Set List

I’ve Been Losing You
Cry Wolf
Move to Memphis
Stay on These Roads
The Swing of Things
Cast in Steel
Crying in the Rain
Mother Nature Goes to Heaven
We’re Looking for the Whales
Here I Stand and Face the Rain
Scoundrel Days
Sycamore Leaves
Foot of the Mountain
She’s Humming a Tune
Hunting High and Low

The Sun Always Shines on TV
Under the Makeup
The Living Daylights

Take on Me


Thank you to Karl Oluf for these pictures from Zurich!

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Great Concert,

my first in 30 years,…Paul & Magne, until you’ll come to play guitar/keyboard on the other one’s song and doing it back for the other, there will be a chanche to go on for the band…I’m thinking of VELVET with Mags on guitar and Pal on guitar/singing and LIFELINES with Pal on guitar and Mags on guitar/singing.

This is th kind of relationship you should keep each other! This shows you both are great artists!

Go on like this guys, my heart beated al 150BPM last night in ZURICH!

a ha fan Claudia68

Dear a-ha you was great, me and my daughter we had un unforgettable evening. I’m a big fan since the beginning. Thank you very much Magne for your kind words, and your “Grüezi” makes the fans feel happy, and then in Lifeline you honoured Zürich by singing in perfect german language and for animating the crowd👍Love your keyboard riffs so much. Morten you still have a brilliant voice and makes us happy with animating the crowd to sing Hunting High and low, i’ m sorry but i wanted to sing, i just forgot the lyrics😊 Paul love your guitarre riffs, only you can do☺ASpecially big thank you to Mags for given us autographs, for me during 30 Jears it’s my first and only autograph, last night a dreams comes true☺

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