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Mittwoch 26 Juli 2023

Announcing the winner of the 'Lonely Surfer' remix contest!

We've received this contest update from Paul on behalf of Savoy:

Hear ye hear ye hear ye!
We have a winner in the Grand Lonely Surfer Remix Contest to announce...
and boy did we bring it upon ourselves as judges & jury here 
because this was no easy task, let me tell you.
We received tons of fabulous remixes from all five corners of the world and they all came with some
cool elements & ideas, nifty beats & riffs & treatments.
A feast for the ears no less
Lauren, Frode and myself had lots of different names on our individual Top5 lists but there was one name that 
showed up on all three..
And so the winner is; ....Taupe Shelf (Kook Mix) who made a flowing track with a nice vibe, ...the pulsating bass adding sweet passing chords ....draped with synth hooks and counter-lines.
Frode says it reminds him of a-ha or New Order
Taupe also remixed/rewrote the lyrics at no extra cost.
You can't argue with lines like:

'Chinese surfer,
  on the wall
Paper surfer 
  down the hall
Carpet surfer
  to the lab
This celestial surfer
  needs a nap..'

Thanks to everyone for contributing or following this competition.
Our next single is Digital River which will be out late August.

Listen to all the remixes here:


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