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Freitag 23 August 2019

'Hjemkomst' (The Homecoming)

Ørjan Nilsson’s book, Hjemkomst (The Homecoming), will be launched September 26th.

Morten Harket and Ørjan Nilsson are coming to Tanum Karl Johan at 4pm on September 26th for a conversation with Audun Vinger about the book.

On Friday September 27th at 3 pm, the same persons will do a talk at the Vill Vill Vest- festival. The event will take place at the Literature House in Bergen.

The book covers the years 1993–1998. This is when Morten enters the stage as a solo artist and political activist, releasing new and unexpected material (Wild Seed), while revealing a fiery political involvement in issues ranging from climate crisis to the liberation of East-Timor.

Hjemkomst (The Homecoming) is an entertaining story about Morten in the 90s - when the country’s number one pop star of all time returned to Norway


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