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Sonntag 15 Dezember 2019

'White Xmas Lies' Concert in Oslo

On the afternoon of December 4th, Magne performed a 'White Xmas Lies' concert at Kulturekirken Jakob in Oslo. The free concert was organized in partnership with the Salvation Army, and the attendees included both Salvation Army guests and fans chosen at random via a lottery opened to Magne's Instagram/Facebook followers and the mailing list. 

The venue is a church which was built in 1880, and functioned as a parish church until 1985, when it closed for renovation. It reopened in 2000 as a 'church of culture', which hosts performances of music, theater, dance and more. 

On the day of the concert, the church was decorated with Christmas trees adorned with round black Christmas ornaments, each with the title of a song from 'White Xmas Lies' printed on it in white lettering. There were also ornaments with the album cover art on them in white. The lighting in the church was warm but muted, appropriate for a melancholy Christmas concert

Snow is Falling
The Light We Lost
A Wintry Silence
The Season to be Melancholy
Caprice Des Dieux
This is Now America
You Can’t Have it Both Ways (vocals by Tini)
So Cold It’s Hard to Think
White Xmas Lies
Revelation Song
There Goes Another Year


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