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Friday 09 October 2020

'Våkenatt' from Bridges to be released 20 November

The mythical second album from a-ha’s Paul Waaktaar-Savoy and Magne Furuholmen’s first band to be finally released in full after almost 40 years.

'Våkenatt' is available to pre-order now and the first single from the album ‘Asleep’ can be downloaded and streamed here.

To find out more about the release, visit: Early a-ha project, Bridges, release 'Våkenatt' digitally for the first time

The work of a ‘schizophrenic band’ that ‘didn’t fit’, bridges’ ‘Våkenatt’ album sounded like no other Norwegian music. Then they birthed a-ha.

Read an an interview with Viggo Bondi on Dig! here: 'Våkenatt': How Bridges "changed everything" and gave the world a-ha


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