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Friday 11 October 2019

Pre-order 'White Xmas Lies'

Pre-orders for Magne's solo album "White Xmas Lies" are now open. The album comes out on October 25.

You can read about the different formats and order here.

From Drabant Music: White Xmas Lies

'White Xmas Lies' is Magne Furuholmen's third solo-album, and as the title suggests, it is an album with a different take on Christmas - A melancholic winter-album consisting of 15 original new songs, as well as two surprising cover-versions.

Furuholmen says he wanted to make an album as an antidote to the 'schmaltzy Christmas-music which is spewed out every year...a seemingly never-ending stream of cheesy versions of existing Christmas songs’.

‘I am lucky to have a family around me, but for many people, Christmas is a rough time, and a harsh reminder of loss, longing, and crippling loneliness. I wanted to try and make an album which would be meaningful also to those who fall outside our commercial Christmas frenzy - an album which looks at the more melancholic, darker sides to Christmas: broken family ties, things we sweep under the rug, resentment hidden behind fake, jocular smiles - an album for holiday contemplation, not just sentimental decor.’

‘I am ashamed to be part of a Christmas which these days seems to be mostly about buying more and more shit that no one needs or even really wants…a tacky, superficial celebration in stark contrast to the original Christmas message of hope, charity, and compassion,’ says Furuholmen.

The result is a double-album with a rich blend of unusual and thoughtful Christmas material, ranging from brooding introspection and piercing observation, to hopeful, uplifting songs.

There is an urgent sense of yearning running throughout the album, with the lyrics at the centre of the project. At times cutting; (‘…family and friends, we lie and pretend, that nothing will come between us', White Xmas Lies), and at times profoundly sad; (‘…for every Christmas Rose we’ve had, the heart has grown a thorn’, A Wintry Silence), they are also interspersed with surprising, dark humor (‘…out comes the Christmas Punch, and you just take it on the chin’, The Season to be Melancholy), the album is littered throughout with Furuholmen’s trademark word-plays (A punch-up on Boxing Day).

As a member of the iconic 80’s band a-ha, Magne Furuholmen has had an illustrious career in music spanning more than 35 years, sold more than 70 million records, toured the world over multiple times, and co-written many of the band’s hit-songs, including the decade-defining monster-hit 'Take On Me’.

Furuholmen has been awarded an Honorary Doctor’s Degree in Fine Arts (D.F.A.) at The University of Agder, Norway, and in 2012 he received a Knighthood from the Norwegian King for ‘Services to Mankind’.

He currently lives in Norway and divides his time between music and visual art.

Official Videos

This Is Now America - Released on August 30

The Light We Lost - Released on October 4

Track List

01 There Goes Another Year
02 The Light We Lost
03 A Punch-Up on Boxing Day
04 Caprice Des Dieux
05 This is Now America
06 White Xmas Lies
07 Differences
08 Revelation Song
09 The Season to be Melancholy
10 Snow is Falling
11 Dark Days, Dark Nights
12 Hells Bells
13 So Cold It's Hard to Think
14 A Wintry Silence
15 The Ghost of Xmas Past
16 Come Back Home
17 Father Christmas


Upcoming Shows

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Wed 11 Aug '21

Mexico City, Mexico

Auditorio Nacional (Rescheduled)

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Sat 14 Aug '21

Salvador, Brazil

Arena Fonte Nova (Rescheduled)

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Wed 18 Aug '21

Belo Horizonte - MG, Brazil

Expominas Arena (Rescheduled)

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Thu 19 Aug '21

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Jeunesse Arena (Rescheduled)

Jeunesse Arena (Rescheduled)

Sat 21 Aug '21

São Paulo, Brazil

Espaço das Americas (Rescheduled)

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Tue 24 Aug '21

Curitiba, Brazil

Teatro Positivo (Rescheduled)

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Fri 27 Aug '21

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires Arena (Rescheduled)

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Sun 29 Aug '21

Santiago, Chile

Movistar Arena (Rescheduled)

Movistar Arena (Rescheduled)