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Montag 25 April 2022

a-ha in Los Angeles and New York

Nearly twelve years had passed since their last shows in the United States when a-ha returned to Los Angeles and New York this April, and was welcomed with tremendous excitement!

The excitement *might* have been influenced in part by some photos on Morten's Instagram and Facebook accounts, showing how he spent time on his days off in Los Angeles:

Paul also shared some behind the scenes photos from the Wiltern in Los Angeles:

Head over to the a-ha Instagram account to see some fantastic photos taken by Stian Andersen from all of the US shows, including a few of Magne and Morten at the Sunset Marquis and on Mulholland drive, respectively:

In the midst of these four shows, the set list underwent a simple but truly impactful transformation; after the first show at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, the band switched the first and second parts of the set so that the 'Hunting High and Low' tracks - which had opened the first five shows on the tour - became the second half of the set, and 'Take On Me' became the encore and energized finale the concerts really needed. 

The set list as of April 8th has been:

Sycamore Leaves
Forest For The Trees
You Have What It Takes
The Swing Of Things
Crying In The Rain
Scoundrel Days
I’ve Been Losing You
The Living Daylights


Train of Thought
The Blue Sky
Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale
And You Tell Me
Love is Reason
I Dream Myself Alive
Here I Stand and Face the Rain
Hunting High and Low
The Sun Always Shines on TV


Take On Me


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