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Mittwoch 28 November 2018

Beware of fake social media accounts

As posted over on Twitter today:

Happy Friday, everyone! Just a quick reminder that the band's social media accounts are managed by The band members don't post on Twitter directly or see any of your awesome comments, photos, stories and questions. Actually the guys aren't on social media very much at all.

Magne posts on his own Instagram account here: Probably one of his most popular posts is this one, a photo of the guys having lunch together in summer 2015, while 'Cast In Steel' was in production - great, right?

Paul posts on his Instagram account here: You'll find pics of gear and guitars, as well as tour photos, some family shots and promo stuff as well. And stuff like this!

None of the guys is on Twitter themselves, their official Twitter accounts are managed by also: @magnef || @mortenharket || @Savoy_band

Paul posts on Facebook here: but Morten and Magne don't post on Facebook directly.

The reason we're sharing this is because we've heard from some folks - again - that people impersonating band members are messaging fans and offering to sell them special merch or to arrange a meeting with the band for money. Any such messages are NOT from the band.

When we told the guys this is going on, Magne said, 'please let all the fans know that i would never do such a thing!' Morten and Paul also want us to make sure you all know they don't do this kind of thing.

If you ever have any question about what social media accounts are legitimate, you can find a listing on the bottom of the home page of - click on each of the guys' photos for their official links. There's a more extensive list of approved links here.

In short, please be cautious online and do your best to verify those who reach out to you via direct message or ask to connect with you. Thanks for reading!


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