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Sunday 21 January 2018

Follow the band on social media

You've been following a-ha on social media, but are you following Morten, Magne and Paul's accounts?

The guys have many projects of their own, so if you are not following them individually, you can miss some great stuff - like Paul and Lauren and Frode interviewing each other about the process of recording the new Savoy album (Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4), or Magne's video showing the development of 'Imprints' (Scandinavia's largest ceramic sculpture park at Fornebuporten).

We've compiled a list of all the band's official sites and social media accounts below. Check them out and follow along as they go on the road with their acoustic concerts this week! 

Please note that ONLY the accounts listed below are official. There have been reports from fans about impostor accounts pretending to be one of the guys; these fake accounts apparently reach out to fans via direct message or Facebook messenger, offering to sell special merchandise or to arrange a meet and greet with the band. If you have any doubt about someone who has contacted you, check the list below to confirm whether an account is official or not. 

When we mentioned to Magne that there is someone claiming to be him on social media, he said,

‘it is of course wholly possible that this impostor is way cooler than me, in which case meeting him is probably preferable to meeting me in person - just don’t blame me if he turns out to be a homicidal maniac!'

In short, be cautious out there, and enjoy the great posts from the guys on the road!

Updated 3/18/2018.


Website || Facebook || Flickr || Instagram || Soundcloud || Twitter (main account) || Twitter - Take On Me (account all about "Take On Me") || YouTube


Website || Facebook || Instagram || Soundcloud


Facebook || Twitter

Waaktaar & Zoe

Website || Instagram || Twitter


Website || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter || YouTube


Website || Facebook || Soundcloud || Twitter || YouTube || Instagram


Website || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter


Upcoming Shows

Full Tour List

Tue 29 Oct '19

Dublin, Ireland



Wed 30 Oct '19

Belfast, United Kingdom

SSE Arena

SSE Arena

Fri 01 Nov '19

Glasgow, United Kingdom

The Armadillo

The Armadillo

Sat 02 Nov '19

Leeds, United Kingdom

First Direct Arena

First Direct Arena

Tue 05 Nov '19

London, United Kingdom

Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall

Wed 06 Nov '19

Brighton, United Kingdom

Brighton Centre

Brighton Centre

Fri 08 Nov '19

Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Sat 09 Nov '19

Paris, France

La Seine Musicale

La Seine Musicale