s exhibition ‘Payne’s Gray’ and the publication of a book and his first solo album, ‘Past Perfect Future Tense’.

What are your memories of the ‘Past Perfect Future Tense’ album and tour? Tell us your thoughts in the comments here or over on Facebook!

Past Perfect Future Tense

Two official videos were released to support this album, “Past Perfect Future Tense” and “Kryptonite”: Articles

Magne performs three new songs
Magne shoots his first homegrown video
Magne launches his own website
Magne plays live at Henie-Onstad Art Center
Magne F plays sell out gig in stately Bergen theatre
Payne’s Gray in Edinburgh
Magne F live at Parkteateret

Other Media:

Coldplay contribute to a-ha member’s solo album
Magne is more ahem than a-ha
Art of reinvention
Magne F – Past Perfect Future Tense
Frister Magne F. Fredrikstad?
Taushet ville vært gull
Past Perfect Future Tense
Past Perfect Future Tense
Past Perfect Future Tense
Lagde plate for seg selv
Ikke akkurat A-ha
Melankoliker på egne bein
Fint fra Furuholmen
Magne F
Past Perfect Future Tense
Unødvendig Furuholmen
«Jeg synger bedre enn Morten»
Solo-Magne tar full kontroll
a-ha-Magne går solo

September 17th2014
User Icon - A-Ha Official SitePosted By: Catherine

Seven a-ha albums are now on Spotify!

For those of you who use the Spotify music service, we have great news: You can now find seven a-ha albums in Spotify! The rest of the band’s back catalog of releases will eventually be available there, too, however it will take some time to set up.

For a-ha fans in parts of the world that did not have a particular album release, or had a very limited release, this means you can now listen to music you may not have had access to before :-)

We will keep you updated on more additions to Spotify along the way. Enjoy!

September 17th2014
User Icon - A-Ha Official SitePosted By: Catherine

Oslo fan party and convention updates

We are so excited to have Terry Slater and Stian Andersen as our guest speakers for the a-ha fan convention on October 25!

Are you interested in attending the fan convention on October 25th, but don’t want to miss out on a good space in front of the stage for Morten’s concert that night? Don’t worry, we are looking into making arrangements so that all convention guests will be able to enter Sentrum Scene first – no need to queue, so you can enjoy listening to the great experiences of Stian Andersen and Terry Slater at the convention!

Also, be sure to buy your tickets as soon as possible, because we have to order enough wristbands for all and ensure enough staffing for the venue, and so on. It helps to have an accurate count of people coming as early as possible to make the party and convention comfortable and fun for everyone :-)

Buy Tickets

We’ve had some questions from fans about the location of the fan convention and party in relation to Sentrum Scene, where Morten’s concerts are. The two venues are about one block apart, and there is no need to find transportation between the two! We wanted to make it easy for people to attend all the events on Saturday, if they so choose.



October 16th2013

a-ha presented with a BMI Million-Air Award

a-ha were awarded a BMI Million-Air Award for “Take On Me”, which has had four million combined radio and television performances in the USA.

September 13th2013

Happy birthday, Morten!

Please join us in wishing Morten a happy birthday!

September 12th2013

Morten performs with the Scorpions in Greece

Last night, Morten gave a surprise guest performance at the Scorpions MTV Unplugged concert in Greece.

June 20th2013
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Morten will join the Night Of The Proms tour

This November and December, Morten will be one of the artists on the Night of the Proms tour. Other confirmed […]


Morten at the Billboard Music Awards

A recap from tonight’s BBMA show.


Morten will perform at the Billboard Music Awards!

On Sunday, May 19, Morten will perform ‘Feel This Moment’ with Pitbull and Christina Aguilera at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

February 12th2013

Update on Morten’s new album

A small update about Morten’s new album.

October 28th2012

Watch the video for ‘I’m the one’

On Friday, Morten’s new video for ‘I’m the one’ premiered on the German site The video was shot in […]

October 8th2012

‘I’m the one’ is Morten’s next single

The next single from Morten’s album ‘Out of my hands’ will be ‘I’m the one’.

October 4th2012

Morten in South America

Morten’s first solo tour in South America ended on Sunday night in Santiago, Chile.

September 22nd2014

Transcript of Magne’s Facebook Q&A

On Saturday evening, Magne held a Q&A on his brand new Facebook page!


‘Past Perfect Future Tense’ turns 10

It has been 10 years since Magne released ‘Past Perfect Future Tense’!

September 17th2014

Seven a-ha albums are now on Spotify!

We will keep you updated on more additions to Spotify along the way.


Oslo fan party and convention updates

We are so excited to have Terry Slater and Stian Andersen as our guest speakers for the a-ha fan convention […]


Update on ‘Drømmer om storhet’

An update from Pål H. Christiansen about his book Drømmer om storhet, which was published in Norway in 2002. The […]

September 16th2014

Morten’s support for Oslo shows announced!

We are excited to share the news that Tini will be supporting Morten on October 24 & 25 at Sentrum Scene in Oslo!

September 16th2014

“Do You Remember Me?” video premiere

The video for Morten’s new single is out now!

September 4th2014

Morten adds a second concert in Oslo!

Tickets on sale Monday, September 8!


Listen to samples from the ‘Beatles’ movie soundtrack

The soundtrack for ‘Beatles’ will be released on Friday in Norway!