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Freitag 21 Februar 2020

'This is now America'

Today Magne has released a music video for his solo-single 'This is now America', which premiered on 

Magne has teamed up with experimental German theatre / performance duo Vinge/Müller, to create a video that in many ways is the dark, dystopic cousin of the famous ‘Take on me’ video.

The new video is as spectacular as it is disturbing - a lament for a fading dream. Inside an eclectic and spooky hand-drawn universe, the narrative follows an adolescent character on the verge of self-destruction, hiding from a troubled world outside.

Magne says this about the video: ‘As a 15 year old kid, I had a feeling the world was full of infinite possibilities, and an exciting place to follow one’s dream. Young kids today grow up in a very different, and much more troubling world. To me, the video for ‘This is now America’ is about loss of innocence and alienation…as is the song, come to think of it!’

Watch now:


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