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Friday 12 January 2018

Savoy album release week

In just 11 days, a-ha takes their MTV Unplugged show on the road for a limited series of concerts in Europe. However before all the a-ha activity kicks into full gear, we need to share some big updates from Savoy, who are having a very busy week as they release their first album in more than ten years.

Single: January Thaw

The second single from Savoy's new album is 'January Thaw', which was released on January 5, 2018. To stream on your preferred platform, click this link:

The video for the single was filmed during the solar eclipse in August 2017, and was directed by Jason Brandenberg.

Concert at Parkteateret

Savoy performed together for the first time in nearly ten years last night, to celebrate the release of their new album. The set held some surprises, such as a guest appearance by Zoe Gnecco, who sang on several songs, including 'Under the Makeup'', from a-ha's 2015 album 'Cast In Steel'.  

Set List:

Tears from a stone
I still cry
Manmade Lake
January Thaw
Girl one
End of the line
Sycamore leaves
Beautiful burnout
World of trouble
Under the makeup
Daylights wasting
Falls Park

Album Release

Savoy's new album 'See The Beauty In Your Drab Hometown' is out now! Media reviews have been extremely positive so far (see links below). Download or stream it here: You can find the CD here. You can also find the vinyl, CD and digital album on Amazon.

Curious about the recording process and inspiration for the songs? In a series of ten short videos over on Facebook, Paul and Lauren talk about each track on the album. Watch here.

Album Signing Event

Are you in Oslo? Be sure to head over to Platebutikken Big Dipper on Saturday January 13 at 2pm for an album signing with Savoy! All the details are here. Hope to see you there!



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