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Wednesday 06 December 2017

Magne appointed honorary doctor at the University of Agder

Magne was officially appointed to an honorary doctorate at the University of Agder on November 28. The University nominated a total of five new honorary doctors in connection with its 10th anniversary. 

In parallel to his 30+ year musical career with a-ha and as composer and solo artist, Magne debuted as a visual artist in 1989. He works with paintings, graphics, ceramics, glass and sound, and his work has been represented both within Norway and internationally. He is described as one of Norway's foremost and most versatile artists.

Asked what it means to him to be appointed honorary doctor at the University of Agder, Magne says, "It's great to be seen and heard. I experience it as a recognition for a job where I have taken great risk and challenged myself." He believes that moving between musical and visual practices gives him great freedom, especially because he has a restless nature and does not want to become fixed in a one-sided expression.

In a special introduction event at the University on November 28, Magne was interviewed by associate professor at the Institute of Rhythmic Music, Karl Oluf Wennerberg, who has been a-ha's drummer for nearly 10 years.

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