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Monday 23 March 2020

Apparatjik releases new song 'Julia'

Apparatjik has released a new song called 'Julia', along with a beautiful video by Jonas Bjerre, which is available on their YouTube channel:

You can also find 'Julia' on digital services via this link:

A message from Apparatjik:

amigas y amigos, humans & humanoids,
from eyeOn committee, a new approved message is presented:

to restrict the covid19: soap. water. hands.
to expand the human mind: music. ears. joyful tears.

previously secret-kept sound-file with catchy title ‘julia' released today.
a storytelling for all times: the past times, the now times, the future times.
the good times and also difficult times.

your humanoid friends from worlds far away have passed on simple message:
sing along to verse of your likings (although if verse 3, sing twice as very short).

end of message.


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