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Dienstag 22 Mai 2018

Live Q&A with Magne on Facebook

Carmen: Dear Magne, ten years have passed since your last solo album. I mean... TEN years!!! I seriously need another one!!! AND after seeing you sing live for the first time in my life in Vienna ('Lifelines' - thank you, it was MAGIC!) I need to see you sing again, so I want also a solo tour! Don't tell me I'm too demanding; I'm SURE I'm not the only one who wants it, so... my question is: will you seriously consider my undisguised request? ...please? Promise???

Magne: should be grateful for such a long period of peace! actually i am planning making a new solo album - a xmas album is in the works...

Melanie: What do you all love so much about germany?

Magne: hey, what's not to love! no seriously, i guess you are asking why we tour there so much...? the reason is simple - we get offers to play there and the fans come to see us. sadly i would like to tour just as much elsewhere too - we have not played italy for a long time - spain, france etc. but the agents there just seem to think there is nobody that likes us. (we however like to think there are hordes of people waiting to see us is called delusion :)

Adele Hey Magne! 2 questions for you. 1) The best life advice anyone has ever given you and 2) the song you enjoy playing live the most. Hope all is good x

Magne: 1. drink water...or was it alcohol..? 2. currently i guess this is our home just because it is something new :-)

Carmen: You once said that over time you have written more than 6000 poems, but you have published too few of them in your book 'Imprints' (and I really love some of them! 😊) Do you have any plans to publish the other 5960 unreleased poems in the next future? (Yes please, at least...half of them! :-)

Magne: yup, i am working up the courage to release a straight up book of poetry.

Caterina: I couldn’t help but notice that you recently used Italian words in your works (see “salto mortale”). Any particular reason for that?

Magne: because i am secretly italian - don't tell anyone!

Morag: Hi Magne. I came to see you when A-ha performed at the Hydro in Glasgow a couple of years ago. This year your UK tour doesn't come to Scotland at all. Hugely disappointed and wondering if you will be back?

Magne: next year!

Harumi: hi,magne! How are you? I’m glad meet you. Some questions, please.

What is your favorite in the Beatles album?
Please choose one your favorite song.
Who is the musician your respect?
Are you designing your beard by yourself?

Thank you!

Magne: haha..the beard design really got me! ;D yes, i can blame no one else for that. favourite beatles they are all pretty great..

Laurence:No questions ... Simply tell you that I love when you make the clown on stage :-) Stay as you are! ;-) Big kisses from Belgium !!

Magne: my life; a big clown on stage

Erin: Good morning from the US where we’d love to see you perform again! Will you ever come back?

Magne: we plan to!

Sandra: Hi Magne, greetings from Slovakia! :-) After Past perfect future tense we had to wait 4 years for your another solo album A Dot of Black in the Blue of Your Bliss. Now we are waiting 10 years. How long you think we have to wait for another one? ;-)

Magne: math was never my strongest suit, but hey...i have written quite a few new songs which might make an album soon

Sam: Really looking forward to more a-ha gigs, how will the Electric Summer Tour compare to tours of the past, any surprises?

Magne: i think these will be among our best shows ever - musically. shameless, i know - but i do believe so.

Alexandra: Hi Magne!! So happy to "read" you! Cosy prisons is one of my most favourite songs. It's as oppressive as it is brilliant. What does the song mean to you today?

Magne: thank you - it means what it says; we make cozy prisons for ourselves :-)

Helen: Hi Magne. Over the last few years you have produced a lot of work. Do you consider yourself to be a bit of a workaholic?

Magne: absolutely

Sandra: I know that you have many projects as Magne Furuholmen. But in every inerview with you is mentioned a-ha. I know the a-ha is part of your life, but do you think that it is impossible to interview you without mentioning it? Does it bother you?

Magne: no it does not bother me much - but i do not enjoy being in the public eye without a reason to be there (i.e. some project i feel strongly about), so what can irritate me is when the project / reason for doing an interview takes the back seat to a-ha questions.

