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Wednesday 04 July 2018

June Highlights from the Electric Summer Tour

The Electric Summer tour is now 11 shows in, and audiences in England, Ireland and Israel have had the experience of seeing a-ha perform a stadium concert with a spectacular light show.

The set list has consisted of 18 songs, mostly the classic hits - although with a few surprises thrown in. 'This Is Our Home', the new track from 'MTV Unplugged - Summer Solstice', was played in Canterbury, Yeovil and Cambridge, and then 'Sycamore Leaves' took its place for the remainder of the June dates. You can find all the show set lists in the Past Tours section.

'Take On Me' has a funkier new arrangement, which Kent Online said "was even better than the original and Morten’s vocals were spot-on". For an interesting breakdown of the set list arrangements, read this concert review from Canterbury written by Barry Page.

First Concert in Tel Aviv

On June 21, a-ha performed in Israel for the first time. There was a press conference the day after they arrived in Tel Aviv:

The guys also appeared on television to talk about the decision to play in Israel, among other topics:

Looking Ahead

Following a twelve day break, the band is performing today in Sweden and Friday at Kongsberg Jazzfest. There are 22 additional concerts coming up in July and August, so be sure to check the Past Tours section often for band photos from the road, fan photos, set lists, video playlists and media links. 

The team is not on the road with the band, so we appreciate all of your posts on social media, which we re-share as often as possible throughout the Electric Summer tour (follow on TwitterFacebook and Instagram). You are welcome to submit your photos for the photo archive, by e-mailing them to; if your photo from social media is reposted here and you want it removed, you can write to the same address to request this. 

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