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Thursday 15 February 2018

a-ha's MTV Unplugged tour finale in London

Any tour finale is a special occasion, a time for the band to celebrate the successful conclusion of weeks or months on the road, and a last chance for fans to enjoy the music with friends - this time around, at least. 

Last night's MTV Unplugged finale at the O2 Arena in London was also special in that it was held on Valentine's Day, which is drummer Karl Oluf Wennerberg's birthday

London is a-ha's second home, and the fans at the O2 welcomed them back with thunderous applause before the first notes of 'This is our home' filled the arena.  Their energy was matched by the band, who enthralled the audience for over two hours with these unique acoustic arrangements of their classic hits. Ian McCulloch was a surprise guest, joining a-ha to perform 'The Killing Moon' and 'Scoundrel Days' with Morten, as he had in Giske when 'Summer Solstice' was recorded last June.

We'll have more to share with you soon, as well as media links and more. In the meantime, here is the set list and a few great shots from last night!

Set List:

This is our home
I've been losing you
This alone is love
Forever not yours
Manhattan skyline
Foot of the mountain
Stay on these roads
A break in the clouds
Memorial beach
Over the treetops
Living a boy's adventure tale
The Killing Moon
Scoundrel days
Summer moved on
Hunting high and low
The sun always shines on TV

Sox of the fox
The living daylights

Take on me


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