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Wednesday 12 September 2018

Gretsch 'Backstage Series' Interviews with Karl Oluf Wennerberg

Drummer for a-ha since 2009, Karl Oluf Wennerberg has performed with the band nearly 200 times, and has also recorded and toured with Morten and Magne.

Karl Oluf uses a Gretsch broadcaster kit on tour, and says that "Gretsch drums make me want to create". In this series of short backstage interview clips filmed before the a-ha concert in Balingen, Germany on July 21, Karl Oluf speaks with Lucas von Gretsch and his daughters about everything from his kit, to replicating a drum machine with an acoustic kit in a live setting, to the chemistry between the band members on stage, and much in between:

These videos are uploaded to Lucas von Gretsch's YouTube account and posted on Twitter.

Be sure to also read this very interesting interview Karl Oluf did with Gretsch back in March before the Electric Summer tour.

Magne: 'karl oluf is a giant of a man in a relatively small package - a supremely musical drummer with eternal and infectious enthusiasm.'

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