Emerald: Fornebuparken required most of your energy for quite a while. Are you now engaging into smaller things to outbalance that? Is it more satisfying for your creative mind to accomplish one giant projekt or many small ones?

Magne: yup, really tiny things -almost invisible to the eye ;-)

Rite Hello Magne, I have followed you since aged 14 yrs (middle 80s) and have never had the opportunity to see you perform live, or visit your work and be inspired. I would love to know if there are any plans for you to visit Australia to share your art or music??? We would look after you very well. In 4 weeks I travel to Norway... I plan to see as many of your works as I can. Which ones are a “must see” in your opinion?

Magne: i am sure you would! hope to get there one way or another.

Christina Hi Magne, thanks for coming to Cork, it's been a while!!! See you, the other two and rest of the usual suspects there!!!

Magne: ;-)

Carmen: Quite a long one... In your book Imprints, during your conversation with F. Skårderud, you say: "I have the urge to get my work out there, to other people - and then you just have to take whatever comes. That's how I live. That's when I live."

I believe that works of art in general often reflect the inner and intimate artist's side, and I guess this also applies to you. But as soon as you expose your works to the public, they are obviously subject to criticism and different interpretations, which probably don't always coincide or reflect the thoughts you had in mind while you were creating them.

Do you sometimes feel shy and "vulnerable" when you expose your works, or are you always able to deal with the (constructive) criticism with interest and curiosity? And are you interested in knowing what people think about your works?

Magne: shyness is still a part of it, but i have come to terms with the fact that i have to do the work of bringing my projects to people's attention. the vulnerable moments are at the point of creation. during the presentation of them i go into self-defence mode.

Evi: „Past perfect Future tense“ still is one of my alltime favourite albums, it perfectly combines delicate melodies with an abundance of vivid and vulnerable lyrics that your voice compliments and underlines in a way that a pitch perfect voice couldn‘t do. Is there any chance that you will record and release any more solo work of this kind - please please please?

Magne: thank you - and yes, i will

Anna: Hi Magne, do you remember all your songs you ever had played? I try to remember every song I ever played on piano

Magne: probably not, but it is remarkable how quickly it comes back when rehearsing...

Rachael: Hi Magne. I'd love to visit Norway one day, so can you tell us things you would recommend to do or see, or cities/towns to visit that might not be found on the usual tourist 'to do' lists? I am on the opposite side of the world to Norway, but I'll get there one day!

Magne: holy smokes - what am i, the tourist board now? ;)

Carla: Hi Magne, I was at the MAC in Niteroi when you set up the sculptures with the children. Do you feel like doing more social works like that?

Magne: it was really touching to interact with these guys - i wanted them to feel that it was safe for them to be creative in a museum space - not a world that did not belong to them. i feel pretty sure i walked away having gotten more from them than the other way around. yes, would love to do more like this.

Fernanda: Hey Magne! Thank you for this Q&A! First of all I wanted to ask you if there are any chances of a new solo album. It’s been 10 years since we last listened to a song by your own, so, are we soon going to listening to a new piece?

Magne: like i said...

Caterina: Ever thought of coming here on Facebook when possible and share poems or thoughts like in the old MySpace days?

Magne: hmm...i am becoming more of a hermit these days :)

Susi: Hei Magne! You've played several keyed instruments during the "MTV unplugged tour", was it a bigger challenge for you? You have made something for and with Apparatjik again, does it inspire you more for musical projects? Will you be able to visit your current sculpture exhibition again at a later date? Thank you and best regards to Norway!

Magne: 1. not really but more exercise for the back having to turn around. 2. apparatjik will have 2 exhibitions this sept - in mall and poland, with a performance in poland together with buika and a symphonic orchestra. 3. my sculpture park or recent exhibition? i don't make a habit of visiting my shows after an opening much... :)

Davide: Hy Mags. .. when i was 17 in 1988... I sow My First concert in My Life. .. it was a-ha. ... :-) ... there is a possibilty to See you again in Italy. ... still waitin' ... thank you... and have a Nice week ;-)

Magne: i am borderline bitter we do not tour italy more - it is such a great place to be - so i come for holidays instead; amalfi last year! :)

Tamas: Any chance of sorting your egos and doing one album together with Pal and Morten? would be grand!

