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Wednesday 24 January 2018

a-ha open acoustic tour in Stuttgart

Last night a-ha opened their acoustic tour in Stuttgart, Germany. Aftenposten gave the show a 5/6, calling it 'a-ha at its finest'.

Stuttgarter Nachrichten describes the scene: "Instead of synthesizers Furuholmen plays an aged spinet or a piano, Waaktaar alternates cheerfully between various acoustic guitars, and the septet in the background assists with sounds from clarinet to harmonium, from time to time the strings take over the melody."

Fans who attended the show seemed very happy with the experience, judging by comments on social media - particularly on Facebook, where some have shared photos from the night here. If you have photos to share, you can e-mail them to us at, or post them in the discussion on the Facebook event page from the show - we are always looking for great new pictures to add to the photo archive!

The next show is in Frankfurt tonight. Tickets are available here

Set List

This is our home
I've been losing you
This alone is love
Forever not yours
Manhattan skyline
Foot of the mountain
Stay on these roads
A break in the clouds
Sox of the fox
Memorial beach
Over the treetops
Living a boy's adventure tale
Scoundrel days
Summer moved on
The living daylights
Hunting high and low
The sun always shines on TV

Take on me



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