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Freitag 23 Juni 2023

'Lonely Surfer' remix contest

We often hear some really great fan remixes of the guys' songs, and as many of you know, Paul held a contest to remix the Savoy song 'Manmade Lake' back in 2014. He is again inviting listeners to remix Savoy's new single, 'Lonely Surfer', and there will be a really special prize for the contest winner!

Head over to Soundcloud to download the song stems here. Get creative with the track! Once you're ready to submit your remix, you can upload it to Soundcloud on your own account and email us the link; or if you don't have your own Soundcloud account, you can email your mix to us and we'll upload it to the a-ha account. For either entry method, the email address to use is

The deadline for you to submit your remix of 'Lonely Surfer' is Friday, July 7th at midnight ET. We can't wait to hear your remixes!

After the contest closes, Paul will select the winner, who will receive a one-of-kind, hand-tinted/painted version of Savoy’s last album. This will be autographed of course, and include a dedication to the winner.


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