Magne: hard question to respond to. would take a whole book.

Eric: Hello Magne, I am writing to you from Belgium. You had collaborated on the album of a French artist, Cyril Paulus. Do you still envisage a collaboration with a French-speaking artist?

Magne: i did? was i good? my french is a little rusty...maybe i thought i was ordering take-away and misunderstood the situation.

Katie: Hi Magne. Can I ask what is the wierdest thing a fan has done to get an autograph and where to you prefer to meet fans? e.g. after gig at stage door, at hotel, randoms in the street?! (P.S. Watch out in Blackpool depending on how you anwer!!! ;-) )

Magne: oh dear...wouldn't want to make it a challenge!

Seride: 1 more thing, more a comment than an actual question: I was at Oslo Spektrum in February for the Unplugged concert (on Friday) and seeing you guys playing these unplugged versions was amazing, and felt like catching up with old friends. Thanks so much for that !

Magne: thanks! and you are welcome :)

Sean: Hi Magne - will a-ha's concert in Cork in Ireland have your full production and light show or just the standard stage for all the artists playing the Marquee? Looking forward to Ireland again?

Magne: REALLY looking forward to ireland again - it has been too long! we are taking some stuff with us around, but it all depends on the venues...

Sunhild: do you think you have already found your style or are you continuing to work on artistic means of expression? How eager are you to experiment with your techniques?

Magne: looking back i see a style, but i am not ready to pack in my need for experimentation yet.

Dana: I believe you’ve never been to Israel before, you have many enthusiastic fans there who are keen on meeting you before/after the “a-ha” concert in Tel-Aviv in June. Are you planning on having a fan-convention?

Magne: but i HAVE been to israel, just not with a-ha.

Yvonne: Any plans for a biography in English???

Magne: as supposed to in norwegian? ;D

Gary: how did you strike up a friendship with Ian McCulloch?As a huge Bunnymen fan and A-ha fan it was magical to see you collaborate

Magne: ian and i met randomly through friends - glad we got to do something together

James: Hey Magne, you doesn't look much happy on the photo. Can I help?

Magne: haha...was trying to smile but i looked like an idiot

Muriel Hello Magne, does the adventure with A-HA continue the next years ?

Magne: well, we already did the farewell tour, so no need to do that again... ;)

Roger: Hi Magne who is going to win the Champions League final?

Magne: stoke like always - go posters! ;D

Linda: Hi Mr F when you coming back to Instagram we all miss your personal photos rather than someone else running your accs on Twitter and usually Facebook ;-)

Magne: as i said...becoming something of a hermit these days. will try to shape up for you guys.

Laura: hi there! hope you are fine. Is the setlist for summer electric ready?

Magne: yup

Iwona: Why you avoid Poland as a-ha? It bugs me so much.

Magne: apparatjik will be there though...but i guess this is not what you want ;)

Laura: It's a pleasure to have you here!! My question: you've always said that art is your therapy. Which is the best part of it? the moment when you "feel" and litterally create it, when you realize it's done, the show time, or see the effect it has on people's eyes and ears?

Magne: the making is the meaning

Ceri: Hello! My question is: If you could have one wish, what would it be? Genuinely, I think mine would be that everyone would show kindness and love towards each other. A little bit of kindness goes a long way.

Magne: another wish

Simone: Hi Magne, I'm a big fan of the Appararijik and its arts. First question, Do you think about having another exhibition here in Rio de Janeiro? Second, have you ever thought about bringing the Appararijik to play in Latin America with Buika? Big hug.

Magne: i would love to - but it is not super-likely at this point i'm afraid.

Carol: Hello Mags. Have you ever had an experience so overwhelming emotionally you found it hard to cope with it except through Art?

