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  • Hunting High and Low Live Show

United Kingdom,Brighton -Brighton Centre

Wednesday 06 November 2019

Photo: Stian Andersen


It is a challenge picking yourself up again after RAH. A bit like Belfast all over again. But we seem to be carried by larger forces on this tour. And where better to cure the past-London blues than London-on-sea. Soul on ice. Summer out of reach. Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac. i360. Icon or white elephant? North Laine cool, and pride in a sea of rainbow flags taking over the city once a year is not a bad tradition.

The last time we played Brighton was in 2010 on the… eh …. Farewell tour. There, we said it!

The honest truth is, we all believed it was the end back then. Scout’s honor. There was no plan to just pack it up and go out again 5 years later, even though that is what obviously happened. What unfolded over the years after 2010 was an organic yet predictable, crazy yet sensible process. You apparently missed us, and we certainly missed you! After awhile it was simply too strange to keep on saying no. Maybe it is this band’s liberal and relative relationship with time that starts showing. And maybe we have the most patient fans in the world, who let us get away with staying away from everywhere for so long.

Nevertheless the timeless time travel appears to be happening again, as the planned three and half weeks' trek turned into thirteen months and counting. So 9 years after we were certain we had played Brighton for the last time, we are now confident we are coming back. Trusting that confidence is another matter, but there you go. Back in 2009 we told you when the last a-ha show was. Now any show could be the last.

In the meantime. Thank you Brighton!

Headed across the channel

Photos: Stian Andersen

Set List:

  • Take On Me
  • Train Of Thought
  • Hunting High And Low
  • The Blue Sky
  • Living A Boy's Adventure Tale
  • The Sun Always Shines On TV
  • And You Tell Me
  • Love Is Reason
  • I Dream Myself Alive
  • Here I Stand And Face The Rain
  • Analogue
  • Foot Of The Mountain
  • The Swing Of Things
  • Crying In The Rain
  • Sycamore Leaves
  • Digital River
  • I've Been Losing You
  • Stay On These Roads
  • Scoundrel Days
  • The Living Daylights

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