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  • Hunting High and Low Live Show

France, Paris - La Seine Musicale

Saturday 09 November 2019

Photo: Stian Andersen


A night at the opera. Well, almost. La Seine Musicale is a music and performing arts center on Ile Seguin in the Seine river. Most of the site powered by a large curved solar panel array that covers the smaller auditorium. There is a growing sentiment that a-ha is classical music, which is, of course, correct, but that doesn’t mean it cannot aspire to be carbon neutral. CNCM! Wave of the future.

Many a wonderful night spent here in Paris. One of them amidst 6000 white handkerchiefs waving goodbye. A highlight among highlights! But how can you miss us, if we never go away? Paris is even better at saying hello than waving goodbye, though. Metal on metal sing-a-long at Commuter tonight. No handkerchiefs this time. They obviously don’t think we will stay away. And they’re right! Going back by popular demand may ruin it, but we are taking our chances with a return to Le Zenith next year, as well as repeat gigs in London, Amsterdam and Leipzig. Lease on life. Lust for life. Second chances to make a first impression.

Hot chocolate late at night in Paris hotel bars is a P of H favorite. Most of the others stuck to Champagne. The complete Mew line up were present at the late night chocolaterie. Making the trip, rather than dropping by. Apart from all of the above, it was also Even’s birthday. Complete with a pepper grinder and a speech from mini Sting. Last time we toured France was in 2018 when the World Cup trophy was brought here by Paul Pogba et al. Electric Summer, indeed. Exhilarating triumph under the sodium lights then. Solar powered songs tonight. Say hello. Wave goodbye. Vive la France!

Le Coq TS

Photos: Stian Andersen

Set List:

  • Take On Me
  • Train Of Thought
  • Hunting High And Low
  • The Blue Sky
  • Living A Boy's Adventure Tale
  • The Sun Always Shines On TV
  • And You Tell Me
  • Love Is Reason
  • I Dream Myself Alive
  • Here I Stand And Face The Rain
  • Analogue
  • Foot Of The Mountain
  • The Swing of Things
  • Crying In The Rain
  • Sycamore Leaves
  • Digital River
  • I've Been Losing You
  • Stay On These Roads
  • Scoundrel Days
  • The Living Daylights

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