Magne: yes

Emerald: Hej og takk at du tar tid för oss imellom dina manga projekter! In your recent interview with Plnty you talked about your rules and dogmas to set a frame to your work. Throughout all the changing self-set confinements/challenges, working with letters and text fragments lasted on like a staple food in your work. What is it that keeps sparking your interest in this method after over a decade? Wouldn't it be quite a challenge to drop it altogether for a while and go for something you can't do yet? As that is what you say interests you more ;)

Magne: my current exhibition has a series of works without letters, but the world of literature always sucks me back in... :)

Florian: Pretty specific question: During the Ending On A High Note Tour there was always a classical music medley of a-ha songs playing before the band came on stage. Is there any way to get hold of this piece? I loved the arrangements and how the songs blended into each other. Perhaps a soundcloud link ?

Magne: it was an idea i had which got arranged by a guy called kjetil could ask him?

Celice: Hello, dear Magne! We've been informed that you're gonna be the exhibitor for Den norske filmfestivalen i Haugesund this summer. Does it mean you're making a movie right now? If so, could you please give us some hints for what the film is about, and, Do you think the people who can not attend the festival would be able to see your movie in the future?

Thank you very much for this great opportunity to talk to you! See you on Electric Summer tour!!

Magne: no movie on the horizon :-)

Enrica: is a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk with you on the net again, these chats are very rare and precious! My questions for you are about your last website which only shows an error message on the homepage; this is very boring and frustrating so my questions are these: are you still deciding if you are making it fixed or not? If your answer is affirmative, could we do it together? I can set the container and you the content! I'm ready to start immediately, and you? Have a nice online stay and see you soon. ciao ciao.

Magne: hey, i like it when things are out of order! ;)

Liz Lovely to be able to say these few words... How do you stay inspired to write music and songs after three decades in the buisness?

Magne: the work itself is inspirational

Katjes: Hello from sunny Vienna! I love that you are touring with a-ha again (bought my ticket for Blackpool yesterday, yay!). Do you find the time for your other projects as well? Anything planned for Apparatjik in the near future?

Magne: in addition to exhibitions and making music together (which we did this winter) we are working on a theatrical piece for 2021 type thing.

Charlene: always wonder how you transit from different forms of arts, is it smooth like water flows or is it solid like a wall? do you follow your heart or do you develop some kind of rhythm ?

Magne: when i work too long in one medium i miss the others...and it feels more like water than a wall, although crashing through walls is also a speciality of mine ;)

Michaela: Hello, Magne! Who is your favourite artist? Mine, for example, is El Greco. :-) And what song do you enjoy now? Thank you and have a nice day! :-)

Magne: el greco is amazing, but as a good norwegian i have to say the most impact of an artist in my life came from munch.

Celia: Your art projects increasingly overlap between expressive fine art, and design: do you consider youself an artist, or a designer?

Magne: i consider myself an enthusiast.

Marion: Juhu! Hello dear Magne, All good things are 3! :-)

My questions to you are: 1. What kind of music do you really like personally? 2. What is your favourite meal? And last but not really least :-) 3. What is your favourite colour?

Greetings and hugs from here

Magne: 1. depends on mood 2. depends on mood. 3. depends on mood. sorry - moody answer! ;)

Ivana: Hi Magne! How you managed to stay together as a group of all these years, the group i admire?

Magne: with some difficulty

Karine: Hi Magne ! As an artist do you think you can decide to stop your musical and visual art one day by personal choice because you want to exploit other areas or you know that your entire life will be dedicated? Thank you . The small French girl from California

Magne: i have thought about quitting both art and music a few times - just to see what would happen, but i keep finding it too interesting. well, one day maybe the well runs dry and i can concentrate, cooking.

Monique: Are you still there?

Magne: yup (love questions that require single-word answers!) ;D

Simona: how can I contact Morten?

Magne: use telepathy!

Monique: Questions are boooooooring! Ask us a question! :-)

Magne: what makes questions boring?

Neda: Hi Magne! How are you?

Magne: fine thanks, a little hungry

Arseny: Your favorite place in the world?

Magne: my studio

Julie: PS my husband has AF any tips?

Magne: learn to enjoy it! sorry - i had an operation a few years ago and it was successful - but truth be told i kind of miss it.


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