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Tuesday 07 August 2018

Countdown to 'Våkenatt'

Next Wednesday, August 15, is the day you can finally buy 'Våkenatt' by Bridges! 

"It’s not only an essential part of Norwegian music history, as the missing link between Bridges and a-ha; as I listened to the record, I discovered that it’s a masterpiece, which still feels fresh and relevant today."

"You can hear sketches of «Scoundrel Days» and parts of «Soft Rain of April», and even though Morten Harket did not participate in the record, we know he was a big fan of Bridges at that time. This is the sound of an extremely talented, dedicated and fast developing band, close to their creative peak. A timeless product." (Terje Nilsen - rock historian, Rockheim)

Together with the Rockheim Musical Archives, we've shared track previews, photos and videos of the product, and clips of band members and fans listening to the album for the first time on social media. Catch up on all of the posts here, before the big release day next week!


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