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  • Hunting High and Low Live Show

United Kingdom, Belfast - SSE Arena

Wednesday 30 October 2019

Photo: Stian Andersen


The management and logistics department had had some worried people about this one for awhile. The routing had been discussed ages ago when the risk of a no-deal Brexit on Halloween seemed ridiculously low. Famous last words waving the worries away slowly came to light again as the circus led by ringleader Johnson went on. Speaking of twists and turns! Pretty much the best show in town, but it could have ended with having all our trucks and buses stuck in chaos at the backstop. Our band version of Operation Yellowhammer was simply to play a concert on the southern side of the border if we didn’t make it through. May have needed an even bigger video screen to pull it off, but it would have proven a point or two. Luckily, the 27 granted another flextension and we were allowed safe and smooth passage.

There is something about the second show of the tour. Everybody is wound up for the first one, and release a year’s worth of energy in about two hours, and then you have to pick yourself up again the next day and try to top it. Which you probably won’t. Belfast is also a city it has been embarrassingly long since we have visited, and the feeling of rediscovering the city went a long way to blow away the post-opening-night blues. And the audience did seem to have missed us almost as much as we have missed them. A concert is a microcosm to a certain extent. Sometimes it seems like you have packaged the city’s heart and soul in that venue on a particular night, and as all cities are different and also have a lot in common so do the audiences. So was it different in Belfast than Dublin? Definitely maybe. A true Prince Of Fog Q & A. Where Dublin had a bounce to it, Belfast had more of a punch. Both in a good way of course, and twists and turns of the same journey.

Seeing the statue of Phil Lynnot in Dublin resonated for a long time, and Belfast reinforced it with memories of his mate, Gary Moore. Another one gone way too early. Another reason to keep running up that hill. Keep your newspapers dry. Sit and watch umbrellas fly. Memento mori.

TS  // Photos: Stian Andersen

Set List:

  • Take On Me
  • Train Of Thought
  • Hunting High And Low
  • The Blue Sky
  • Living A Boy's Adventure Tale
  • The Sun Always Shines On TV
  • And You Tell Me
  • Love Is Reason
  • I Dream Myself Alive
  • Here I Stand And Face The Rain
  • Analogue
  • Foot Of The Mountain
  • The Swing Of Things
  • Crying In The Rain
  • Sycamore Leaves
  • Digital River
  • I've Been Losing You
  • Stay On These Roads
  • Scoundrel Days
  • The Living Daylights

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